Friday, October 2, 2009

Mooo... Mbekkkk...

Growing up in an urban area means u might not have the chance to play in the mud, or even to see how farm animals look like in real life.

I myself am somehow grateful that I grew up in kampung, despite the fact that I hate how I was tortured to do stupid things under the burning sunlight... like weeding the grass, sweeping the lawn, and the most intolerable one is picking/isolating the tiny black pebbles from the white sandy yard (Giler ahhh...mak orang lain x pernah suruh buat macam ni!).

Anyway, those things also mean that my life was spent observing the environment, playing with sand, midget creatures in the soil, growth of plants that I am now a bit observant as compared to my students nowadays. Well, orang environment kan? Need I say more?

Cikebum, so far has been taught to distinguish farm animals like chicken. And to avoid confusion, I taught is "ayam chicken". I don't want him to wonder why is the chicken running on the ground is also called chicken in KFC?

Last raya, he was so excited running after a hen (I haven't taught him what is cock and hen, though) with her 4 little chicks, at MakNgah Nah's place.

One more thing, it's good that in MrHubby's kampung, the chance to see cows and goats is very high. Well, education is easier when u see it with your own eyes, right? Yet I find him sometimes confused between a cow and a goat.

He surely knows that cows "mooo...."
and goats "mbekkkkk..."

but after a while, he'd just go "mbekkkkk..." whenever he sees a cow, a goat, a buffalo and the like. Duh...

Okay, dear. The big one is a cow, and the small one is a goat.

That's a monkey. *chattering like a monkey*

...and that's a big lizard. Eeee....

Hmmm...what about u? Can your little ones distinguish cows and goats easily?


  1. my nephew "Maksu look at that kemmbengg" and pointed out pada lembu tepi jalan.

    *slaps forehead*

  2. nope not yet. altho aisyah likes to look at cats and dogs, baik yg real mahupon yg dlm TV. takut dia pikir cats = dogs je, kang nak gi usap dua2... aiyo! letih nak menyamak!

  3. haha..afif tak reti i selalu tunjukkan die cat ngan chicken sambil buat2 bunyikla..

  4. jiji,
    hahaha.lebih kurang adam je tu. anything with four legs are mbeeekkkk.

    i think it's pretty ez to distinguish the two. adam x pernah lg confuse cats n dogs. try la.

    aaa..betul tu. the learning process kena siap dgn sound effect. meow, quack, mooo, mbekkk, oink2, mcm2 la.

  5. my zarif blom penah tgk cow or goat in real.. hmm.. payah la nak jumpa kat kampung skang nih.. huhuh.. but for sure he knows which is cat which is dog now. tp tu la..nak kena ajar yang dog is not = to cat.. haha.. kalau idak jenuh parah nak menyamak gak..

  6. i_sofia,
    dont worry. they can surely tell, regardless of the breed. haha. kalo x jugak,standby sabun taharah la kat umah.

  7. kg p'na sib baik ada semua benda alah tuh.. so far oja dah bole beza la...

    ~tp tiap kali nampak lembu tepi jalan..semua dia kata "lembu oja".. kaya nya ko oja, lembu bersepah²...huhuh

  8. pna mama oja,
    kweng3X. oja jadi tokey lembu ka? kaya la mak hang oja oiii.
    mai la sedekah sekoq, nak buat akikah/korban.hehehe.

    sib baik dia ckp 'lembu oja'. kalo dia ckp terbalik, x ke naya? haha


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