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Who loves cats? Put up your hands!





Whoa... quite a number, eh?

Unfortunately I am the one who is a bit reluctant to raise up mine. I love cuddly animals, and I even have the dream to snuggle a bear... but I am ailurophobic. In other words, I have fear of cats. Not a morbid one, but am just plain scared.

It's such a shame, as our Prophet (PBUH) as well as Abu Hurairah (r.a) enjoyed the presence of cats very much.

My fear started long, long ago.

In the primary school, when there's a cat sneaking into the classroom, I'd put my feet up on the chair.

When I went to Najah's place, her cats jumped onto my lap, and I jumped in shock, horrified. I suppose it's the paws that I'm scared off.

I'm terrified if the cats scratch me. Perhaps, I wouldn't bleed till death and some more, my threshold level is high... I can stand the most painful pain of all, but not an excoriation caused by a cuddly pet. What a shame!

Li'l Cikebum is not that ailurophobic. He's alrite with the meowy animal. Just look at these piccas...

I had an evil experience following Mak to throw some kittens by the roadside once ago (I was still a li'l girl by then). She hates cats very much, hence when there were a few newly born kittens in our store room, she put 'em all in a sack and asked me to accompany her about 300m from our house.

The next day, I passed by that area and discovered that some of 'em were dead. Prolly someone who didn't know what's inside just drove over the sack. I still feel guilty until today.

Hadith - Bukhari 3:553, Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar.
Rasulullah said, "A woman was tortured and was put in Hell because of a cat which she had kept locked till it died of hunger. Allah said (to the woman), 'You neither fed it nor watered when you locked it up, nor did you set it free to eat the insects of the earth.' "

Waaa.... :'( May Allah forgive me for what I did.

Few months ago, I saw a kitten trying to cross the road and a car hit it...and it lied there shivering to death. Few seconds earlier, MrHubby tried to tell the driver (by honking) but it was too late. The kitten was too little to be noticeable... Sob sob...

On a lighter note, until today... I still keep some fear for cats, but not as bad as it used to be. I can pat its back, but only God knows how my heart beats so fast!


  1. baru je buat thread ni kat gara2 tensen dengan putera katak..

    kalau is dtg rumah mertua saya sekarang, mesti tensen.. sebab penuh dengan kucing... hehehe...

  2. hahhaa..sama dgn sepupu hubby la u ni! 'menikus' kalau kucing dtg.. seronok mengusik.

    Aliah and i tak takut..rumah MIL byk kucing,sampai Aliah selalu buat kwn 'bercakap'! Dia juga pandai bg kucing tu mkn....

  3. muka Li'l Cikebum macam muka awak le...sejuk muka bb boy macam muka mak dia..:)

  4. i suka kucing tp tak suka nak pegang sbb bulu2 die nnt melekat.

  5. aku pun pernah tgk anak kucing kene lenyek dgn tayar kereta kat tgh jalan, tak sampai hati kesian kucing tu, tapi mungkin kucing tu kecik sgt sampai pemandu tak nampak, i suka kucing tapi malas nak jaga, main jek pandai...

  6. I LOVE CATS!!!

    tapi ade allergic...haha....

  7. Thats why i named my blog "kokokularigagahberani"...
    Only we knew how much do we hate kitten / aku dah syg kucing aku sj la...hehehe!

  8. cats i can stand. it's dogs that i am scared of. sbnarnya bkn scared, tp dah mcm jd habit plak bila ada je panic2. dah la kat plymouth ni mcm semua org je bela anjing. bila kita ngelak2, diaorg kecik ati lg, ingt kita chop anjing dia jahat.

    'he's not going to bite you. he's a good dog,' kata diorg.

    ye... tahu... bab menyamak yg x rajin tuh huhu...

    dlm takut2 pon, dah kena sondol dgn anjing dah skali ari tu masa beratur dpn ATM. ini kes tuan dia terlepas tali sbb nak tolak stroller lg, nyembang nagn member lg. adoi la...

    anyway, Aisyah je la x takut, sbb dia x paham apa2... hihi... so far x pernah main dgn kucing lg mcm adam. tgk la nnt camne reaksi dia hehe...

  9. sya,
    huk huk. takutnye nak p umah yassir...waaa!!
    eh..ada putera katak ye?

    hehe.malu i kat aliah :P
    dulu adik2 kwn i selalu sakat i dgn kucing.apa lagi? menjerit2 la smpi bising 1 rumah. yg bestnya, diorg kena mrh dgn mama diorg. huahuahua

    ibu zulfaqar rayyan,
    anak mama betul nih. masa lahir dulu, ramai kata mcm muka ayah dia. my MIL smpi sibuk2 nak buat itu ini sbb percaya x elok babyboy muka sama dgn ayahnye. huh! khurafat sungguh.

    i sanggup belai2 yg bulu melekat tu, sbb jenis kucing mcm tu yg dok diam. kalo yg bulu x melekat, nnt dia lincah...lompat sana sini. melatah i nanti!

    ko pandai main? oops! main kucing ye? hehehe >:)

    kay dee,
    hello dear.
    kesiannya suka tapi allergic.

    koko tu aku cuak2 gak sbnrnya, tapi xpa.kalo dia cakaq aku, aku saman hang.hohoho.

    when i was in OZ, i got the idea to use the excuse "sorry, i am allergic to dogs fur". that way, the dog owners wouldnt feel insulted, tp dia cpt2 tarik dog dia sbb 'kesian' kat kita.hehe.
    try la bagi aisyah main kucing.she'll love it! jgn smpi dia jadi mcm i. huhu

  10. adam cikebum...adam suka cat ye...nanti balik dok ngan makngah k.
    coco xberani nak cakaq hang aih.

  11. is@r,
    kalo koko cakaq adam, kita bwk balik dia...rebus buat sup.muahahaha


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