Monday, July 6, 2009

Qarissa's birthday party

This is a very much delayed entry of Qarissa's Birthday we attended last weekend. Watie, am I the last one posting an entry on this event? Hahaha.

Anyway, when we arrived, the view from faraway told us that it wasn't a simple birthday party...U see...

The banner that welcomed the guests, aside from the tap-me-and-i-sing balloon (no point I snap the pix if the sound isn't recorded) :P

Kids were the ones having a lot of fun with the clown, balloons & Clifford.
Hey, what's that yellow thingey at Clifford down there?'s a balloon!!! Hahaha >:)

Two Adams enjoying themselves on the swing and slides.

As for us, we were overwhelmed by the huge crowd... hence started looking for familiar faces, like Yaya and Suria (Abg Amir in green).

MrHubby a bit blur... not knowing where to start.

The Barbie birthday cake/jelly for the birthday girl.

"Haaaaapppy birthday to youuuuuuuu...."

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to snap a photo of the vogue Watie after her hair was messed by the party streams... Hahaha. Kesian!!!

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  1. hhahaha...aku rasa mmg ko yg last masukkan entry nih bebe! Wakakakak..thank you so mcuh dear! really appreciate it!

    Wakakak..pandai ko tgk bhg tertentu Clifford yerk!! suit jer ..ahhaha


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