Friday, May 22, 2009

My best friend's wedding

No... I'm not gonna talk about Julia Roberts' movie. It's about Rebecca's wedding, with Hank in Taiwan, since I'm still in the mood of reminiscing the days with my old friends...

Apart from getting email replies from Roy & Steve, I also managed to get in touch with Rebecca. We chat about many things. It was like yesterday that she moaned and complained childishly about her love life.

Before Rebecca left BNE for good, she gave me & Kelly a lucky charm made of rose quartz. It was said to bring good luck in love.

Soon after, Kelly got a new boyfriend (Wayne, whom she's gonna marry this Nov.) and I was the steady one with happily-ever-after stories when it comes to love (after series of idiots I loved). Oops!

Meanwhile, Rebecca was still single that we teased her to get one rose quartz lucky charm for herself. Hmmm...perhaps she really did!

Congratulations, babe! May u have a blissful and contented life... with cute little juniors! *wink*

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