Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dancing to Thomas's tune

What is the miracle that Thomas (the Tank Engine) have? It's hard to tell, but obviously Cikebum was very happy when he found a Thomas book, esp the one with buttons that have sounds when preseed.

Enjoy these movies of Cikebum & Pasha shaking their stuff between the shelves in the SACC Mall's MPH. I didn't buy that boook, though... as I think I better buy something else for him with RM84.90 :P

And this one is the 'objective evidence' of Pasha unwilling to share the book with Cikebum. Hahaha.

Cake, anyone?

Having a cake for your kid’s birthday is definitely a must, as it's gonna be the centre of attraction. For me, I have a dream of baking, or at least decorating my kid's cake on my own rather than the normal practice of buying a cake from the bakery or ordering one of those homemade ones.

It's just a dream. It might not be a grandeur cake, but I realize that I am a bit of-Bree-van-de-Kamp in terms of making it perfect. Whoa! This is too much. Ohh..ok...perhaps, I am not up to that extent. But enough said that I fear if things do not turn out as expected. Well, for an amateur like me I can never expect my sculpturing skills could save a badly decorated cake. Hence, worse come to worse, I have set Plan B-- to be kept a secret until the birthday. Hehehe.

I have always disliked when I bought a cake, the name of the birthday boy's/girl's was written with a bad handwriting. Yikes! Annoying tau!
Hmm... it's becoming obvious now. Okay, I am amongst those who try to make it look very professional and perfect. I don't see the beauty of the imperfect in this case.

Therefore, I had a cake baking... ooops! cake decorating project with Mama Pasha. It was planned to be on Friday, instead we did it a day earlier bcoz we were too excited! Hahaha.

So, let the pix tell the story...

Oh yes... we didn't bake our own cake, as we are not ready to be upset with the outcome :P

I guess, the coming anniversary, I'd get a mixer. So, I better buy one beforehand, so I can demand for something else from MrHubby >:)

Ayo, Mama Pasha!

This was the hardest part- covering the cake with buttercream and at the same time to smoothen the surface.

Fokus, Mama Pasha. Biar anak2 berantam dulu, yang pasti kue nya harus seru...Qeqeqeqe

And the results of the hardwork...


The first attempt that I consider I could still be proud of!

and Mama Pasha's cake...Kok mataharinya deket bgt ama kucingnya. Padang Mahsyar kali... :P

Another pride besides the cake, the notty sons :P

What I learnt from the session was the two prerequisites for decorating a beautiful cake is time and patience. Well, as some of u know... I hardly possess the latter trait. However, when time is the factor, you definitely can't rush...and I was lucky enough to have ample time for the first try.

Sorry, MrHubby for fetching u late from the office :P But I tell u what, he was surprised to see that it was ready one day earlier than planned. The funny turn-off was when he asked "Kek nye Mama beli ye?" which means he was expecting that I bake a cake as well. Hihihi...

Being a neophyte baker..oops! decorater, there was no way I could have made it perfect. But the smiles on these face is simply worthy!

When my kids are bigger, I'd love to rope them in and decorate the cake together, bcoz I believe it's gonna be a wonderful opportunity to bond with 'em. I could imagine the fun of doing it together, and the cute cake would surely touch my heart.

Hmm... sambung le berangan, Isabelle! :P

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cikebum the Toddler Supermodel?

This is a reply to the calling for a contest held by Mama Aqish.

  1. The 1st thing to do is put up the above banner, add her link in your bloglist/blogroll and become her follower.
  2. Pls note that this contest is open to all toddlers of 2-4 yrs old.
  3. 2 winners from each category will be chosen (the decision is final - though not mentioned by Mama Aqish)
  4. Upload 3 pics of your toddler, posing as a model for kid's apparel (of any brands)
  5. Answer her two questions
  6. When it's done, leave a link in her entry on this contest, together with your & your kid's name.
Good luck to all! And friends, don't forget to vote for my Cikebum Zuhair Fabregas Tapioca!

Well, supermodels are not supposed to smile, actually. So, here's a pose with a serious face.

Oh... perhaps for kiddies, they demand a smiling face.
Isn't he a blue-chip model with that va-va voom personality?

The model strutting on the catwalk for a fashion show.
Whoa! Can be a runway model, ay?

Here's another one, of a sophisticated supermodel. i-Phone TVCommercial, perhaps? :P

To answer Mama Aqish's questions...

1) Why I like to read her blog?

Hmmm... let's see.

As mothers, we share similarities when it comes to raising up kids. It's nice to read about other's life, especially when there are funny encounters with kid's development along the way. Motherhood is tiring, but enjoyable! ;)

2) Why my Cikebum should be crowned as the Toddler Supermodel?

Supermodel, from my point of view is not merely the looks they have, the clothes they wear but also the way they style it and the attitude they have. And I believe My Cikebum has it.

He is also bubbly and cheeky - as portrayed in the pix. Very warm and friendly.

Well, if not for those reasons, maybe he should get the title simply bcoz he is MY toddler.

Vote for me, please...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Get A Massage from A Husband Late at Nite

Step 1
Make sure you and your spouse tapao some food after a long tiring day at work.Have an early dinner, together with your little munchkin (if any). This is good for those on diet, but please make sure there is no hungry/poor people in the neighbourhood so you do not sleep in kekufuran.

Step 2
Take a long hot shower and let him go off to the mosque, while you stay at home pampering the munchkin or simply rubbing your full belly on the bed.

Step 3
Watch America's Funniest Videos & UK Gags and share laughter with him & the munchkin. Tickle the munchkin and 'Yay!' with him when he dropped the bowling pins in the iPod, then he'll get tired easily and start searching for his bonbon.

Step 4
Get an early sleep but make sure u set the alarm to wake up for the Desperate Housewives. Else, you'll wake up cursing yourself for being a sleepyhead) and Astro/8TV for airing the series very late (if 10.30 pm is considered late, that is).

Step 5
Whether or not the alarm rings, wake him up from his sound sleep to watch it together. However, this is ONLY applicable if you have made him interested in the series. Otherwise, just skip this step to save your marriage.
Sign of his interest is like when he asks what happened to Tom, what Gaby did, did Susan do anything stupid this time?

Step 6
Reheat the Dunkin Donuts in the fridge and bring it to the room with a big mug of cold water (this could also be done in between commercial breaks). Let him pick the flavour he prefers, although you have to end up with a Colgate-like-minty donut. (Bear in mind, it's an investment!). If he doesn't like the sweet toppings/icing, tolerate! Just eat it. That much icing wouldn't put extra inches around your weight, anyway!

Step 7
Snuggle cozily under his armpit and talk sweet nothings. The rest is up to you :P Do not take too long for this step as the nasal-voice Fran Drescher would never wait for you when it's time.

Step 8
Watch the rerun of The Nanny back-to-back and he will go downstairs to get some apples and drinks for the two of you.

Step 9
By the time the series finished, the eyelids would be heavy enough regardless of whatever CSI is on the telly. Say goodnite to each other, but in the darkness...toss and turn.
If it doesn't work, keep talking about what to cook this weekend, how good the munchkin has been, what you plan for tomorrow, etc.

Step 10
He will eventually wakes up and get the massage oil to rub your back. Hehehe. But don't forget to compliment him with hugs & kisses.

p/s: Thank you, Yone... for the donuts. Next time, don't be overwhelmed by the toppings. Bring me the ones with fillings, eh? Hihihi :P

Monday, May 25, 2009

Uber amazing blog!

1. Copy this award and put it in your blog

2. State 5 interesting facts about the one who gave u the award:

p/s: Thanks, Sya!

a: She is actually the wife of my ex-boyfriend. Hahaha.
b: Never thought that we could clique this well
c: Very fond of her little Darwisy
d: She's into blogging, just like me!
e: A loving partner, and a good teacher

3. Then, state 10 facts/hobbies of yours before picking the next award nominees

a: A lunatic even during lectures
b: Always young at heart (ya...silakan muntah hijau, anak-anak)
c: A notty and pervert wife... Hehehe >:)
d:Never been emotionally close to her mom
e: The most outspoken one in the family (sorry! Just bear with it)
f: Loves her Cikebum to the extent she never imagined
g: Sentimental yet temperamental
h: Likes styling her scarves/shawls that brought compliments & annoyance to her.
i: Warm... make new friends easily
j: Dah warm, musti la... Hot!!! Hahaha (very the perasan!)

4. Choose 10 nominees for this award and describe them.

a: Belladonna (an artistic homemaker who is actually more than that)
b: Miss Bettyone (an actress in-the-making. Hehe)
c: Mama Pasha (temen yang aku kenal dari suaminya. Bakal jadi baking partner ku!)
d: Mama Asrar (a preggy friend in UK, whose son is about Cikebum's age)
e: Kak Tijah (a great story-teller with interesting topics)
f: Kizzy (cute! yet still clueless about her dream life)
g: Oyis (a new mate- doing her PhD in UK)
h: Adihana (my ex-student who is just about my age. Yes, truth hurts, Adi. Haha)
i: Telokicap (cikgu comel who likes to lempang her students. Garangnye, wei!)
j: Fath (a stunner, who loves to pose-just like me (i mean, the latter statement)

Rindu serindu-rindunyaaa... ♫ ♪

Do u watch Jangan Lupa Lirik Season 2 last nite? It is a local version of a popular game show, adapted from the USA's Don't Forget the Lyrics, aired on Saturday & Sunday nites @ Astro Ria.

For this new season, the guy last nite named Elle (or-so to spell it) was the second contestant after Seri who grabbed home a good RM25K.

Unlike Seri, this guy really sucks! C'mon man... he's not even manly enuff! MrHubby who was at home (unlike the usual Sunday nites) asked me what's wrong with this guy? And after I went downstairs to get some stuff for Adam and back into the room, he said...
"Ohh... ponen rupanya!" (u'll know the meaning if u r a Penangite/Kedahan).

It really pissed us off listening to his tone-deaf voice. Well I know this show doesn't require the contestants to have a good voice, but at least make sure u know the tempo la, man! Don't ask me why I watched the show instead. It's merely bcoz I like light programs that could tickle my funnybones without being annoyed.

Mr Hubby : Ishh... mamat nih. If I bumped into him, I'll just knock him down with the car.
Moi : *chuckled*
MrHubby : He said he's a govt servant in Putrajaya. If I were the interviewer, I'd never employ him. Irritating!
Moi : Aaaa? Govt servant???

Just imagine... he just sang Istana Menanti (by Rahim Maarof), Rindu Serindu-rindunya (by Spoon) and Kasih Ibu (by Burn), but by the second song, he has already used up all his assistance (talian nyawa).

Ahhh... Speaking about Rindu Serindu-Rindunya, that song was a hit back in late 90's, where it was on everybody's lips and Spoon's vocalist, Along was the I'd-die-for-u bloke. That song was aired on the radio for numerous times per day, not to mention the publicities that skyrocketed the band's popularity.

Bid was one of his die-hard fan. She bought the album and played the song again and again with the CD player at home... until her (late) mom threatened, "If I hear the song again, I'd break and throw the CD away!!!" :P

Later in early 2000, the nation was stormed with a sensational murder case (besides Mona Fandey's) when the police found a decomposed body in a sack in a ravine in Jelebu, and the DNA test confirmed it was Along! It was believed to be a case of the jealous husband.

Today, Bid is a different person. Yet I like teasing her whether or not she still drools for that guy. So, Bid...are u still into him? Heee heee...the voice will haunt u if u do!

Back to the Jangan Lupa Lirik thingy, I think prolly TV producers should consider bringing in educational gameshows that focus on knowledge rather than pure entertainment. Y'know, the ones like “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" which is more entertaining and less dilly-dallying of the answers giben by the participants!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My best friend's wedding

No... I'm not gonna talk about Julia Roberts' movie. It's about Rebecca's wedding, with Hank in Taiwan, since I'm still in the mood of reminiscing the days with my old friends...

Apart from getting email replies from Roy & Steve, I also managed to get in touch with Rebecca. We chat about many things. It was like yesterday that she moaned and complained childishly about her love life.

Before Rebecca left BNE for good, she gave me & Kelly a lucky charm made of rose quartz. It was said to bring good luck in love.

Soon after, Kelly got a new boyfriend (Wayne, whom she's gonna marry this Nov.) and I was the steady one with happily-ever-after stories when it comes to love (after series of idiots I loved). Oops!

Meanwhile, Rebecca was still single that we teased her to get one rose quartz lucky charm for herself. Hmmm...perhaps she really did!

Congratulations, babe! May u have a blissful and contented life... with cute little juniors! *wink*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tok Imam & Cik Ciko

I got this from my Acik in my email...

Di sebuah kampung, ada 3 org remaja yg suka lepak. Sorang tu nama dia Ali,sorang tu Budin dan sorang lagi Ciko.. Aktiviti seharian depa ni menyebabkan tok imam tak senang duduk. Pd satu hari tok imam tu datang dengan niat nak tarbiyah depa ni.

Maka berlakulah beberapa insiden cabar-mencabar. Tok imam tu cabar si mangkuk 3 ekor tu ke surau waktu Maghrib nanti.

Si Ali pun berkata, "Tok imam ingat kami ni jahil sangat ke? Takpa, nanti kami buktikan yang kami bukan la jahil sangat seperti yang disangkakan" .

Maka apabila hampir masuk waktu Maghrib pegilah malaun 3 ekor tu ke surau.

Tok imam pun suruh Ali azan.. Tanpa berlengah terus je Ali azan, "Allah Ta'ala... Allah Ta'ala..." Dengan segera tok imam merampas mikrofon drp Ali & menyuruh tok bilal azan semula. Terselah kejahilan Ali.

Selepas iqamat, masa nak sembahyang tok imam pun mengangkat takbiratul ihram. Tok imam pun satu hal, angkat sekali x khusyuk, angkat 2x pun x khusyuk jugak lagi.

Masuk je kali ketiga, Budin panggil tok imam. "Tok, tok duduk kat belakang, biar saya jadi imam." Tok imam pun undur le ke belakang.

Budin pun angkat le takbiratul ihram. "Allahu akbar!" Maka para makmum pun ikut angkat takbiratul ihram & memulakan solat. Tiba2 je si Budin ni pusing ke belakang dan berkata, "Aa, tengok! Sekali jee tokkkk!!"

Lalu batallah solat Budin. Yg lain2 pun ikut berenti sambil ketawa terbahak-bahak..

Tok imam pun mintak pulak si Ciko jadi imam. Si Ciko pun terus ke depan jadi imam solat tersebut bermula dari takbir sampai le habis sembahyang. Siap dgn wirid2nya sekali. Punyalah respek tok imam kat si Ciko niii...

Lepas solat, tok imam pun puji-memuji leee si Ciko ni... Tapi dgn bongkaknye si Ciko berkata,

"He hee, itu belum ambil wuduk lagi tu.Kalau tak, lagi dassat aku semayang tok!!!! He heee..."

Tok imam pun terkedu & terpana...

Moralnye : Jangan lupa ambil wuduk sebelum solat, hormati org lebih tua & berpengalaman!!!

p/s: Jangan ada pulak yang nak tarbiyah aku sebab x mention nama watak tu bukan nama sebenar, etc.

Sharing with housemates

The memories are pressed between pages of my mind
sweetened through the ages just like wine
Precious memories...
All I have now are memories...

While flipping thru the folders in My Pix folder, I suddenly yearn for those younger days (like I am very ancient now!). To be accurate, I miss the housemates I had at 10, Twelfth Avenue, St. Lucia.

These are the people... (p/s: Please excuse the jahiliah image) :P

Thao (Vietnam), me, Kelly (Korea), Rebecca (Taiwan), Inten (Indonesia), the I-forgot-her-name Thai girl, Roy and his wife Enneth (Vanuatu).

We were having fun during a so-called International Dinner. Anna & Fritz has gone back to Philippines for good by that time (Hey, Anna... care to send me some pix of us?)

When Rebecca left, Kelly & I were so sad. But we had Benson (u r blur, man!), Suguru (the Japanese who only confessed that he's actually a Korean the day he was leaving!), Chris (the Korean next to me).. and still we had the dad/mom of the home.

The one not in sight was Inten, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, it was just one lazy afternoon I spent with Kelly at the balcony, enjoying an apple pie and blowing the bubbles .

The house got another bloke somewhere that spring, Steve. Us, waiting at the bus stop, going to the city. Ngomong-ngomong, kamu udah menikah belum ya, Steve?

Then, people went back for good to where they came from... and the household was comprised of Jeremy (far left), another-sorry-whats-your-name-again girl (in orange), and the weirdo Alex (the one with moustache, a Russian). Hehehe.

Hey, guys! Don't u remember how we made evil plans to evict him out of the harmonious home, but it didn't work? He was a plain nitwit, and made me lost my temper several times!

Later, a big reshuffling took place... and we had Joy (a Filipino, far right) who somehow brought joy, just like her name) to the domicile.
Ingat nggak Inten, kita panggil dia Kepiting, gara-gara dia suka banget nyebut Holy Crap! Hahaha.

And Bray... eventually became my housemate. An Aussie who could stand spicy food, more than Fiza could. Hey, mind u... he could make buah melaka after I taught him!
This pix was taken the day Bray & Inten finished their exams (I didn't sit for any papers)... and I demanded a char koay teow, which tasted far like one. Duhhh!!!

At once, I also had another Malaysian in the residence, Ben.
Hahaha. At least, Bray couldn't complain when he heard me mumbling something in Malay anymore, bcoz there's someone who understand what was I saying ;)

And not-to-forget, another geezer from Germany, Henning.

This pix was taken just before the daddy/mommy went back to Vanuatu. I just watched the video, of his last words...
"Is & Inten... U are like daughters to us. The daughters we never had."

And we laughed like crazy :P

These are the people who agreed to have me in that house (it's more than just a house, actually). They are the most wonderful landladies I ever had... Barbie (German)

and Inga (Finnish) -with her darling chubby mollycoddle, Jacob.

And these China-origin girls were the last housemates I had before I started sharing a house with a man... MrHubby that is!
This pix was taken before I left the Downunder for good, hence the sememeh face. I was so sad, that Bray was so nice to make me a cuppa. Thanks, mate!

Oh, no! When can I see u again, friends? I miss u all...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That love feeding

Justify FullWhen I was pregnant, I made a wish to breastfeed my baby exclusively. I know, some moms out there refuse to do so with so many lame excuses (that they believe the breasts will sag, they need to go back to work, etc.)

As for me, the decision hasn't been an easy one. MIL and SILs have the idea that most formula milk are better as they contain DHA, vitamins, probiotics and whatnot. I am not against the facts, nor that I disrespect the advices of the seasoned breeders, but the decision to breastfeed or not to breastfeed is a personal decision. Whatever I do today will definitely affect myself and my darling Cikebum, hence should not be done lightly.

I had to 'show' them that I am comfortable with the decisions I made. I could never complain, as if it was a burden. Well, u know... expressing the milk at work, storing, handling, defrosting, yada yada... is not a piece of cake.

I also had difficulties when last year I had to attend a fortnight course away from home. I had to use the public freezer (with permission) to store the expressed milk and MrHubby had to travel a total of 3 hours (to and fro) to collect 'em when there was no more space in the freezer. Not to mention that emotional attachment I developed with the little munchkin.

To avoid these elderlies from making a fuss, MrHubby and I even claimed that I sometimes gave formula too and once when we went back to his hometown, we purposely bought a tin of formula (just to show them that we REALLY did so). The trick didn't work, though... when Cikebum's cries could only be soothed by the things that only his Mama has. Kantoi! :P

Breastfeeding has excused me from waking up in the middle of the night to boil water, prepare the milk and headache of checking for the right temperature before handing it to Cikebum. Breastfeeding has also rescued me from spending a lot for pricey infant formulas. Until today, I can count how many times have I queued up at the counter to pay for formulas.

Despite my determination, I actually wish to continue breastfeeding only until Cikebum turns two. He is now 18 months, this means I have another 4 months to pamper him with his fav bonbons.

Now I have started to think of the ways to stop him from being addicted to it. Well, just preparing myself, just in case if he refuses to co-operate when the time comes.

I have heard and read about the use of soy sauce, tomato ketchup, red colouring (for syrup).. to scare the toddlers with the weird/yucky colours. Some even use the weird taste of tamarind, garlic, henna (inai) and Japanese wasabe to stop the craving. Some worked, some did not.

I am afraid if he cries at night but I had to hold myself from comforting him with bonbons while I so want to give 'em to him. It must be very difficult. Gosh!

Does anyone have any tips on how to start this process?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthdays in May

May is here again... which means birthdays of many people I know are here again.

Last 14th was Along's (my eldest sister).

15th was Tok's.

17th (yesterday) was Kemal's (Along's son).

18th (today) is Aida's (Along's daughter) and Mak's.

19th is Intan's (menantu kesayangan mak..hahaha)

I remember when Along was very pregnant (of Aida, her eldest). I was in the boarding school by then.

That night, I called her (she was at her MIL's place) and we chitchat about her expected delivery date.
And I teased her..."What if u gave birth on the same day as Mak's birthday?"
She laughed, refused to admit that it was possible.

Few days later, when I called... her SIL told me..."She has safely delivered a beautiful baby girl yesterday."
And that yesterday was 'the day' I teased her about. So, Aida now shares the same birthdate with her grandma.

The same goes to her second baby... Luckily, he was born a day earlier. Hmmm...maybe Along has put so much effort so the thing would not happen again! Hahaha.

When Acik got married to Intan... the playful and malicious harrassment started again.

So, Intan... This year, double celebration, eh? Hihihi

End of this month is Dian's birthday. I am thinking of throwing a party... eh... maybe just a makan-makan, as we have never celebrated it together, despite being good friends.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Mentang-mentang la tengah glamour, dia buat special appearance pulak!

Earlier this afternoon, on our way back home from the DOE Selangor sports... suddenly the traffic flow slowed down...
MrHubby : Eh... b*bi la!
Moi : What? Where?
MrHubby : There... over there.
Moi : *jaw-dropped*

Yes, a wild boar just crossed the road from Section 8 area to Section 7 (fasa orang kaya). Where the hell did it come from?

No wonder the lorry, cars, plus a patrol car in front of us also slowed down and stopped out of the blue. Polis pun respek kat binatang tu... Hehehe :P

Luckily no one knocked it down with the car. Otherwise, he/she would have to repair the dents (bukan boleh claim kat haiwan tu pun)... and have to samak some more. Suwey betul!

Looking at this pix reminds me of the pink piggy bank I got from ANZ when I opened a bank account there. Then, I gave it away to Wan Sham... in spite of its cuteness. Eee... tak sanggup nak simpan!

Samak is to cleanse the filth (mughallazah) by washing the affected area 7 times; one which with water mixed with earth ( soil or sand ), and 6 with clean running water to ensure taharah or purification.

Tribute to my teachers

It has been more than a decade I left my alma mater. Today, as we are celebrating Teacher's Day again, it rekindles many nostalgic memories of those innocent days.

Throughout the twelve years (aged 6 to 17), I was under the wings of various types of teachers of three schools (and a kindy). Alhamdulillah, most teachers I know are the committed type.

My first teacher (in kindy) was Cikgu Rohani. A teacher who noticed and acknowledged my potential. I could tell that she's very proud of me, who could read/write BM, English & Jawi, sing (like a frog) and lead the others at my age. Those days, u wouldn't need both hands to count the number of that kinda students. Nowadays, I reckon...u'd need both hands, both feet, and borrow other people's hands/feet to count the number of such students.

Unfortunately, I don't have any of her pic. Well, those days... having a camera was like bringing a gun to the school! Anyway, she is still in my mind.

Then, I went to SKTL, or as my siblings call it-SeKeTuL. Std 1 to Std 3, I was in the Hijau class.

  • 1 Hijau - the teacher was Cikgu Faridah Ahmad
  • 2 Hijau - the petite Cikgu Surayati Yusoff
  • 3 Hijau - Cikgu Aziah Salleh, who has beautiful handwriting.

Standard 4 to 6, Thank God... they shuffled and rearranged the students according to our performance... so I was in the Blue class.

  • 4 Biru - Noorhayani Abdul Hamid, who has that fierce look
  • 5 Biru - Cikgu Ismail Mat Zain, a cool one
  • 6 Biru - Cikgu Rozita Ahmad, who who always gave 10 congak questions before the class started.

Amongst the class teachers, my favs are the English teachers, Miss Jenny Ooi Joo Lin and Mr P.Panjanathan.

The former was very trendy and fashionable. Unlike other teachers who preferred the plain baju kurung, Miss Ooi was like a goddess. She would wear striking eye shadow and cherry-red lipstick, with matching earrings. Her stilettos would match the puff-sleeved blouses and beautiful skirts she wore for the day. There was one day that she wore a red & green theme, and I was amazed at her one red shoe and the other one, green!!!

The latter was a discipline teacher who liked to pinch students’ tummy. All students (except me, I guess) would divert from the corridor if they were about to bump into him. And he would yell at them “Hey, you!!!” that they ran away so they were not asked to pick the rubbish in sight. During English class, Cikgu Panja taught us many nursery rhymes. Last year, I tried to call him twice (when I was back in Penang), thinking of paying him a visit, but he was out, as the wife said.

These two teachers were the ones who made English a very interesting and easy subject (at least, to me). I owe a lot to both of them for providing me good English basics. Ohhh… now I have to check my grammar in this entry :P

Okay...let's move on to my high school teachers.

I attended this all-girls school in Penang Island...the principal was the soft-spoken Ust. Ainah Abdul Rahman and the class teachers were... (let's see whether I could recall their names)

  • Form 1 : Cikgu Che Maznah (whom we had a round-island trip with!)
  • Form 2 : Cikgu Rohaya Abdullah (she wore purdah, I tell u!) <--gomen staff can, ah?
  • Form 3 : Cikgu Pauziyah Awang Noh... she was moody in one Science class she was pregnant) at that turned us into little mice :P

Other remarkable teachers were..

  • Cikgu Sh. Afifah Syed Abbas (no one dared to crack a joke in front of her),
  • Cikgu Nooriah Mohamed (the BM teacher who made us so into Dewan Siswa's crossword puzzle),
  • Cikgu Zainab Ayub (History teacher who almost tied Syakirah to the chair for not sitting straight during her class),
  • Ustaz Salleh (during Kelas Kemahiran Quran, when I refused to recite... arwah once said - "Aii...Is******...last week, period... this week, still?"
  • Ustaz Shushilil Azam Shuib who always provoked the girls, so I always asked him "So, why didn't u marry a man, instead of your wife?"

Hey, I'm good at remembering names, ay?! Full names... (*amazed at myself*) :P

Actually, there are many more in my mind... but let's keep the list for Teacher's Day of the upcoming years.

During Form 4 & 5, I attended a co-ed boarding school, and we had Cikgu Haliza Hanum Mohideen as the class teacher. After I left school, I only bumped into her about one month prior to my wedding. I approached her, although I know she would never remember me... (see, I was a naughty student, but still bearable!)

Other noteworthy teachers were Cikgu Siti Arpah (the only teacher who called me by the last two-syllables of my name. Funny!), Cikgu Kamariah Zailan (cute) and this Biology teacher (what's her name eh? Baru puji sikit, terus lupa). Anyway, she always called up names in her class to ask question, which made butterflies had to work extra in our stomachs. But, she NEVER called mine. I believe, she didn't remember my name either. The trick was to cover the name tag/ the name written on the book cover whenever she passed by. Hehehe.

Mmm... perhaps I do not keep many names of the people in that school in my memory box just bcoz I don't like the memories I had there. I am not putting extra strain to my brain trying to recall 'em all.

But to be frank, I really appreciate those people who have made a significant change in my life. No matter wherever they are, I would really love to meet them and tell u that my success today owes to ur effort. May Allah bless u all, teachers!

To all teachers out there… Yone, Sya/Yassir, Auntie (mama Wong), K.Ta, Witz, ex-TESL students of Queensland (all scattered in different places), etc. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Errr… aren’t lecturers being celebrated too on this day? :P

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mama-baby look-alike

Does your kid's face resemble yours? I would say, absolutely yes. Notwithstanding his chubby cheeks like his Ayah's... we are similar; physically and in so many ways.

If yours is also the same... let's put up an entry, and u could win the contest organized by UmmiAbiQis. All the best, everyone! ;)

**Baby's name : Cikebum Zuhair Fabregas Tapioca
**DOB : 18th Sept 2007 (Baby no.9!)
**Our Similarities : Big eyes and dimples on the apple of our cheek, manja & naughty
**Our sweet memory: Dancing together

These are pics of myself when I was only few mths old and of my munchkin when he was 3mths. Mmm... sama x?

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