Friday, October 30, 2009

Smileykidz Senyuman Ceria Si Comel Contest

These are my little Cikebum's pics for the contest...



Terbuka kepada si comel berusia 1day - 4 thn sahaja.

Cara2 penyertaan?

~ Jadi Follower SMILEYKIDZ dan Add SMILEYKIDZ di dalam bloglist anda

~ Letak banner contest ini di sidebar blog anda dengan link ke entri ini
~ Buat entri mengenai Online Contest ~ Senyuman Ceria Si Comel ini di dalam blog anda
~ Kemudian, upload gambar si comel di dalam entry tersebut dengan senyuman yang paling ceria/happy/sweet. TETAPI hanya SATU (1) gambar terbaik akan di nilai.
~Jangan lupa nyatakan nama si comel dan umurnya.
~Dalam entri tersebut pastikan anda mention dan link ke SMILEYKIDZ .
~Bila anda dah puas hati dengan entry tu, TINGGALKAN komen dan LINK entry tersebut di dalam ruang komen entry online contest ini.

Tetapi sebelum itu..sila baca syarat2 penyertaan di bawah:

Syarat-syarat Penyertaan dan disclaimer:

~Terbuka kepada semua mommies/daddies yang mempunyai anak berusia 1hari - 4 tahun.
~ Anda boleh upload seberapa banyak gambar senyuman si comel TETAPI hanya SATU (1) gambar terbaik akan di adili.
~Dalam gambar2 tersebut, mestilah gambar INDIVIDUAL. Kalau ada 2 orang dalam gambar itu, secara automatik gambar itu tidak akan di adili.
~Kalau anda ada lebih dari seorang si comel, boleh upload gambar mereka tetapi MESTILAH gambar INDIVIDU tau!!
~ Entry anda HANYA akan di adili oleh SMILEYKIDZ.
~ Keputusan peraduan ini adalah MUKTAMAD.

SMILEYKIDZ akan memula sesi penilaian pada bila2 masa.
SMILEYKIDZ akan meninggalkan komen di dalam entri anda setelah diadili.
Sebarang pertukaran gambar selepas di adili tidak akan di ambil kira

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help! It's bugging my mind!

I have been having sleepless nites lately. Plus headache and stress, bcoz I feel like I haven't done much whilst it's already the year is coming to the end in 2mths time.

Now that I am occupied with a book I'm planning to publish by early next year. At least that'd make me feel a bit productive.

With the urge of the Uni to be an RU (Research Uni), I now feel the pressure is more. Semua la kau nak jadi. World class la, RU la, paling tamak...nak jadi Innovative Entrepreneur Research Uni (IERU). Gila kuasa betul...


Well, I am scheduled to start my PhD by 2011. But recently, it was announced that scholarships for local postgrad study is plenty. If I apply, I'd easily get it.

The thing is...

I decided to come back to Msia after my Masters (despite getting a PhD project then) bcoz

1. I wanted to get married first
-Yes, I was so 'itchy'. Hahaha. Dah sampai seru la katakan...

2. I wished to bring MrHubby & my kid(s) to enjoy the life I had abroad
-I don't want to be 'syok sendiri' enjoying what I could have all by myself. I wanna share it with my loved ones.

3. I was inspired by some PhD candidates who could juggle motherhood, study, etc.
-K.Anis was one of those who opened up my mind to this.

4. I was thinking to get some experience first and that PhD thingy would be a getaway
-After a few years at work, definitely one needs fresh air to breathe. I was wrong here somehow. People here seem not to respect young lecturers as much as they do to PhD holders. Well, Malays kan? Need I say more?

5. If I came back much later, God knows who'd be my boss

-DrWan is the best boss one could own. He helped me going thru all sort of things from my undergrad days, and we share a lot of stories.

But now... I am left with a limited option.

Will I get a scholarship for going abroad?

Or would my dreams shatter? :(

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ostrich struts?

There are times when I bump into people I don't like, I pretended not to see them. It's not bcoz I am afraid to say hello to them, but I simply am lazy to behave unnaturally. That is so not me.

I have heard of an old belief saying that an ostrich would hide its head in the sand when it is frightened (when it sees enemies, that is). It makes the ostrich feels safe that way.

So, sometimes I feel funny at myself for 'behaving like an ostrich.'

However, there is no evidence that the popular belief is true. It is wrong and has never been recorded. No one has actually observed this happening.

Although ostriches are not among the more intelligent species of animals, they are not stupid enough to hide their heads, thinking they cannot be seen. In fact, when it is frightened, it would drop to the ground, with its neck stretched parallel with it and lie still. When the danger comes closer, just like other will take off and run.

Story 1

Along (my eldest sister), Bettyone (my younger sister) and I were riding in a car one day. Along was driving and we both were at the back seat (bcoz the co-driver seat was full of books).

Along : Y' friend told me that she ate an ostrich dish.

Me : (thinking of teasing her) What?

Along : Yes, I said ostrich.

Me : She ATE ostrich?

Along : Yeah...what's wrong with that?

Me : (trying hard not to laugh). That's ridiculous! Do u know what is an ostrich?

Along : Err... (couldnt peek at the rear mirror, was focusing on the road)

Me : (getting support to tease) U see, Yone! Makan ostrich!!!!

Yone : Huh?!! Giler ahhh...

Along : Ostrich is that kinda burung unta right? So, boleh la makan.

Me : No la.

Along : Then, what is it?

Me : (quickly think for a frightening answer) It's tenggiling la!

Along : Hoh?! I tot it's burung unta. I better tell my fren very soon.

Me & Yone : Hey, can't u see that our nostrils are big now...bcoz we are lying. Haha

Along : Cettt... tau la vocab aku x power!!! Hang jagaa...

Story 2

A man walks into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich behind him. The waitress asks them for their orders.

The man says, "A hamburger, fries and a coke," and turns to the ostrich, "What’s yours?"

"I’ll have the same," says the ostrich.

A short time later the waitress returns with the order ‘That will be $9.40 please,’ and the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out the exact change for payment.

The next day, the man and the ostrich come again and the man says, ‘A hamburger, fries and a coke’

The ostrich says, ‘I’ll have the same.’

Again the man reaches into his pocket and pays with exact change.

This becomes routine until the two enter again. ‘The usual?’ asks the waitress.

‘No, this is Friday night, so I will have a steak, baked potato and a salad,’ says the man.

‘Same,’ says the ostrich.

Shortly the waitress brings the order and says, ‘That will be $32.62.’

Once again the man pulls the exact change out of his pocket and places it on the table.

The waitress cannot hold back her curiosity any longer. ‘Excuse me, sir. How do you manage to always come up with the exact change in your pocket every time?

‘Well,’ says the man, ’several years ago I was cleaning the attic and found an old lamp. When I rubbed it, a Genie apeared and offered me two wishes. My first wish was that if I ever had to pay for anything, I would just put my hand in my pocket and the right amount of money would always be there.’

‘That’s brilliant!’ says the waitress. Most people would ask for a million dollars or something, but you’ll always be as rich as you want for as long as you live. It’s brilliant!’

‘That’s right. Whether it’s a gallon of milk or a Rolls Royce, the exact amount of money is always there,’ says the man.

The waitress asks, ‘What’s with the ostrich?’

The man sighs, pauses and answers, ‘My second wish was for a tall chick with a big butt and long legs who agrees with everything I say.’

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Facebook? Nah!!!

If I ask u now..."Who has a Facebook account?"
Prolly many hands are pointing up to the air... or at least mumbling "I do" to yourselves.

Well, most of my friends, students, colleagues, etc. have been talking about this Facebook for so long...and it has become a more-than-phenomena, even greater than Friendster (as some might say).

Yet, until today if u ask answer is "No, I dont have FB."

Hahaha. BerryBear once said "Even those aborigines have FB, why doesn't she?"
Siot jerr...

To be frank, actually I do have the desire to create an account, bcoz I'd love to keep track of my old friends and ex-students.

I might not be addicted to that Farmville thingey - cultivating the land, raising stock though.

However, certainly it's nice to be a part of that 'in' thing that people are talking about.

But let's put it this way... I don't like to make myself sorta attached to something. Just like watching some popular dramas that need u to sit on the couch everyday when it's about to start, whereas there are days u might be back late from the office. It will only disappoint u.

and summore...I heard the website is blocked now (where I work). Hahaha.
So, I could have been disappointed if I started FBooking earlier, only to be refrained from updating it after that.

Nasib baekkk mak belum buat FB account. (ayat menyedapkan hati) Hahaha

Friday, October 23, 2009

When I was a telemarketer...

Last week, MrHubby & I attended a briefing on a holiday package. When I first got the invitation/call, I had just finished running 5-6km for the Power Race... Well, u know la...the exhaustion and fatigue, it could switch off the mood to talk to anyone, esp. to a telemarketer.

Yet still I talked to the girl nicely. Not bcoz I was interested in the offer, but frankly bcoz I knew how does it feel.

I believe most of u have received this kinda calls too.
How did u respond to the telemarketer?
  • Did u hang up before he/she could say anything?
  • Or did u lie to them, asking them to call back but u reject the calls from the same number?

I was once a telemarketer, thus I have dealt with various types of people on the phone.
Some of those I knew their nice personality, would unexpectedly turn into a Hulk.
Oh..okay, prolly wrong time! But I cant take that. But how was the telemarketer supposed to know if u didn't tell them?

Some strangers could still talk nicely although the end of the conversation is a 'no.'
I respect their decisions with a thanks.

Looking back, sometimes I couldn't believe it that I once achieved the target of RM1200 per week. For an easy-peasy job like that which I didn't take seriously...that's considered as a handsome pay.

But my colleague (then), Wan Naza was the only one who could earn about RM1500 per week as he wished, without being a sweet talker! Giler terer!
And if he says he's not gonna do it bcoz he's just not in a good mood, he simply wouldn't.

Now, lemme share with u the various types of clients I had...

  • The ones who signed up after coming to see me to convince themselves (these people are not so confident to do the biz on the line)
  • The ones who signed up after coming to see me and charmed by my persona (yes, vomit out ur green puke now!)
  • There also one who asked me to be the second wife (wtf?)
  • There's also grateful clients who insisted to treat me (how nice!)

I remember having one customer whom I closed the sale, but she misunderstood what I meant. She demanded to see me when she came to the office and started making a fuss. What an idiot! C'mon, lady...I'm not that desperate to 'misrep' just to find clients okay?

In the end, Wan Naza saved me by giving her some stupid nonsense vouchers and he told me it's normal to face this kinda people.

To u guys,
no matter how miserable u are when u get the call(s) from telemarketers, try to act cool and don't sound like an illiterate!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twitchy eyelid

The corner of my right eyelids is sorta twitching/moving with uncontrolled spasm.
It started early this morning but hasn't stopped till now.

I heard it means that I'm about to meet a faraway friend.

Err..who could that be? Iye la tu...

However, the scientific explanation is...........

Why does it Happen?

Eyelid twitching occurs as the eyelid is forced to spasm involuntarily. The spasm involves the tiny muscles of the eyelid and these can become sensitive and susceptible to twitching because of tiredness, too much caffeine or as a response to stress.

Treatments for Eyelid Twitching

In most cases, the twitching can be relieved by simply allowing yourself more time to rest and unwind.

Switch to decaffeinated products or even better, exchange the tea or coffee for herbal teas or drinks that induce sleep and benefit in both ways.

Eyelid twitching is usually treated as a comical episode that many people suffer from and is not to be taken seriously.

However, if it does continue for longer periods consult a doctor or an optician and have your eyes checked out just in case.

Lovebite & love note

I am not feeling well right now. This sore throat is killing me... and at times, I have runny nose too. When I went to the clinic last Tuesday, the Dr. was kind of aghast when I told her the symptoms.

Dr. : Really?
Me : But err.. Dr, I think the H1N1 thingy has subsided, no?
Dr. : It's not yet off completely. So, u better observe the symptoms.
Me : How long?
Dr. : In the next few days.
Me : Okay.

Then, MrHubby (as usual) demanded to check his BP.

Dr. : What's the last reading of ur BP?
Hubs: Pretty high. 145/90.
Dr. : Oh...that's high. U might have to be on medication.
Hubs: But it dropped after I went for cupping (bekam) before.
Dr. : U did?
Hubs: Yes. I went again yesterday, but this time it didn't seem to decrease.
Dr. :, that mark U have is due to cupping la ehh?

Me : Dr., u thought it's my lovebite ekk? Hehe
Dr. : That's why I didn't dare to say a word (*smiling*)
Me : Ishh...agak-agak le Dr. Kot ye pun lovebite, takkan bulat besar macam tu!

Speaking of bekam, actually I have been wanting to do it but never had the chance. And if I were to do it, I have to find a strategic spot on my head/body so it is not visible to others, and invite annoying statements from the curious.

Sad to say, most people (Muslims) nowadays are not aware that this method has been practised by Rasulullah SAW since long ago, called hijamah.

Yesterday, MrHubby packed my meds in the handbag, and he even reminded me to take it after breakfast and lunch.

Upon opening the med pack, I found this...

Isn't that sweet?

Thanks, Ayah. Ailapi....

Who got it right?

Dear readers/friends,

Thanks for making brilliant guesses yesterday.
Somehow, those words (getting pregnant, PhD offer, promoted, etc.) I consider as a prayer for me... can arrr like that? :P

Anyway, only one person got it right...and that is...






Congrats! Hahaha.

Yes, I passed with flying colours in the PTK I attended last June.
Now I wanna bz body about my friends' results la...

P/s: Sya, u prefer me to post it to u, or u wanna meet up?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wish...

At the moment, I am still waiting for the cheque from Dumex Dugro for the Impian Ceria Si Manjaku Contest. It has been three weeks now since the lady called to tell me that I won the weekly prize. Whew! It takes ages to get money from others, ay? But it only takes seconds for them to charge us for their services/products. Hahaha...

Well, like the dreams we have for our little ones…, we also have so many things that we haven’t yet done, but we would really like to do. Some love pure adrenaline like bungee jumping, surfing (in the ocean, not the web!), snowboarding while some keep the desire to become a dancer, a star a photographer or perhaps to own his/her own library at home.

As for me, I’d love to skydive. My oh my. I just cant describe why I really wanna do it.

Whatttt? It's for the young generation?

Hello...Am I too old for this? Hey, I am not getting any younger! Let’s gimme a chance!

Paragliding/Hang gliding

There’s this club in the uni doing paragliding training, but prolly it’s only open for students. I didn’t get enough exposure when I was a student here. How I wished I could turn back time. *sigh*

Hot air ballooning

Did u hear the news last week about the hot balloon crash in China? Hehehe. But it doesn't affect my dream :P

I used to see many hot balloons in BNE, but here in Malaysia it’s very rare. To add the spice, I wanna got ballooning to the Seven Wonders of the World (or is it more than 7 now?), bringing along my beloved ones with me.

Err…If I were allowed to bring others, I’d also take Anuar Zain along (hehe…makan hati le Centa ye?) so he could entertain me with his nightingale vox. Ahhh (mode: Berangan tahap lupa diri)

Oh now I realize that most of my dreams revolve around flying in the air. Why eh?

Okay then, move on to the next dream.

This one is considered reasonable:
cruising... Hahaha. Best tau!

I’d love to dive too. This one is diving in the ocean (scuba), not skydive. I was so much in delay to start my diving lesson with my friend Kamal, hence I only snorkel whenever I go to Perhentian Island. Huhuhu.

Whew... blogging about this topic is rather upsetting. It makes me feel remorse.

Anyway, at least this year has seen me having opportunity to sort of made a step closer to some of the dreams that I don’t mention here. I might not get it, but a step closer is not bad.

Thanks, MrHubby for the neverending support. He knows how much I am disappointed for missing some golden opportunities in the past 29 years.

What thing that you haven't yet done would you most like to do? Chip in your comments about your hopes and wishes. I'd love to share with u too...


Dear all, u remember when last week I said I could smell some good news?
Now that it is official...

So, now make a guess by leaving a comment and if u get it right, u'll win something special from me.

Deadline? Errr... Dont take too long. Prolly by tomorrow 8am.
I will announce it very soon. Bcoz I cant wait to share it with u!!!! Hehehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's raining meatballs!!!


After a very longgg wait, eventually at the age of 25 mths, MrHubby & I managed to bring Cikebum for his first movie.

Well, I believe most of u face the same problem--- going to the cinema with the little ones. Even if I have a maid or my MIL around, I might not have the heart to leave Cikebum behind with her.

Actually, I have been keeping the desire to do so since months ago. We wanted to watch Up, but it wasn't showing in cinemas anymore after so many weekends of delay.

So, this time...we picked this movie- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!

It's a delightful movie with quirky, imaginative stroyline about a boy who became an inventor. And oh u could see in the poster, the sardine town really had food falling from the sky like rain!


us, in the cinema b4 the movie started

I'd say there's countless laugh-out-loud moments that makes the movie outstanding.

Above all, our fear of Cikebum misbehaving in the darkness ended up with laughter. He really enjoyed the movie from the very beginning, and laughed together with the other audience.

What's more interesting is bcoz he could name the items/food that fall from the sky and sometimes he broke the silence with his chuckles (with both hands on his cheeks). How I wished I snapped a photo of him doing that! Cute!

Well, perhaps u should also give it a go. It's not an average computer-generated movie and it really took me by surprise! I'm really looking fwd for another movie, but that has to be of the family/comedy genre too to avoid Cikebum going up and down the stairs and starts making noise!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Epilation-is it worth the pain?

Hey peeps!
How is it goin'?
I've been pretty bz at work, anyway the desire to blog is just unbearable.

Today, I wanna share with my blogger friends about hair removal. Okay, this sounds a little embarrassing, but I think everybody has hair aside from the hair on the head (facial hair, underarm hair, leg hair, pubic hair, etc.)

There must be a reason that Allah created the hair, but much to most people's annoyance, they have invented various ways to get rid off it by waxing, sugaring, threading, tweezing, laser treatment, yada yada...

Oh well, not to say that the hair is useless, but it might be unsightly to see ladies (especially) raising their arms to wave at the taxi with that
au naturale hair. Awww!!!
Perhaps the beach scenery might also be disgusting with ladies in bikinis with protruding hairs coming out of the underwear..heeeheee... :P

So, how do u remove the hair? I mean, the underarm hair (Stop imagining hair on 'that' part!!!).

Julia Roberts' hairy armpits that made headlines.
Would u have the confidence like hers?

I rarely shave the underarms. Anyway, Farah Mylildreamz have also blogged about the effects here.

Most of the time, I pluck with tweezers but well, this method kinda takes forever. And if u are lazy to do it, the hair's gonna grow long enough and it's just unpleasant!

I have also tried waxing. But it's easier when someone else does it for you compared to getting the courage to rip off the strips yourself!

Another thing I have tried is the depilatory cream (read:Veet). It leaves a silky soft skin on my legs. Best tau! Alamak...we are supposed to talk about underarm hair, not others.

Anyway, lately I have been thinking to put my first attempt at epilation. Never heard of it? Okay..lemme tell u...

Epilation is a method of hair removal which removes hair at the root (like waxing or plucking). The epilator looks rather like a ladies' electric razor, but the mechanism is by plucking out (using rotating discs) instead of the hairs being sliced off.

Prolly it sounds painful, ay? But I have no clue whether or not it is worthy.

I have read some tips on the web, but am still not convinced to purchase one.

Do I have to wait for the hair to grow long enough before epilating again? If yes, that's gonna be a pain in the butt!

Would it leave ugly red dots that wouldn't go away due to damaged hair follicles?

What's the chances of hair breaking off instead of being completely pulled out? Or would the hair become finer after a long time?

Please...please share with me :P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jundeco stickers

Jundeco stickers? Been wondering what is it?

Lemme give u a hint.

With Jundeco stickers...
In a blink, tadaaaa.........
Your wall or your favourite corner can be transformed into a bright and lively one!
Check it out here.

There are so many appealing designs, so it's pretty hard for me to choose one.
But I really love those in these series:
  • Black & White
  • Kids Series
  • Flower Series
  • Tree Series
I have been thinking on how to make the space in my home look unique and full of zest. So, now this is the answer...

Whether bright and snappy like this...
or blending with nature and freshness like this...

or colourful but cozy like this...

I bet my guests would envy and ask me where do I get these fashionable deco from. Hahaha.

Whew! It's hard to decide. But for a start, I think I better go for the Kids Series. This zippy (PS58066) stickers is definitely an eye-candy for my Little Cikebum. What's more important is the creative visualization in vivid colours that blend seamlessly in Jundeco stickers will stimulate his imagination rather than being sunk in the typical battle of the iPod/videogames that doesn't enhance his thinking at all.

As for myself, with Jundeco Stickers, I don't have to paint the rooms, kitchen or closets. It just needs a good arrangement and...Voila! It would turn into a jaunty space. Isn't it pleasantly invigorating?

U too want to win some of these?
Check out the details at MomBloggersPlanet's page.
Or simply click here for details.

Thanks in advance to Jundeco stickers and MomBloggersPlanet.

C'mon...try your luck!
Even if u don't win the prizes, u are still entitled for the lucky draw.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cutest Baby in Walker Contest

This contest is organized by Ometomei.

• Become a follower of Ometomei and add her in ur bloglist
• Banner on the sidebar should be linked to this entry
• Upload a photo of the little one in a walker
• Share ur opinions on the pros & cons of the walker
• State the name & age of the little one
• Leave a comment in this entry

Little Cikebum
9 months (then)

Advantages of baby walkers
  • Support for babies who has just learnt to sit
  • Good for teaching to become more steady on their feet and learn how to start taking steps
    Teach babies to be independent
  • The baby could have so much fun bombing around the house
  • If u really utilize it, it's gonna be real value for money
  • The attractive colours are good to keep the baby's attention
  • If u buy waterproof, wipeable seat---it's good for any food or drink spillages
  • Handy for eager non-crawlers
  • Mommies can continue doing housechores without having to entertain clingy babies

Disadvantages of baby walkers
  • Doesn't move well on carpets
  • Some claim that it hinders baby's progress with walking
  • Perhaps it doesn't help to strengthen babies legs and feet
  • 'Good' for knocking light stuff (e.g vases, lamps) on the floor
  • Previously-out-of-reach items (e.g hot cups, sharp objects) are now within reach
  • If babies try to pick something on the floor while in the walker, there a chance of tipping over
  • *Above all, we should watch the babies at all times to avoid accidents.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inherited qualities

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I joined the Power Race yesterday (for the University’s Bulan Kualiti), that needed me to run around the campus, and complete the tasks at the checkpoints. Mine was just abseiling, not a big thing for a former cadet like me. Anyway, we got the consolation prize, not bad for the first timer!

Speaking of Kualiti/Quality, I believe everybody has their good and bad qualities, and most likely they are inherited from the father or the mother.

1. Impatience with new things (ketaq tak dan-dan)

By genetic transmission, I suppose I got it from Abah. Hahaha. (Wei, BettyoneKokokularigagahberaniis@r, dont u tell Abah!!!) :P

We siblings used to complain why Along was so in rush to remarry, as if there’s no tomorrow. Ina is also the same-she’d put on her newly bought clothes top to toe and stand for hours in front of the mirror, planning how to wear it the next day. Not to mention the ketaq-ness of those people in the links above la. Hahaha

Well, we kept saying “Where did she get this quality from?” (Mana la dia turun penyakit ketaq ni tak tau?) and I never realized it.

No…not until one day I was restless, can’t wait for the next day (was it my new shoes or what, I cant remember now)… and MrHubby smiled at me, saying “Now I know that U got it from Abah.”

Hah? How come?

And that was bcoz last month Abah was so eager waiting for the 42” LCD TV that we have promised him. Hehehe. So cute!

2. Hygiene

As for Mak’s side, I’d say…somehow I inherit the hygienic attitude. I might not be madly doing the laundry or washing every leaf of vege prior to cooking like she does. But somehow, I could rage furiously when the home is in mess.

One of the examples was during my confinement, that I was so mad when I went to the kitchen only to find that the floor was a bit greasy. Actually MrHubby has promised to do it earlier, but I happened to go to the kitchen during the delay hence the intense wrath (over sungguh!).

Lucky my friend Dian was there to soothe me before I lost my mind and ended up ‘gila meroyan’. U know la… ladies in confinement kan fragile. Heee…Nauzubillah..

Now that I have Cikebum, I could see that when at the dining table, he always says “Osh ennnn…” (read: Wash hands!)

That is sometimes when he is still undone with his meals. And he refuses to drink his milk when his mouth is still not wiped after having his oat breakfast, saying “Taknakcomot!”

I know-it’s a good quality. But when it is not yet time to osh ennn’…finish up your meal first la. Haihhh… Penat layan dia!!!

Now u tell me what qualities have U inherited from your parents? My siblings and I do talk about it when we gather and aside from the bonding experience, it’s fun bcoz we really know whom are we talking about :P

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mangsa Buli contest

Mommy Qastalani is organizing a Mangsa Buli Contest. Check out the link (u may simply click on the banner on the sidebar).

So, here's my entry...

The victim: Adam Cikebum
Age : 1 yr plus
"Mama, is this Pamela Anderson's bra?"

This pix was taken when Cikebum was so naughty playing with my bra with her cheeky face. saying "Tet-tekk...Bon-bon...Hehehe."

So, I put in on him and his excited face turned to wondrous amazement. Hahaha. Prolly he was thinking...why couldn't I find the bon-bon like Mama's :P

How to join?

1. Apart from having a blog and live in Malaysia, u should also become MoMMy Qastalani's follower.

2. Include MoMMy Qastalani in your Blog List.

3. Put up the banner on the sidebar and link it to this entry

4. Upload a photo. (the victim should be of a newborn age up to 7yrs only) and don't forget to state his/her name and age.

5. Write a special entry about the picture and leave a comment here with your name/email address.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Standing tall

I am 165cm tall (5'4") and am very proud of my height.

Once ago, right before we stood next to each other to take a photo, Tan Sri Muhammad (Mat Taib) said to me "U are so tall! What's your height?"

Friends and students tend to complain on my height, esp when they stand next to me before the photo session.

But looking back at my wedding pix, I just cant believe how terrible I looked like...with that slender figure. If U think I am skinny, U should have seen me before I got married!

I just love my height, yet I wish I were taller (ye, saya tamak!).

Long legs or whatever long could it be, I don't bother... as long as I am tall. BTW, I have a long neck (leher jinjang, ok? bukan leher panjang ye?), so I wouldnt look like Jeslina Hashim when I wear turtlenecks. Hahaha.

And guess what? My several encounters with celebrities like Lisa Surihani, Annahita Bakavoli, Waheeda (just to name a few) left me with the thought "La...minah ni xde la tinggi sangat pun!".

Anyway, adding to the insatiable greed, I'd feel unhappy to see other women who are taller than me. I'd say to myself " come she is taller than me, eh?"

But at least, with the height I have now, people never called me a giraffe and I never found difficulties in finding boyfriends (then).

Last week, I had my height and weight measured. Being the health freak that I am (u're right!!!), what I got was...

Well, I believe most of u know about BMI, in which it is calculated by

BMI = Weight (kg) / [Height (m) x Height (m)]

Hence, I fall into the white category as shown below. Hahaha (let's laugh at me!).

That means I have to carry two sacks of 10kg Basmathi rice with me to get the ideal weight :P Okay, time to get pregnant (so I could gain 20kg). And after delivery, I don't have to bother to lose weight. Huahuahua...

MrHubby is the other way around. Hehehe. Err... any technology to suck the lipid and give it to me? (but I want them to be added not around my waist, eh?)

Somebody approached me last week to join the faculty's futsal team for the Bulan Kualiti, and I answered with a big laugh. Agak2 le, bang oiii. I am not that fit.

But still, I registered myself for a treasure hunt tomorrow. Wish me luck, okay?

I could smell some good news nearing. Hehehe. Wait until it is officially announced.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, it has been some time since I last talk about random topics.
Today, let's talk about anti-social people or 'kera sumbang.'

When it comes to socializing, count me in. I am hardly seen speechless. Not to say that I am a popular sanguine, and am not the life of the party. But at least I can talk to strangers.

Prolly it's bcoz my job really needs me to become a talkative person. Okay, let's use better terms- chatty or friendly.

Recently, we got an invitation to a so-called friend's open house. And we (MrHubby & I) purposely didn't turn up. I know,
memenuhi undangan adalah wajib. But considering that if we attend it, it would only make the angel 'Atid on our left shoulder bz to scribble what we complain, forget it!

There has been three occasions if I'm not mistaken in which I brought MrHubby to meet this friend, whose husband is an engineer.

Everytime they meet, MrHubby would try to talk about something. Well, obviously they are both strangers to each other. But what's there to lose if u start the conversation with "The weather is good today, eh?" or something like that.
As for this guy, he'd just answer a 'yes' or 'no'. And that's it. No elaboration, no nothing.

Okay..that was the 1st and 2nd attempt. In another occassion, MrHubby was the one (again) who started the conversation...

MrHubby: Which hometown did U go back to last raya?
Him : Kelantan.
MrHubby : I heard the traffic was bad, eh? (ayat pancing conversation)
Him : No.

U's just a one-word answer that doesn't lead further.

So, I have some theories here....

Theory 1 : He is a shy person. U are right! Or prolly he's not shy only with Kelantanese!

Theory 2 : Pearls would come out of his mouth whenever he speaks, hence rugi nanti orang lain kutip!

Theory 3 : He is just a moron who never learn to socialize.

Okay, u are an engineer. So, what? Just bcoz MrHubby is not one, u put yourself so in an upper position and refuse to talk to him?

Hello!!! Whatever the post is, u wouldn't bring it into the grave anyway.
If I were the wife, I'd be very extremely remorsed and embarassed for having a partner who is very bad at PR.

What about u, guys? Even if u are left clueless to talk about something, u can just pick any topic, as long as it is not a sensitive one. U don't have to be controversial and go for risky topics like politics and religion.

Interesting topics of conversation come from everyday life and things that we all have in common. Whatever the topic is, it should make people relaxed and happy to talk. Think instead about what most people share: families, experiences, dreams, etc.

Come to think of that kera sumbang's wife (Mrs. X)...I think they are just a perfect match.
Know why?

She would pull a long face if my friends and I were to go for a ride in her expensive car. Well, usually we colleagues would take turns to go out for breakfast, etc in everybody's car.

One day, we were about to go out for lunch...
I didn't bring my car (MrHubby sent me to the office that day).
My friend, A's car was blocked by other cars.
Another friend, B's car was full of luggage, bcoz she was going back to hometown straight away after work.
Hence, the only option left is Mrs X's car.

Instead of inviting us to get into her car, she offered that B transferred those bulky luggage into hers. My goodness!

Now u tell me, should I feel comfortable befriending such a person?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TUDM airshow

Last Saturday has seen about 100 000 people at the RMAF Subang Air Base stupefied by the acrobatic stunts of the US Thunderbirds and the TUDM Sukhoi.

Even the Superboy attended it. Err...the mom doesn't look like Superwoman, though :P

Although it drizzled halfway, most audience remain seated/standing and the traffic jam did not stop the people from Shah Alam to witness the air demonstration.

"O-payne!" (read: Airplane, as pronounced by Cikebum)

DrWan & family were there too.

Few snaps while waiting for the show to start...

Baically, the air show started at 11.30am by Sukhoi SU-30MKM for about 5 mins...

and later the F-16 Thunderbirds formed the awesome Solo, Diamond and Delta formation for 45mins.

Cikebum, despite his passion towards airplanes kept saying "akutt...akut..."
Apadaaa...takut le pulak!!!

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