Monday, October 12, 2009

Standing tall

I am 165cm tall (5'4") and am very proud of my height.

Once ago, right before we stood next to each other to take a photo, Tan Sri Muhammad (Mat Taib) said to me "U are so tall! What's your height?"

Friends and students tend to complain on my height, esp when they stand next to me before the photo session.

But looking back at my wedding pix, I just cant believe how terrible I looked like...with that slender figure. If U think I am skinny, U should have seen me before I got married!

I just love my height, yet I wish I were taller (ye, saya tamak!).

Long legs or whatever long could it be, I don't bother... as long as I am tall. BTW, I have a long neck (leher jinjang, ok? bukan leher panjang ye?), so I wouldnt look like Jeslina Hashim when I wear turtlenecks. Hahaha.

And guess what? My several encounters with celebrities like Lisa Surihani, Annahita Bakavoli, Waheeda (just to name a few) left me with the thought "La...minah ni xde la tinggi sangat pun!".

Anyway, adding to the insatiable greed, I'd feel unhappy to see other women who are taller than me. I'd say to myself " come she is taller than me, eh?"

But at least, with the height I have now, people never called me a giraffe and I never found difficulties in finding boyfriends (then).

Last week, I had my height and weight measured. Being the health freak that I am (u're right!!!), what I got was...

Well, I believe most of u know about BMI, in which it is calculated by

BMI = Weight (kg) / [Height (m) x Height (m)]

Hence, I fall into the white category as shown below. Hahaha (let's laugh at me!).

That means I have to carry two sacks of 10kg Basmathi rice with me to get the ideal weight :P Okay, time to get pregnant (so I could gain 20kg). And after delivery, I don't have to bother to lose weight. Huahuahua...

MrHubby is the other way around. Hehehe. Err... any technology to suck the lipid and give it to me? (but I want them to be added not around my waist, eh?)

Somebody approached me last week to join the faculty's futsal team for the Bulan Kualiti, and I answered with a big laugh. Agak2 le, bang oiii. I am not that fit.

But still, I registered myself for a treasure hunt tomorrow. Wish me luck, okay?

I could smell some good news nearing. Hehehe. Wait until it is officially announced.


  1. ahaks! kita sama la!!! ai pon skang ni under weight tau..165cm + 50kg....tgh berusaha naikkan balik ni..atleast dpt 3 kg naik pon dah ok..

  2. farah,
    mari le kita pikul beras/tong gas masa nak timbang berat.hahaha.
    bape byk agaknye hantu raya yg kita bela ye? hahaha

  3. jelesnyer ngan orang2 yang tinggi2 only 160 & weight..he,he...mesti overweight kut!dah x mau timbang aa, nanti tensi, my only way to ensure maintain is by ensuring that i fit my old jeans yang dipakai masa single-mingle & slim dulu...ha, skarang boleh pakai lagi!ngee..

  4. dari dulu smpi skrg dok overweight jer..
    Jeles neh..

  5. alamak aii..sgt la cekeding hehhe..sbb u tinggi, lg la nampak cekeding....

    i ni kecik molek je org nya (hahah ye ke? dulu ye la..skang ni?)
    tinggi 153cm berat 46kg ( gulps! lg berat dr u la heheh )

  6. hmm, saya tak de lah rendang sangat rasanya..

    tapi, lepas dapat suami tinggi, terasa macam jadi 'rendang berbuah' pulak... huhu

  7. jeles jeles jeles!

    pssst: lisa surihani tu lg rendah drpd u ke isabelle? she looked really tall eh on tele? :P

  8. hahahs... i pon same.. tapi terlebih2 underweight....164+37kg selepas berpuasa.. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tolongggggg

  9. ohh..apakah berita gumbira itu berkaitan dgn tuan blog or org lain?

  10. haha sungguh xadil sape2 yg ckp saya kerempeng kan kan..

  11. wah2 kurusssnyerr underweg siap...hihihi larat laie dukung cikebum eh...

    preggie for 2nd eh...jengjengjeng

  12. hanz,
    kalo muat lg jeans dulu, kira selim-melim lg la tu. keep it up!

    jiey mien,
    iye la tu. u dont look like overweight.

    oi...cermin diri dulu oii. wekkk :P

    153cm & 46kg? i suppose BMI normal kan? hehehe.kira dah lawa tu.

    rendang yg berbuah yg mahal tuuu.kih kih kih.

    she's just average je kot. paling2 tinggi pun, same height as mine. tapi she's skinny.

    37kg?adakah itu hanya tulang dan kulit? hahaha. berat bersih tu.tanpa isi :P

    good news berkaitan tuan blog.hehe. tunggu ye.

    hahaha.very much in denial kan?

    not yet la, dear. xpe la.i need to mellow down the temper first.hehe

  13. hehhe BMI normal =)
    member ckp dh ok bdn mcm skang compared b4 kawen..
    tp biasa la manusia kan..xpenah puas dgn ape yg ada heheh
    target nk berat kena struggle sikit je la nk turunkan 2kg hehhe

  14. eliza,
    whoa...dah ngam2 tu. why would u wanna reduce to 44kg?


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