Friday, May 15, 2009

Mama-baby look-alike

Does your kid's face resemble yours? I would say, absolutely yes. Notwithstanding his chubby cheeks like his Ayah's... we are similar; physically and in so many ways.

If yours is also the same... let's put up an entry, and u could win the contest organized by UmmiAbiQis. All the best, everyone! ;)

**Baby's name : Cikebum Zuhair Fabregas Tapioca
**DOB : 18th Sept 2007 (Baby no.9!)
**Our Similarities : Big eyes and dimples on the apple of our cheek, manja & naughty
**Our sweet memory: Dancing together

These are pics of myself when I was only few mths old and of my munchkin when he was 3mths. Mmm... sama x?


  1. ngeee chumil2~ aku teringin nak ada baby..hahhaa

    btw thanks the votes~ tp kau mcm anderestimet c Hans je.. hahahaha *laughing floor*

  2. noted!

    thanx yer join contest kite...

    n salam perkenalan..

  3. hmm, saya dengan darwisy memang takleh masuk la contest ni... sebab darwisy klon papa dia... hehehe..

    happy teacher's day!

  4. kizzy,
    i x minat hans isaac. so, no reason to be bias.hahaha.

    u r welcome.

    happy teacher's day 2u2.

  5. Hmm ... sama muka mak ngan anak. Camner nak vote nih?


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