Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wish...

At the moment, I am still waiting for the cheque from Dumex Dugro for the Impian Ceria Si Manjaku Contest. It has been three weeks now since the lady called to tell me that I won the weekly prize. Whew! It takes ages to get money from others, ay? But it only takes seconds for them to charge us for their services/products. Hahaha...

Well, like the dreams we have for our little ones…, we also have so many things that we haven’t yet done, but we would really like to do. Some love pure adrenaline like bungee jumping, surfing (in the ocean, not the web!), snowboarding while some keep the desire to become a dancer, a star a photographer or perhaps to own his/her own library at home.

As for me, I’d love to skydive. My oh my. I just cant describe why I really wanna do it.

Whatttt? It's for the young generation?

Hello...Am I too old for this? Hey, I am not getting any younger! Let’s gimme a chance!

Paragliding/Hang gliding

There’s this club in the uni doing paragliding training, but prolly it’s only open for students. I didn’t get enough exposure when I was a student here. How I wished I could turn back time. *sigh*

Hot air ballooning

Did u hear the news last week about the hot balloon crash in China? Hehehe. But it doesn't affect my dream :P

I used to see many hot balloons in BNE, but here in Malaysia it’s very rare. To add the spice, I wanna got ballooning to the Seven Wonders of the World (or is it more than 7 now?), bringing along my beloved ones with me.

Err…If I were allowed to bring others, I’d also take Anuar Zain along (hehe…makan hati le Centa ye?) so he could entertain me with his nightingale vox. Ahhh (mode: Berangan tahap lupa diri)

Oh now I realize that most of my dreams revolve around flying in the air. Why eh?

Okay then, move on to the next dream.

This one is considered reasonable:
cruising... Hahaha. Best tau!

I’d love to dive too. This one is diving in the ocean (scuba), not skydive. I was so much in delay to start my diving lesson with my friend Kamal, hence I only snorkel whenever I go to Perhentian Island. Huhuhu.

Whew... blogging about this topic is rather upsetting. It makes me feel remorse.

Anyway, at least this year has seen me having opportunity to sort of made a step closer to some of the dreams that I don’t mention here. I might not get it, but a step closer is not bad.

Thanks, MrHubby for the neverending support. He knows how much I am disappointed for missing some golden opportunities in the past 29 years.

What thing that you haven't yet done would you most like to do? Chip in your comments about your hopes and wishes. I'd love to share with u too...


  1. kalau hadiah mcm tu memang lambat. dulu masa i menang contest higgies dpt 3 months supply tu, dia call bulan 2. bulan 6 baru dpt. nasib baik i request saiz besar. kalau amek M jugak masa tu sure dah tak muat...

  2. whoaaa!!! mahal desire u nih..haha... ermm tp i suka la yg part2 sky diving, hot air balloon, crusing & snorkling tuh.. but dunno bila blh buat tuh.. ade ke masa nak buat?haha!! hanya bermimpi saja

  3. waaaa ingat2 traktiran jgn lupaa ya adam... pasha menunggu.. paragliding, done that masa teenage tau!!.. sure fun!!kalau pasha besar nanti nak jg buat lagi mesti best!! snorkeling ajak beruang tuh.. masa bujang sampe ke karimun pergi tengok ikan doang.. klo aku sih aquaria ajah laah sama aja toh ikannya jg.. :P

  4. wahhh, ur an adventorous mama! i tak berani okie, gayat! hehe...tunggu adam besaq sikit bawak dia skali lah hehe

  5. i would also love to go on a cruise. dulu masa nak hoenymoon kuciwa sbb dear Hubs x nak amik cruise, dia nak honeymoon on land, x la terkongkong atas boat aje kata dia. tgk la, kalo ada rezeki nnt dah propose semula kat dia.

    what else eh nak buat? maybe deep water diving? or even fly - ala kat genting ada ni, yg kena tiupo angin kuat tu. ntah la, i dah x adventurous la tua2 ni!

  6. I'd love to try skydiving, but since I've tried bungy (lake bungy), I'm wondering if I'd ever take the 1st leap out!! Trying to leap off to bungy took me sometime!!

    And I want to fly a plane!! My childhood dream dashed by poor eyesight! :P

  7. azzamoro,
    sib baik u amik yg besar. saiz besar kan mahal skit. hehehe.

    we should try la, bcoz we only live twice. ehhh..once. hahaha.

    aquaria ikannya liat dlm akuarium doang. kalo snorkel kan bisa ikannya dtg lewat dpn mata sambil mkn di tangan kita. hehe
    btw, aku pake address kamu ya utk resend hadiahnya.hehe

    rasa mcm next year nak bwk dah la.this year dah hjg tahun, monsoon season.tapi kalo mama & ayah snorkel, adam tunggu dlm boat la ye? haha

    tell ur hubs, the cruise is huge...u'll never realize n never had the chance to feel terkongkong.
    try la.

  8. biarin wek! yg penting gak kelelep air asin..
    ya udah ntar aku buka dulu hadiahnya yah!! ahhahaha..

  9. yg terdekat skang impian nak buat asikla tunda2..huhu

  10. reitak,
    wah...u r adventurous least u hv tried one.bestnyaaa...

    hahaha. tapi kadonya cuman akaun atas nama adam. jadi gak bisa dibikinin apa2.

    jom jom..kita buat rombongan cik kiah p scuba dive.


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