Sunday, May 17, 2009


Mentang-mentang la tengah glamour, dia buat special appearance pulak!

Earlier this afternoon, on our way back home from the DOE Selangor sports... suddenly the traffic flow slowed down...
MrHubby : Eh... b*bi la!
Moi : What? Where?
MrHubby : There... over there.
Moi : *jaw-dropped*

Yes, a wild boar just crossed the road from Section 8 area to Section 7 (fasa orang kaya). Where the hell did it come from?

No wonder the lorry, cars, plus a patrol car in front of us also slowed down and stopped out of the blue. Polis pun respek kat binatang tu... Hehehe :P

Luckily no one knocked it down with the car. Otherwise, he/she would have to repair the dents (bukan boleh claim kat haiwan tu pun)... and have to samak some more. Suwey betul!

Looking at this pix reminds me of the pink piggy bank I got from ANZ when I opened a bank account there. Then, I gave it away to Wan Sham... in spite of its cuteness. Eee... tak sanggup nak simpan!

Samak is to cleanse the filth (mughallazah) by washing the affected area 7 times; one which with water mixed with earth ( soil or sand ), and 6 with clean running water to ensure taharah or purification.


  1. babi sesat le tu. buat gimik sejak ada swine flu case ;P

  2. Ala..kat section 21 and 23 tu selalu benor kami (acik & me) terserempak masa zaman naik motor dulu. Siap lori tu konaaaa baring. Driver pulak org melayu kita.

  3. b*bi pun nak glamer...
    ni kan pulak manusia. hahaha


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