Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mangsa Buli contest

Mommy Qastalani is organizing a Mangsa Buli Contest. Check out the link (u may simply click on the banner on the sidebar).

So, here's my entry...

The victim: Adam Cikebum
Age : 1 yr plus
"Mama, is this Pamela Anderson's bra?"

This pix was taken when Cikebum was so naughty playing with my bra with her cheeky face. saying "Tet-tekk...Bon-bon...Hehehe."

So, I put in on him and his excited face turned to wondrous amazement. Hahaha. Prolly he was thinking...why couldn't I find the bon-bon like Mama's :P

How to join?

1. Apart from having a blog and live in Malaysia, u should also become MoMMy Qastalani's follower.

2. Include MoMMy Qastalani in your Blog List.

3. Put up the banner on the sidebar and link it to this entry

4. Upload a photo. (the victim should be of a newborn age up to 7yrs only) and don't forget to state his/her name and age.

5. Write a special entry about the picture and leave a comment here with your name/email address.


  1. isabeelleeee tak baheeeekkkk tauuu!!!!!!! hes a boyy..hahahahhahaha sgt comeyyyy k...sgt membuli ni..penat tahan gelak k...cikebum sok beso untiee citer tauuu ...haha :p

  2. entry adalah lucah (ada ciri2 pornography).
    harap maklum.

    p/s: nasib kau la adam dpt mama camnih.. *sigh

  3. eiii tak mayu aaa cekibum ni..tu org pompuan je pakai tau!hahaha

  4. alaaa... xleh join...

    btw, if adam pki bra, aisyah plak amik spender ayah sangkut kat leher mcm apron. fashoniste sungguh!

  5. iEfa,
    hehehe. bila lg nak buli. jgn sok2 masa tetamu dtg, dia gi amik sangkut kat badan/leher dgn gah nye sudahhh...

    eleh..jeles la tu :P

    agaknye, xdpt bon2.dpt imagine ada bon2 pun jadik la. haha

    yes, very the fashionista. adam prnh gak sangkut my bra kat leher sambil menari2. ohhh anakku.

  6. alahai anak... mak hang dah buat naya kat hang... nanti makngah babap ontot mama k!

  7. eh sat.. awat aku nampak CUB tut.. besau satu mcm.. pinjam org punya ek?

  8. is@r,
    adam dah pandai ckp
    "eee..yek, bontot busuk!"

    wei,apa pinjam org punya pulak? makngah ni xleh terima kenyataan yg mama adam dah 'maju ke depan' la tu. hahaha

  9. apa? statement baru "ek ye bontot busuk" hang ni betoi la boleh kwn ngan abg iman.

  10. terima kasih join mangsa buli contest ye. tunggu result nnt


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