Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cutest Baby in Walker Contest

This contest is organized by Ometomei.

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Little Cikebum
9 months (then)

Advantages of baby walkers
  • Support for babies who has just learnt to sit
  • Good for teaching to become more steady on their feet and learn how to start taking steps
    Teach babies to be independent
  • The baby could have so much fun bombing around the house
  • If u really utilize it, it's gonna be real value for money
  • The attractive colours are good to keep the baby's attention
  • If u buy waterproof, wipeable seat---it's good for any food or drink spillages
  • Handy for eager non-crawlers
  • Mommies can continue doing housechores without having to entertain clingy babies

Disadvantages of baby walkers
  • Doesn't move well on carpets
  • Some claim that it hinders baby's progress with walking
  • Perhaps it doesn't help to strengthen babies legs and feet
  • 'Good' for knocking light stuff (e.g vases, lamps) on the floor
  • Previously-out-of-reach items (e.g hot cups, sharp objects) are now within reach
  • If babies try to pick something on the floor while in the walker, there a chance of tipping over
  • *Above all, we should watch the babies at all times to avoid accidents.


  1. salam mama cikebum..

    tq cz sudi join contest saya..

    gud luck

  2. tq cz sudi join contest saya

    gud luck


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