Monday, May 25, 2009

Rindu serindu-rindunyaaa... ♫ ♪

Do u watch Jangan Lupa Lirik Season 2 last nite? It is a local version of a popular game show, adapted from the USA's Don't Forget the Lyrics, aired on Saturday & Sunday nites @ Astro Ria.

For this new season, the guy last nite named Elle (or-so to spell it) was the second contestant after Seri who grabbed home a good RM25K.

Unlike Seri, this guy really sucks! C'mon man... he's not even manly enuff! MrHubby who was at home (unlike the usual Sunday nites) asked me what's wrong with this guy? And after I went downstairs to get some stuff for Adam and back into the room, he said...
"Ohh... ponen rupanya!" (u'll know the meaning if u r a Penangite/Kedahan).

It really pissed us off listening to his tone-deaf voice. Well I know this show doesn't require the contestants to have a good voice, but at least make sure u know the tempo la, man! Don't ask me why I watched the show instead. It's merely bcoz I like light programs that could tickle my funnybones without being annoyed.

Mr Hubby : Ishh... mamat nih. If I bumped into him, I'll just knock him down with the car.
Moi : *chuckled*
MrHubby : He said he's a govt servant in Putrajaya. If I were the interviewer, I'd never employ him. Irritating!
Moi : Aaaa? Govt servant???

Just imagine... he just sang Istana Menanti (by Rahim Maarof), Rindu Serindu-rindunya (by Spoon) and Kasih Ibu (by Burn), but by the second song, he has already used up all his assistance (talian nyawa).

Ahhh... Speaking about Rindu Serindu-Rindunya, that song was a hit back in late 90's, where it was on everybody's lips and Spoon's vocalist, Along was the I'd-die-for-u bloke. That song was aired on the radio for numerous times per day, not to mention the publicities that skyrocketed the band's popularity.

Bid was one of his die-hard fan. She bought the album and played the song again and again with the CD player at home... until her (late) mom threatened, "If I hear the song again, I'd break and throw the CD away!!!" :P

Later in early 2000, the nation was stormed with a sensational murder case (besides Mona Fandey's) when the police found a decomposed body in a sack in a ravine in Jelebu, and the DNA test confirmed it was Along! It was believed to be a case of the jealous husband.

Today, Bid is a different person. Yet I like teasing her whether or not she still drools for that guy. So, Bid...are u still into him? Heee heee...the voice will haunt u if u do!

Back to the Jangan Lupa Lirik thingy, I think prolly TV producers should consider bringing in educational gameshows that focus on knowledge rather than pure entertainment. Y'know, the ones like “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" which is more entertaining and less dilly-dallying of the answers giben by the participants!


  1. Huhuhu...Bid minat SPooN.

  2. suka juga tengok jangan lupa lirik.. sambil2 boleh test power dengan husband... hehehe

    p/s: meh datang ambik award...

  3. hahaha

    mamat tu mmg annoying!
    muka konfiden yg bikin panas!


  4. Aku BID!!! Jaga hang isma!!aku pun tak tau la pasal apa aku minat giler ngan lagu tu dulu, bila skrg dengar rasa mcm biasa saja...skrg minat dengar lagu nasyid saja...hik3

  5. sya,
    tu kan..kdg2 diorg ni, senang pun x tau jwb. baik xyah masuk.
    eh...yassir terer ke? bukan ke dia nyanyi suka bantai lirik sendiri je? hahaha

    mati la kalo mamat tu baca blog aku :P

    alhamdulillah hang dah tobat. aku ni jugak yg x insaf. hihihi

  6. belle~ takpe. pedulik. biar dia tahu susahnye jd artis.

    p/s: masalahnya, dia artis ke? gagagaga

  7. huh!? kalau dia artis, harus x terjual album dia.

    paling, ada la 10 unit kot. tu pun, dia beli sendiri... bagi kat sedara mara. hahahaha...*mode jahat*


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