Friday, July 31, 2009

Breastfeeding in the public

Remember those younger days?
Have u ever came across the scenario when u see mommies breastfeeding their li'l ones in the public? What was ur response?

I didn't find it offensive nor that I was dumbstruck. It was just a mommy-baby business taking place.

I have been asked by friends, sisters, etc on this matter..."Do u feel shy while bf Cikebum in the public?"

And my firm answer is..."No."

I know most people are not happy with it, and they are even uneasy at such sight. But have they ever given a thought on whether or not the baby deserves to get his/her nutritious diet?

As for myself, I have experience bf my Cikebum in almost all places- u name it.


On the bench of shopping complexes?

On the curbside?

Near the futsal/badminton court?

In the car?

In the lecture room (while listening to students' presentation)?

Mama, bonbon please...
I know, it's in here.
Seluk, nak..jangan tak seluk!!!

I know... Those konon-konon baik ones would condemn... but to them, looking at sexy celebrity posters revealing their boobs and seeing naked figures lazing on the beach are not sinful.

And those typical, judgmental people would condemn - why not the moms & babies stay at home?
Hello!!! We are human beings, and we are not close-minded like u!!!

That's not all...
Perhaps another solution is suggested... so that the BM is expressed into a bottle.
Easy, mate... perhaps u are not educated enough of the possible contamination of BM that will result in various diseases esp. to these fragile munchkins.
Or perhaps u do not have the sense that 'fresh from farm' always tastes better. Why don't u eat yesterday's nasi lemak or roti canai today?

I thought all conservative moms prefer BM compared to formulas. However, my MIL for instance, to my amazement... is the other way round. From the confinement days that she looked after me, she kept reminding not to 'trouble' myself to bf Cikebum. Perhaps to her, bf will occupy most of my time whereas it could have been used to do other chores. Hence, she always makes noise when she knew that I didn't give formula to him.

MrHubby and I once purposely bought a tin of formula before going back to his hometown just to show that we give Cikebum formulas too. But, kantoi... when Cikebum refused to drink it. Instead, he tagged along and kept crying for his bonbons.

So, that's it. I don't care anymore. Being the usual Isabelle that I am, I just play deaf.

To be frank, the hard times in BF I ever experienced were those when... (not to be revealed to MIL)

  1. I am away attending courses (that I'll have to bring Cikebum along, or if impossible I'd have to tumpang other people's freezer to store the EBM).
  2. I have something else to do (say, helping out others in the kitchen. This specially applies when we are back in kampung for raya, etc.) Anyway, that's a good excuse for me (hehehe) or at least I take the opportunity to rest.

I once asked MrHubby on his opinion on this and he told me that it is sinful for others to stare at this mom-baby 'bonding session' with a sexual desire. So, he doesn't mind.. and in fact I get full support from him.

Thanks, buamiku yang tuncit! ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Say cheese for cheesecakes

It was Summer 2005. I just arrived in Brisbane for about two weeks. Considering my birthday was around the corner, and wanting to teach my hsemate how to bake a cheesecake, I made one.

That was nothing difficult, bcoz I had baked a few similar cheesecakes before that. So, it's the same recipe, same ingredients, same methods, etc.

However, when I took it outta the oven... this was the outcome...

Astaga! I forgot that different ovens have different settings :P

The top of my cheesecake was burnt even though i had it in for only an hour at the same temperature I used back home.

Therefore, I had to 'edit' it and transform it into an edible one. This was how it looked like slightly after.

Not bad, ay?

We even invited the landlady (my godmother), Mary to have tea at our place, and guess what she said?

"Oh...gorgeous! Is this home-baked? It tastes good!"

I felt like rolling on the floor, but had to hold it :P Home-baked, man!!! Hahaha.

Oh...I dont have the pix of the tea. Anyway, here's some of the tea we had at her lawn (the house is attached but we have our own lawns).

Mary, Sally & me

Oh, by the way, if u experience the same...don't panic!
U can always slice the top part and top it with something else.. chocolate, caramel, berries, any type of fruits or a sour cream topping

Anyway, last Friday... despite being bz with the exhibition, I managed to kidnap MamaPasha for our cheesecake project. That was crucial, bcoz her hubby (BerryBear) has started asking when are we gonna make it happen :P

This time, this was the result...

Perasan jadi Bree Hodge jap.

MamaPasha and the cake.

MamaPasha also made this for Cikebum... Cute, right?

And these were the captured moments of the u-are-my-buddy between Cikebum and Pasha.

It didn't last long, though. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side :P So, whatever is in Pasha's hands seemed better to Cikebum's eyes. Vice versa.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Most people love surprises, I suppose. Without them, life would be so boring bcoz there would be nothing to look forward to.

In relationships, as a couple get to know and understand each other better, they naturally enter into a comfort zone. This is the stage when stories of personal life are shared, mutual trust is created hence strengthen the bond in the relationship. Don't u agree with me?

I myself find it boring if we feel so comfortable that the need to impress one another as during courting days is no longer important. What? A routine? Oh...puh-lease....break the pattern!

MrHubby... hmm... let's see.
His suprises never worked... okay, okay... let's say MOST OF THE TIME, they didn't work.

He has put several attempts to trigger my excitement on those special days, but well... I always ruined it. Not bcoz I am as stupid as Susan Mayer (Desperate Housewives)- prolly bcoz my expectation is too high or bcoz I know every twists and turns of relationships from the previous experiences. Hahaha.

But that's alrite.

Amongst the moments that I consider a surprise is...

The surprise bouquet of lilies.

But that was still not 100% a surprise bcoz of the stupid florist. Read here.

Other occasions were on birthdays, anniversaries...but as I said, those are expected. (Gosh! I hate being ahead at times like this. Stop expecting too high, Isabelle!)

Perhaps, many ladies/girls out there are longing for surprises, only to be disappointed by the naturally less insensitive creature. What to say? Guys are afterall still guys. They are not that good in expressing themselves. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you.

Guys, u don't have to spend much to make us happy. There are many other sweet li'l things u could do... that doesn't even cost u a single cent. Google la sikit!

Okay lemme offer a hand... This one is taken from here.

20 ways to surprise your love
  1. Cook dinner. When your sweetie gets home from a hard day at work, have a meal waiting for him or her! It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, but it can save them some time, and help them unwind.

  2. Have someone else cook dinner. Better yet, have someone else cook! You can either order in pizza, Chinese or gourmet, or hire a local chef to come to your house to create a masterpiece in your own kitchen. This is a great way to say "I love you!"

  3. Send flowers or a gift to work. Catch them when they least expect it! Send a bouquet or a gift to your honey at work. It will make coworkers envious and let your love know you were thinking about him/her.

  4. Show up at work. Instead of having something delivered, bring it by yourself. Or show up at lunchtime and ask her out to an impromptu lunch - even if it’s a walk to the deli to pick up a sandwich.

  5. Plan a trip and don’t tell them where you’re going. Take a day or a weekend and plan a trip to a place your honey has always wanted to go…an amusement park, a bed and breakfast, or the closest city. Tell your sweetie to pack a bag, but refuse to tell them where you are going - if necessary blindfold them on the way there. Or if you're planning on spending a night at the finest hotel in your town, pack the bags yourself and leave a note telling them where they can find you. Once they figure out your surprise, you will be a hero for planning something so romantic!

  6. Make something. Go to a make your own pottery place and create a custom vase. Or make a card on your computer. Or knit a scarf. Taking the time to make something for your mate always means more than picking something up at the mall, so let your creativeness shine through!

  7. Compile pictures. Collect pictures of the two of you and create a photo album or a CD-Rom showcasing your memories. Alternatively, create a photo collage and frame it as a gift. It will show your partner that the memories you share mean so much to you.

  8. Send them to a spa. Pamper your love by banishing them…to a spa! Whether it’s one service, or a day of relaxation and/or beauty, this will be a surprise that will last for a long time. Even better, surprise them with a couples massage at a spa. Here, you receive massages side by side, so you can experience the relaxation together!

  9. Write a poem. So you’re not Shakespeare, but a sonnet from you is more magical. Take pen to paper and, using your lover as your muse, try to create a few lines describing your love. It need not rhyme, just be sure to let your feelings come out. You can even copy it onto parchment paper and create a scroll. Finally, rather than just hand the masterpiece over, why not read it to the intended…the impact will be greater!

  10. Serenade. Sing them a song! A love song, while preferred, is not necessary - get as goofy as you want. You can even create a movie scene by singing from the street so that your lover must come to the door or window to hear your music. Even if it’s just karaoke, a classic serenade is a romantic ploy that never goes out of style.

  11. Paint a portrait. Pull out your watercolors (or Crayola’s) and draw your lover’s portrait the way you see her. It is something that can be fun for you both and your talents will surprise her. If you are more prone to stick figures than still life, though, you might want to explore any of these other options…

  12. Clean the house. Or even just a room. Make life easier for the one you love my making sure they come home to a serene environment. Putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Swiffering the floor and tossing the garbage is enough to make your partner sigh when s/he walks in the door.

  13. Pick them up from the airport. Is your sweetie away on a business trip? Why not show up at the airport with a sign and a smile? Sure, the company could pay for a limo, but after a long flight home, your face (and thoughtfulness) will outshine any company perk!

  14. Striptease. Not for the faint of heart, but you can take your lover’s breath away with a little taste of a striptease. For amateurs who may be a little self-conscious, you need not go all the way. Even the idea will surprise your mate and leave him wanting more!

  15. Place perfume or rose petals on the sheets. With some scented lined spray or actual rose petals, you can transform your bedroom into a royal boudoir! Add some candles and soft music and your sweetheart will be shocked at the new mood in the room!

  16. Draw a bath. After a long day or at the beginning of a fun weekend, draw a bath for your honey. Be sure to pull out all the stops - bath oils, salts, bubbles, scrubs, candle, magazines. Then watch your honey blissfully melt into relaxation!

  17. Light candles. Find every candle in the house, bring them into the living room and light each and every one of them. When your partner walks into the room, it will be a beautiful romantic wonderland!!

  18. Jump in the shower. Next weekend, when your honey takes his morning shower, surprise him by jumping in with him! It will kill two birds with one stone - you get clean and he gets a surprise!

  19. Buy tickets. Surprise your companion with tickets - to anything! A movie, a play, a concert a museum….it will be an outing you can both enjoy - together!

  20. Massage. Instead of sending your sweetie to a spa, do it yourself. Pamper her with a personalized massage. She will love you for it! Be prepared - you may be called upon often for a massage once she learns of your massage prowess!
I can't list down too many. If MrHubby read this entry, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. Hehehe :P

Back to MrHubby's story. Bcoz his surprises never worked while mine seemed to be perfect most of the time, he has 'warned' me not to make surprises for him anymore. Bcoz that makes him feel bad. Hahaha. Nak tergelak pun ada.

But then, last week he packed the breakfast for me in the kitchen and upon arriving in the office, I took it out to start eating. Accompanying the food, this was what I found...

And I was smiling ear to ear while enjoying the food. U see, it becomes the sweetest little surprises when we least expect it!

Planning little surprises for your love would definitely spice up your love life, going a long way in maintaining the flames of love. So, if u want an interesting love life and make him/her happy... why wait?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Indo vocab

(Rubbing my palms) Hehe. Am going to Bandung very soon.

So, I’m in the Indo mood.

When we first emailed each other, MamaPasha said “Wah! Jago banget bahasa Indonya.”

(*smug face*)

I owe that to Inten and Desi, my housemate and classmate during my postgrad years.

I speak their language not bcoz I refuse to ‘mendaulatkan’ our mother tongue. But I don’t wanna be like ayam and itik.

To me, it’s gonna be damn funny if they talk to me in Indo, while I reply in Bahasa Melayu (or is it Bahasa Malaysia?) U see, even the name of the language has been changed a few times. Pendirian pun xde, nak mendaulat apakebendanya?

Hence, I only use our language at times I really wanna express myself while talking to them.

One funny conversation was when we were walking together towards the musolla with Fiza, another Malaysian who keeps her mother tongue, even while speaking to Indonesians.

Inten : Is, ini celana kamu yang baru beli kemaren?

Me : Apa celana…celana? Seluar la…

Inten : Hah?! Seluar??? Qeqeqeqe...

Fiza : Ooo...orang Indonesia panggil celana ye? Lawak la pulak.

Inten : Emang kamu panggilnya seluar? (chuckling)

Me : Iya...

Inten : Terus, kalo seluar dalam, panggilnya apa?

Me+Fiza : Seluar dalam la.

Inten : Lho? Udah seLUAR, dalam lagi??? Hahaha.

Me: Woi… apa kutuk-kutuk ni woi?

That day when I was at MamaPasha’s place, I read her recipe books. I do understand few ingredients, but mak aiii... There are many more that I do not know! :P

Monday, July 27, 2009

What's that? Donuts

The campus is not crowded as usual at the moment. Last Friday has seen many students leaving the campus with their suitcases when informed that they were given off classes due to the H1N1 outbreak.

Unfortunately, we staff had to apply for leave if we wish to be off work, bcoz it is considered as the mid-term break (apparently the Raya holiday will be shortened to a week). Gosh!!!

Anyway, today I wanna talk about donuts...

The ring-shaped friedcake is just a delirium!!! Big Apple, J.Co, or Dunkin Donuts - they're just my favs! I am yet to try Krispy Kreme donuts.

Yesterday, MrHubby wanted to treat me with this super-sweet dessert. So, we went to the Dunkins.

That creamy caramel iced coffee is definitely for me.

Us. Just the two of us.

Little Cikebum?


Exhausted after lazing at home (the day was beautiful yesterday, wasn't it?) and tired following Mama for grocery shopping.

Later, when he woke up ... I bought one more for him. Yumm...yummm....

Just like the cupcake craze, donuts can be attributed to a growing demand for high-end treats that can double as gifts too. U see... few weeks ago, MrHubby got this from the students undergoing practical training under his supervision!

And he wasn't as excited as I was upon seeing the box!!! Show me some donuts in front of my eyes and I'll just go mad (oh yes... I'm a cheapskate!)

These were the donuts in the box. After eating one, we purposely left the other in the box for Cikebum to discover by himself later.

This was what happened after fetching him from the sitter's place...

Wat tettt?

(I love the way he tried to mimic us)

Hmmm... apparently, my boy has a sweet tooth too, just like his Mama.

Frosted, glazed, with filling- we love 'em all.

One sweet doughy goodness for Ayah...

...and another bite for Mama.

Isn't he adorable?

Yes, I know donuts are high in calories. Bear in mind, they are not designed for the health-conscious and no one needs to make apologies for that. Give in to temptation and have one. Or perhaps two or three.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Luxury-who doesn't want it? But...

Does any of these statements sound familiar to u?

"We used to be very poor. Thank God, now we live not only comfortably, but also in luxury"
(Wearing a smart executive shirt with sharp creases, complete with a red necktie & black suit --- fashion of a successful man)

"I'm glad I decided not to work for someone else anymore. Now that I am my own boss, financial freedom is certain."
(Hitting the golf ball directly into the cup with one shot and takes his golfing cap off)

"I get support from my family members. I am glad that they joined, so now we are all rich"
(Holding the spouse's hand, surrounded by smiling family members)

"I was a chauffeur, but now I am driven by my chauffeur to the places I wish to go."
(Standing in front of his bungalow, next to his new black luxury car, with his thumbs up)

"Don't u want to earn more money and retire early like me?"
(A young granddad sitting at the gazebo having a cuppa while watching the grandchildren playing)

...bla...bla...I am glad I discovered... (ayat tambah Ajinomoto) ..bla..bla... earn big money...bla..blaa... the next Donald Trump...bla...bla... dignity...bla..bla...

This is good, man! U find ur downlines and u get the incentives whatnot.
Oh yes, sure u say that as long as u do not goyang kaki (u have to look for downlines a.k.a persuade/influence other to invest like u) it is considered as doing work. that case, please refer Ustaz Zaharuddin's explanation here or MamaAsrar's simpler versions here and there after her husband attended a talk on this topic.

Recently, a new ads on the telly says...

"Syukur... now I have enough money to perform my hajj pilgrimage."

Wah!!! Ini sudah lebih!!!
This is the strategy to get the poor illiterate villagers to make loans with the bank to be invested in something they might not be able to do. Please la...don't give false hope to these people by cheating them. They have had enuff.

Think, mates...Use your brain!

Rewarding the uplines with cars, cheques with many zeroes at the back of the number and all that is just a small payback compared to ur contribution of bringing in more investors (downlines) into the company.

Yet these uplines go around saying that the business is so promising that the potential to earn 25k to 30k in a year is a sure thing.

"What are u waiting for? Come join us and change your life!"

Cewah! Tak hengat punya ayat. I know, most success stories from MLM are true, but just look at how many people made it and how other people are just sick of being cheated. In real life only 1-2% of the members actually profit in the long run, the rest tends to give up after a year and all the money invested just goes down the drain.

Well, life is all about learning from trials and errors. U'll never know if U have a hidden entrepreneurship talent until U try. Or U'll never know U suck at business until U try as well.

To claim that everyone in MLM will earn 5-digit income is obviously a lie, so take it with a pinch of salt!

It's up to u, though... whether or not to join it. DO NOT TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN.
Go read more, seek advice from ulama/ustaz and then only u decide.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Breastfeeding photo contest

Bersempena Minggu Penyusuan Ibu Sedunia Ogos akan datang, bersama penaja lain akan mengadakan 'Breastfeeding Photo Contest'. Objektif pertandingan ini adalah untuk memberi kesedaran terhadap masyarakat tentang penyusuan ibu terutama di khalayak umum. Semakin ramai ibu-ibu yang menyusukan anak di khalayak umum/di mana-mana jua, ia akan menjadikan ini suatu suasana atau perbuatan yang normal dalam masyarakat kita.

Breastfeeding Photo Contest is Fun, Fair, and FREE! Contest ini based on publicity voting. Penyertaan bermula hari ini hingga 25 July 2009. Semua foto akan di'upload' dan akan diundi oleh juri awam mulai 26 july hingga 10 Ogos 2009 (kalian boleh suruh kaum kerabat kalian family, kawan2, sedara mara semua undi kalian).

2 Cara untuk menyertai contest ni:

Melalui Blog
1. buat satu entri khas tentang contest ni.--ok

Until today, I have spent about 22months expressing the love feeding for my darling Cikebum. Despite the ups and downs, challenges from in-laws (they think FM is easier), being away from Cikebum (attending courses) and worrying every now and then if the supply is insufficient...Alhamdulillah I managed to provide him with the most nutritious diet he needs.
And all the situations include the sessions in the car, restaurant, shopping mall benches (not only nursing rooms), on the curbside, etc. U name it...I have tried almost all.
Shy? Not even a little.
For love towards the mini-me, I'd do anything for him. And I am NOT that stupid to opt for FM just bcoz I am shy to bf in the public.
From breastfeeding, you can just admire the type of sacrifices mothers have been making....when you see them breastfeeding in public's eyes....

2. letak gambar unik anda sedang bf. --here it is.
The standing position. Tu belum tengok lagi dia sondol Mama yg tengah meniarap!!!

3. sertakan sekali butir2 berikut:

Nama ibu : isabelle
Nama anak : adam cikebum
Tarikh lahir anak : 18.09.2007
Umur anak semasa foto diambil : 21mths
Lokasi foto diambil : living room
Secara ringkas, kenangan pahit atau manis semasa bf.
When I had to attend a twe-week course, that was the real challenge, bcoz I have never been away from him more than a day (at work that is). So, I had to pump out and store the EBM in the freezer (tanpa malunye, minta tumpang kat pejabat pusat latihan tu).
Cikebum on the other hand seemed to suffer so much that he cried and cried (according to MrHubby & MIL who took care of him), but what really touched my heart was when they told me "He stopped crying for a while when he saw the shadow, bcoz he thought it was me perhaps. Upon realizing it was not, he continued crying."
That was the bitter one. The sweet one is the one that I still experience until today.
As u could see in the pix, while enjoying the bonbon on one side, his finger would be playing with the other one (like tuning for radio channels).
Sometimes, while shopping (when he's in my arms)...he'd even seluk my blouse to get the bonbon. That means he is already bored following the Mama to shop la, apparently.
Notty little Cikebum!

4. letak logo contest di blog dan linkkan ke blog ini ---done

5. dah siap, sila tinggalkan link entri anda di ruang komen entri ini.---will be done shortly

Terms and conditions:

1. ONLY breastfeeding photos are accepted.
2. ONLY ONE breastfeeding photo per participant.
3. One person can only vote ONCE.
4. All entries are to reach us no later than 25 July 2009.
5. Voting starts from 26 july till 10 Ogos 2009.
6. Voting result is final and any form of correspondences shall not be entertained.
7. We reserves the right to ammend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
8. Sponsors reserves the right to exchange prizes to one of equivalent value.
9. All entries must be of participants’ original works. Usage of third party/parties creative works are prohibited, in which the entry will be automatically disqualified.
10. Minor photo touch-up is allowed i.e. adjustment of brightness of colour and softening or sharpening of the image, bluring sensored part :)
11. Winner shall be notified via email and blog at by 18 Ogos 2009.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bowling game that bowls Adam over

Activity last Saturday was taking Cikebum out to bowl with Firdaus (my ex-student). We went to Ole-Ole Sect.18 and after waiting for about half an hour after the SUKSES tournament finished, we got a lane.

My darling Cikebum choosing the bowling ball.

Mama, I want this one!!!

Oh, is it number 9? I tot it's no.6 upside down.

Yeah, skittles... I'll drop all of 'em.

Firdaus- poyo je keringkan tangan bagai. Strike nye tak jugak :P

Come, Ayah teach u how.

Yay!!! gets into the longkang la, Ayah!

Anyway, Cikebum seemed to enjoy the game very much that he "Yay!!!" everytime we dropped the skittles. Prolly he's confused why Mama still "Yay!!!" although the ball she rolled didn't drop any skittles at times. Hahaha. Mama over!

Came the second game only that MrHubby & Firdaus showed their bakat terendam... eh! I mean, terpendam. By then, Cikebum is not interested in the games anymore. He's more into exploring other lanes, choosing the balls, and mengorat kakak in the next lane.

After that, we went to the nearby game center and Adam wanted to ride the so-called Thomas. Look at his facial expressions....

1st Round (yay! I'm riding the train)

2nd Round (muka cuak) The train was moving fast.

3rd Round - "Mama... let me outta here!!!"

So, I had to hold his hands for the last few rounds until it stopped.
Hahaha. Tadi kau yang beria sangat nak naik, nak oiii....

At least, U are lucky, dear... Mama, MakLong & PakNgah dulu seumur hidup berapa kali je merasa naik benda lagho nih...

The next one was the racing between Ayah & Adam.
Iye iye je Ayah tu dgn kona baringnye. Telinga tak cecah jalan ke, bang!!!

We really had fun... and hope the li'l one, too.

BTW, does any of u know if there's any kid-friendly bowling centers in Klang Valley? I mean, those that provide facility for kids bowlers like penghadang kiri kanan of the lanes and perhaps the sloping palang for them to roll the ball (like in some countries)?
Wahhh...ini sudah kena pengaruh Teletubbies!!! :P

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's in a name?

In those ancient ages, rulers name their heirs after their names (e.g. King Edward II, III, IV so on and so forth). The same goes to the Malay Sultanate, such as Sultan Muhammad I, II, III… up to the certain numbers their found sufficient enuff to emphasize on the succession (at least that’s what I believe).

Perhaps those days not many name existed. In fact, some newborns are named after how they looked like the minute they came into the world. As simple as Jantan (manly), Hitam (black), Putih/ Puteh (white) or Huduh/ Hudoh (ugly)--- it was a kinda no no to name one as Cantik despite the babies being so cute and beautiful. Hmmm I wonder why they were so much in denial for good things?

Anyway, there’s an evolution to giving names to babies.

Gone were the days that parents named them after their appearance. Most parents nowadays were so excited to give up to 3, 4 words of names to one baby. Macam dah tak reti sangat nak shortlist gamaknye!

Or prolly they were so excited bcoz they have a one-word name that they want to include all in one in their kids’ names?

  1. A good name like Muhammad/Ahmad/Khairul/Nur to name a few
  2. Combination of parents’ names
  3. The kid’s own name (one or two words)
  4. The family/parents’ name to be carried

Bin or Binti

The dad’s name.

Whew! That’s a long one!

If it’s a boy, he better practice a lot prior to the solemnization (akad nikah) ceremony.

I had a schoolmate whose name has …..(wait, lemme count)….8 words as I could remember. The same goes to her other siblings. Hahaha.

And it’s undeniable that she needed a longer time to write down her names, esp. during exams… She’d still be writing her names and have the OMR form darkened for each alphabets, while we have started answering the exam questions.

In another case, people with long names have the tendency to have problems completing any forms, as the boxes are for average-length names. Pity, eh?

And if u give such long, beautiful names, why call them with only one syllable of the names? Aiyaaa…buang karen je.

Oh yeah…back to the main topic, not only that parents pick long names, they also come up with bombastic names. Ahoy! X hengat punya nama…. (e.g. Rumplestiltskin--- contoh je!) :P

With difficult spelling, U might have a tongue twist while pronouncing their names! Ooo… I hope teachers in the futures will not be sued for pronouncing the students’ names incorrectly.

I also realize that there’s a trend nowadays to name the mollycoddles with a pseudo-Englishman name. I myself did the same to my first mini-me, Adam. But it’s a universal name, ain’t it? It’s a prophet’s name.

But the ones I’ve found here and there were like the Mat Salleh wannabes… trying hard to make it sound (Cewah!) like one. Huh! Tak agak-agak.

Hmmm… don’t the parents know the adab to name the kids?

That day, while watching a TV programme, I saw this kid’s name..Keanudin. WTF?

Oh yes…the mom drooled over Keanu Reeves during pregnancy? Kot ye pun, please la put some efforts to find the meaning, esp. when it’s combined with ‘Din’ (the religion).

In another encounter, while having meals at the Pizza Hut some few weeks ago, I saw this schoolgirl coming into the outlet with her parents. She was still in her school uniform, so, I could read what’s on her name tag. I tell u what, I had to glimpse twice! I might not know a lot, but my Arabic knowledge still can't translate what it means (esp. with that kind of spelling).

Let’s have some fun…checking on celebrity’s babies’ names….(got this in the email)

AC Mizal & Emylia Rosnaida - Muhammad Reeve Damien
Achik Spin - Puteri Rania
Aishah - Armand Azhari & Azhad Ahlami
Ameng Spring & A.Aida - Wan Az Aleesa & Wan Eva Natasha
Amy Mastura - Adrianna & Adalia
Amy Search - Nabila Huda, Irisha Myra Shasha, Alexander Zulkarnain & Sania Samara
Anne Ngasri - Muhammad Warits
Awie & Arni Nazira - Puteri Aleeya Antasha & Puteri Aleefa Antasha
Azhar Sulaiman - Kasih Leia Ixora, Andika Rees Pahamin & Kasih Iris Leona
Aznil Nawawi - Fildza Haifa Fifi & Fariq HaizenRiki
Azza Elite - Marissa Jannah
Baggio Damasutra - Adlina Asryya & Muhammad Danish Ramadhan
Datuk Jins Shamsuddin - Putera Hang Jebat
Edry Kru - Emil & Edylia
Esma Daniel - Harith Daniel, Habib Daniel, Hadif Daniel, Damia Sari & Dalea Sari
Faizal Hussien & Suhaila - Fazryn
Fauziah Latiff - Jeffrey Joaqium Indot & Jeremy Jay Indot
Haleeda - Amirah Amani
Hana Elite - Aaron Daniel & Alayna Daniella
Jamal Abdillah - Osama Yamani
Linda Rafar - Rezaril Keiflin & Rezaimen Keiflin
Liza Hanim - Marsya Qistina
Nassier Wahab - Najihah Fatihah
Nora - Muhammad Shaqir Iman, Muhammad Shaqir Aliff & Puteri Dahlia
Norman Hakim & Abby Abadi - Mohamed Danish Hakim & Marissa Dania Hakim
Nurul & Ajai - Ayu Nazirah
Raja Ema - Putera Ammar & Putera Ihsan
Ridzuan Hashim & Didie Alias - Nur Dania, Muhammad Daniel, Nur Dinie & Nur Diana
Rohana Jalil - Rosella Rosell, Shakira Edora & Syakila Nisha
Rusdi Ramli - Effiezal Ridza
Safura - Natasha & Muhammad Daniel Khaqim
Salwa - Puteri Sulaika & Puteri Sufrie Nizam
Shamsul Ghau Ghau - Megat Ummar Azhar
Sharifah Shahira & Ijoy - Alyssa & Airel
Sheila Rusly - Uzair Haqimy & Luth Mikhail
Sheril Aida - Nur Tania, Muhammad Hazrul Andika, Nur Puteri
Sofea Jane - Arissa, Khadeja & Soraya
Watie Elite - Muhammad Afif
Yantzen - Muhammad Aliff Ronan
Zainal Abidin - Mikhail & Timur
Zami Ismail - Mohd Hitler

Ziana Zain - Muhammad Aiman & Muhammad Ammar
Ziela Jalil - Puteri Julia Nabilah & Megat Jufri Nasrullah

What do u think?

Those ancient days, our parents were not exposed enough on the how-to’s of naming us. So, please excuse them.

But hello…in this era, we have books, magazines and thousands of websites to assist u. So, avoid being clustered in the jahil group just bcoz of ur ignorance.

We would be called in the Padang Mahsyar by our names, therefore, give good names to our beloved ones…and call them by the name they like.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Namakan dengan nama para nabi, dan nama yang paling Allah suka ialah nama Abdullah dan Abdurrahman dan nama yang paling benar ialah Harits dan Humaam dan nama yang paling buruk ialah Harb dan Murrah. " (HR. Abi Wahab Al-Jasyimi).

Para ulama sepakat mengharamkan semua nama yang mengabdikan selain dari Allah SWT seperti Abdul Uzza, Abdul Ka'abah dan lain-lain. Nama yang makruh yang perlu dihindari iaitu Yasar, Rabah, Najah, Aflah dan Barakah. Nabi SAW melarang umatnya menamakan anak dengan nama-nama tersebut.

Isabelle? Oh that’s just a nick that my Taiwanese friend used to call me, bcoz she found it hard to pronounce my real name. And like most people, I don’t intend to use my real name on the web… due to security purposes.

Whatever it is, while choosing names for your juniors, please check for the meaning and the right spelling in Arabic. Failure to do so might result in their names to have a bad meaning… such as Zalilah (with a Zai or Zho), etc.etc.

Good luck! May our simple efforts get the blessings from Him.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enhancing BM production

With regards to the World Breastfeeding Month, I'd post two, three entries on this topic.

Cikebum’s 22 months now. That means I have been expressing liters of the love feeding from my body since the day he came out of my womb.

For those few months too, I have been keeping worries of What Ifs.

What if my BM is lack of nutrient?

What if the supply is not enough?

Yada yada…

And my main concern is to enhance the breast milk production.

Since then, I took all measures I could to make sure the stock is enough.

(Read: stock that is ‘fresh from farm’ bcoz I no longer have it expressed since the past 7 months. Haha)

When people say spinach could help, I consume spinach.

When I read that radish is good, I made my tastebud forget how bitter it is, just to ensure that my baby got the best.

When I was told that jantung pisang is effective, without fail I would put it in my lunch plate whenever I see it, putting aside the side effects like angin dalam badan.

Anything, dear… Anything.

There’s only one thing I am a bit reluctant to do. Drinking powdered milk.

I could still tolerate unflavoured fresh milk, but please don’t make me throw up what I have eaten. To date, I have only drunk that milk several times, and that was bcoz we did not have Milo at home.

As an alternative, I put dollops of ice-cream and blend the milk with ice cubes.Result? Yummy milkshake!!! Hehehe.

And I did all that just bcoz I want to make sure that my munchkin got what he is supposed to.

Now I don’t worry that much anymore if he doesn’t wanna stop his bonbon craving. I believe it will automatically stop when it’s time. That’s what most paeds say and most BF mommies told me.

Afterall, it’s in Allah’s hands. So, I’ll just leave it to Him….

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