Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raya and mengupang mussels

On the 2nd day of Raya, we went to Midi's and Ijat's (MrHubby's childhood friends) house which is just a call away.

Us before leaving.

At Ijat's, while the bapak-bapak budaks were chitchatting...

my Cikebum enjoyed playing with the toy gun.
'Bimbak!!! Bimbak!!!'
in the Kurta, does he look like Taliban or what? Haha.

Midi's little girl, Alya pun mengganaz x hengat

Back home, while I was bz in the kitchen... (no wonder it was so quiet)

One of his leg was already off the bed, yet still he slept soundly.

Then, after the heavy rain stopped, MIL, K.Mie's & Abg Sham's family and ours went to the nearby beach to collect mussels.

Kupang wei...I loike!!!

MrHubby's earning in the pail

This was my first mussel that I painstakingly ripped off the rock, while carrying Adam in my arms (he refused to stand in the mud, geli kot!)

However before we left, I managed to make him touch the muddy beach sand. How? Easy-peasy.

I just have to draw an Ultraman or Thomas, and he excitedly started pointing at them. Belajar-belajar le, anak oiii...Mama & Ayah kan orang environment-jgn kasi malu maaa....

...and the total of mussels collected on that day (of about 1-2hours) was about 10kg!!! And I was so happy treating my gluttony on seafood. Hehehe.

MIL cleaning the mussels prior to boiling them.

Cikebum also showered with a mussel.
He loves showering at the backyard where we do all the dish-washing bcoz he could scoop water to and fro the big basin using that yellow kole.

Hmmm... now I can't wait for musim ketam. Nyum nyum...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29th Ramadhan & 1 Syawal

Whew! After a very looongggg Raya break and disconnected from the blogsphere, today is the day that I post an entry about my Raya @Endau (MrHubby's hometown).

We went back a day before Raya to make others wait for us... Hahaha.Melampau x? No la, actually, it's sorta hard to lend a hand with Li'l Cikebum around. Plus, we had to tidy up the home & do the thing I hate most -packing (and unpacking)!

29th Ramadhan

Anyway, we made a move after sahur and after a slight delay due to the problem with power steering belt, we managed to arrive safely by 11am.

Upon arrival, MIL was busy weaving the sarung ketupat, with her fav granddaughters. As I could only weave a mat, I just leave it to the experts.

Every year, there should be about 100 ketupats!!! This time, we only managed to prepare 87, but I suppose that's a lot already.

Then, I helped MIL filling in the sarung ketupat. This has to be carefully done, to avoid being blamed if the ketupats did not turned out well.

Ultraman pun sibuk nak enterframe.

Later that afternoon, everybody was busy processing the ayam kampungs for rendang. 7 birds maaa....

And it was my first time processing it. All these while, I just buy the togel-ed chicken from the market. Cumbersome ooo to pluck all the feathers. Tak sampai hati pun ada.

Speaking of bulu, that nite we tried some kuih raya brought by all siblings.
As we tried this kuih...

we burst into laughter when MIL asked "Why are u guys calling it kuih bulu?"

Hahaha. Actually, we were talking about bulu-berry tart. Hahaha.

1st Syawal

The ketupats are ready.

so is the rendang, and peanut sauce.

There were also telur pindang, but this one is the 'telur bakar.'
Actually, it's hard boiled eggs, over-boiled until the water dried. Hahaha.

Us: the PapaBeaR, BabyBeaR and MamaBeaR.

KakNgah. Wah...dah pandai melawa!!!

Kak Mie's family during the salam-salam session.

Aiii...nak show off angpau je lebih!!!
Like father, like son?
Or like mother, like son?

The whole Manan's clan.

Haziq tgh bz bergambar, dia berak ke hapa nih?

The first family-Kak Zie & Ang Ipin.
Abg Ipin is the biras I respect most.

The 2nd family - Kak Ta & Abg Muz.
...whose Angah is the fav grandchild.

The 3rd family- Abg Sham & Kak Nor.
I still fail to distinguish Along & Angah after 3 years. So I call them both "Abang." Hahaha

The 4th family - Kak Mie & Abg Kamil.
It's easy to crack a joke with Abg Kamil as he's a cartoonist (Sagu).

Last but not least... our family in grey.

Before we went out, we had a cake cutting for Cikebum's birthday. He was so excited upon seeing his fav superhero on the cake. Thanks, MamaPasha, u did a marvellous job!

Cikebum's cousin was jealous and she demanded a similar cake for her birthday. Hahaha. Kes naya je!

As usual, Ayah & Mama 'had to be' in the pix as well :P

Cikebum enjoying his cake. Sehingga menjilat sudu!

Then, off we went to the graveyard to offer prayers to the late grandparents and great grandparents... where we still (rudely) made fun of the Ibu Mertuaku's scene "Sudara, kenapa sudara menangis di kubur ibu saya?"

Sempat lagi buat lawak bodoh.

And after that we started visiting relatives. I was so excited bcoz it was my first time, but before anything, I was tired and start asking "How many houses left to visit?"

Gosh! It was really exhausting.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cikebum's birthday (Part I)

One day before his 2nd birthday, I sent the cake to the nursery (together with the baker, MamaPasha)... so Cikebum could celebrate it with his friends.

I love this pix very much. Cikebum's glowing face tells it all.

Upon arrival, the kids surrounded us, wondering why was I there early... and their wondrous face like praying "Is this balloon for me?" Hehehe. Well, u know la muka budak2 kan?

So, after giving them the the balloon and goodie bags...they went mad hammering each other.

Pasha was in his own world playing with toys.

So was Cikebum, blowing the whistling bird that he found in the goodie bag.

... until he found the Ultraman toy box.
that he ignored other things ( son is so obsessed with Ultraman!!!)

Farah : Aunty, can u pls open this for me? I want the candies in it.
Me : Okay, gimme a kiss first.

Some of the kids even addressed me & MamaPasha as "kakak". Fuiyooo!!! Muda tuuuu... Tak hengat!!! :P

When I took out the cake, the kids seemed so amazed and stunned by the colourful image and artistic decoration of Cikebum pointing at Thomas.

So, everybody gathered around and Cikebum patiently waited for the candles to be lit.

Pasha- belum apa2 dah kena icing kat baju. Hahaha.

So, we sang the typical birthday song... and Cikebum tried hard to blow the candles, assisted by Pasha. Sampai kembung-kembung pipi.

And the cake was cut for the kids to enjoy. Mak hanya telan air liur sebab posa. Huhu.

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