Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unique wedding photo

E-carnazrin @ Eiymann's ibu is organizing a contest, searching for The Unique Wedding Photo. So here I am... for it is very rare for me to put up my wedding photo (I suppose this is the 2nd time I do so) :P

Terms & Conditions
1.Yes, I am a blogger.
2. E-carnazrin's follower and include her in the bloglist.
3. Banner on sidebar linked to the contest entry.

Our names: Isabelle & Sham
Tarikh Tunang: NIL
Tarikh Nikah:26th November 2006
Tarikh Bersanding:26th November 2006
Tarikh Bertandang : NIL


i) Why do u think the pix is unique??

Bcoz it's soooo hindustan@Bollywood...We were peek-a-booing and chasing each other while having the outdoor photography. Haha.

ii) Why do u like to read
e-caR NazRin aka ibuEiymann's

In the first place, I like reading stories about the life of a mom doing a PhD, bcoz I'm gonna prepare myself for that too soon.I love her cute cuppies too.It's even more interesting after I gotta meet her face-to-face during the Sarakids MOD!!! She's surprisingly petite!

6. Make sure these links are included..
Link to the organizer's blog :
Link to the contest :

7. Leave a comment at the entry --will be done after I hit the 'Publish Post' button.


  1. wah ...samalah kita nih Isabelle. aku pun sanding 26 Nov gak weh ..gambar aku msk this contest pun lebih kurang ko jer ..wakakaka....

  2. Your photo unik lerrr... :D

  3. watie,
    tu la psl...main celah2 pokok pulak.wakakaka

    thanks ;) leh menang x agak2?

  4. baju pengantin hijau, same....

  5. salam terjah dr ibuEiymann.. ber-cak-cak-sakan uolls ek.. gud luck hokeyy!


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