Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cikebum the Toddler Supermodel?

This is a reply to the calling for a contest held by Mama Aqish.

  1. The 1st thing to do is put up the above banner, add her link in your bloglist/blogroll and become her follower.
  2. Pls note that this contest is open to all toddlers of 2-4 yrs old.
  3. 2 winners from each category will be chosen (the decision is final - though not mentioned by Mama Aqish)
  4. Upload 3 pics of your toddler, posing as a model for kid's apparel (of any brands)
  5. Answer her two questions
  6. When it's done, leave a link in her entry on this contest, together with your & your kid's name.
Good luck to all! And friends, don't forget to vote for my Cikebum Zuhair Fabregas Tapioca!

Well, supermodels are not supposed to smile, actually. So, here's a pose with a serious face.

Oh... perhaps for kiddies, they demand a smiling face.
Isn't he a blue-chip model with that va-va voom personality?

The model strutting on the catwalk for a fashion show.
Whoa! Can be a runway model, ay?

Here's another one, of a sophisticated supermodel. i-Phone TVCommercial, perhaps? :P

To answer Mama Aqish's questions...

1) Why I like to read her blog?

Hmmm... let's see.

As mothers, we share similarities when it comes to raising up kids. It's nice to read about other's life, especially when there are funny encounters with kid's development along the way. Motherhood is tiring, but enjoyable! ;)

2) Why my Cikebum should be crowned as the Toddler Supermodel?

Supermodel, from my point of view is not merely the looks they have, the clothes they wear but also the way they style it and the attitude they have. And I believe My Cikebum has it.

He is also bubbly and cheeky - as portrayed in the pix. Very warm and friendly.

Well, if not for those reasons, maybe he should get the title simply bcoz he is MY toddler.

Vote for me, please...


  1. ala, darwisy tak leh masuk la ni?
    tak sampai dua tahun lagi... huhu.. next time je laa... :P

    is, perasan kat entry mama aqish, kenapa link is ke blog orang lain? cuba tengok...

  2. boleh la sya...
    aisey, x sempat pulak ye?

    xpe la...tlg vote utk adam la kalo camtu...
    gi kat link ni...

    dan tinggal komen TSMC_vote_30.


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