Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jundeco stickers

Jundeco stickers? Been wondering what is it?

Lemme give u a hint.

With Jundeco stickers...
In a blink, tadaaaa.........
Your wall or your favourite corner can be transformed into a bright and lively one!
Check it out here.

There are so many appealing designs, so it's pretty hard for me to choose one.
But I really love those in these series:
  • Black & White
  • Kids Series
  • Flower Series
  • Tree Series
I have been thinking on how to make the space in my home look unique and full of zest. So, now this is the answer...

Whether bright and snappy like this...
or blending with nature and freshness like this...

or colourful but cozy like this...

I bet my guests would envy and ask me where do I get these fashionable deco from. Hahaha.

Whew! It's hard to decide. But for a start, I think I better go for the Kids Series. This zippy (PS58066) stickers is definitely an eye-candy for my Little Cikebum. What's more important is the creative visualization in vivid colours that blend seamlessly in Jundeco stickers will stimulate his imagination rather than being sunk in the typical battle of the iPod/videogames that doesn't enhance his thinking at all.

As for myself, with Jundeco Stickers, I don't have to paint the rooms, kitchen or closets. It just needs a good arrangement and...Voila! It would turn into a jaunty space. Isn't it pleasantly invigorating?

U too want to win some of these?
Check out the details at MomBloggersPlanet's page.
Or simply click here for details.

Thanks in advance to Jundeco stickers and MomBloggersPlanet.

C'mon...try your luck!
Even if u don't win the prizes, u are still entitled for the lucky draw.


  1. waaaaa.. i love the tree series tooo...
    back to nature gitu kan..

  2. lady of leisure,
    yes..very nice!sbnrnya mcm gila nak pilih semua. tapi kang tema rumah jadi cacamarba pulak.hehe


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