Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lovebite & love note

I am not feeling well right now. This sore throat is killing me... and at times, I have runny nose too. When I went to the clinic last Tuesday, the Dr. was kind of aghast when I told her the symptoms.

Dr. : Really?
Me : But err.. Dr, I think the H1N1 thingy has subsided, no?
Dr. : It's not yet off completely. So, u better observe the symptoms.
Me : How long?
Dr. : In the next few days.
Me : Okay.

Then, MrHubby (as usual) demanded to check his BP.

Dr. : What's the last reading of ur BP?
Hubs: Pretty high. 145/90.
Dr. : Oh...that's high. U might have to be on medication.
Hubs: But it dropped after I went for cupping (bekam) before.
Dr. : U did?
Hubs: Yes. I went again yesterday, but this time it didn't seem to decrease.
Dr. :, that mark U have is due to cupping la ehh?

Me : Dr., u thought it's my lovebite ekk? Hehe
Dr. : That's why I didn't dare to say a word (*smiling*)
Me : Ishh...agak-agak le Dr. Kot ye pun lovebite, takkan bulat besar macam tu!

Speaking of bekam, actually I have been wanting to do it but never had the chance. And if I were to do it, I have to find a strategic spot on my head/body so it is not visible to others, and invite annoying statements from the curious.

Sad to say, most people (Muslims) nowadays are not aware that this method has been practised by Rasulullah SAW since long ago, called hijamah.

Yesterday, MrHubby packed my meds in the handbag, and he even reminded me to take it after breakfast and lunch.

Upon opening the med pack, I found this...

Isn't that sweet?

Thanks, Ayah. Ailapi....


  1. owh!! so sweet~~~ my hubby is not that sweet2 type..

  2. oouuuww sweet :D

    i pon nk try bekam..but hubby kate kene carik org bekam tuh pompuan...ishkkk susah betul...huhuh

    besarnyer lovebite u..hahahah

  3. hahaha besor gile love bite!

    awww..sweetnye..tinggalkan notes camtu!

  4. aww.. so sweet... :)

    pasal love bite, kalau ada sebesar tu, mesti pengsan org yg kene love bite tu hehehe..

  5. sianya hg.. rehat la byk²...

    mak ai.. agek² la lovebite sampai besar tuh..huhuh

  6. hubby aku bekam kat kepala!
    nasib baik die jenis suka botak...

  7. fizamior,
    kena ajar tu. u buat la benda2 mcm tu. biar dia terasa nape aku x buat utk bini aku ekk?

    kalo dpt tmpt nnt, bgtau ekk..nak gak try.hrp2 x mahal la.

    tu bukan gigit..tu kira tahap tokak dah tu.hahaha

    lady of leisure,
    mesti u bygkan i ada hantu raya utk gigit hubby kan? hihi

    kena kona baring buat pusingan tau kalo nak buat bulat mcm tu.

    mak aii..dah tu, nmpk la kat kepala botak dia tu kan?

    the rest of u...check this out....

    i have once written about surprise here. check it out...

  8. ish3x~ kalo camtu gayanya lovebite..dah macam 'dara'cula ang neh..ngeh3x;D kena la blajaq dgn ang kalo aku dah kawen nanti..muahaha..

  9. bettyone,
    hang tokak lagu tu masa 1st nite...the next day, terus jadi janda.


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