Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Cheese! *smile

snap! snap!

I remember a TV commercial in OZ, showing most photos displayed in the gallery with puckered pout mouth. The hidden message was... the people were asked to say "Coon" (brand of the cheese) instead of saying "Cheese" which would obviously display the pearly whites.

Recently, I went for a casting for Colgate TV Commercial. Yes, Colgate the toothpaste. Hehehe. It was stated that the candidates MUST have nice teeth. I personally think though mine are not amazingly perfect, but they are clean and nicely arranged. Some people think my two front teeth are big, but I have received compliments saying that those gigi kapak are 'sweet' (ya right!!!). Whatever...

To those who know me... and have seen my pics, they definitely know that I always give a big grin in front of the camera. (*start scrolling for my pics in the blog)
You see, I'd rather draw back the lips and reveal the teeth in a grin than
spreading my lips with a smile.

In fact, it was really tough for me to give an ala-ala-kontrol-ayu smile on my wedding day. It looks more like teqempon (as Penangites call it)... not natural. Geli la!

Last week, I realized that I have a stain on my tooth, just a little one. From tea, I suppose... as I don't smoke. And it made me upset

Hmmm... it must be great to have a million dollar smile. Like Mona Lisa? Eh...does Mona Lisa's smile show her teeth? Ohhh...perhaps it's Julia Roberts in the Monalisa's Smile. Elehh...as if I don't know... that most of these smiles were bought by cosmetic teeth whitening.

Either it's the hardwork of braces or the miracle of expensive teeth whitening techniques, it definitely made me jealous seeing their bright smile.
Yes, I am not a part of TV Land, but still I am so obsessed with this.

Everytime I pay a visit to the dentist (since my childhood days)... I'd hear this compliment "Hmmm... nice teeth." (controlling the diameter of nostrils, so I don't inhale too much oxygen that will cause people around me to yawn...OopS! Terlebih sudah...).

The girl who casted me for the TVCommercial also said the same when she snapped some pics of my teeth. So, I don't care if I don't get the job... at least I know, my teeth are in excellent physical condition.

Guess what... I have my own ways to brighten my pearly whites (like the stars') cheaply and effectively. I don't need all-these-bullshit-cosmetic oral overhauls (try saying that ten times fast. Hahahaha.

Know how? Ask me :P

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