Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mi Bandung

Actually, MrHubby & I are planning a trip to Bandung this July. Yone will be joining us as well (lucky that she still gets the same flight/hotel despite her late decision).

There, we'll be meeting the newly-weds (Inten & Rendy) who are going to tie the knot next month. I can't wait!!! The last time we were together was 2006, before I left Brisbane for good. Wahhh... now I can re-polish my Indo accent again!

Anyway, I was once told me that in Bandung, there's no Mi Bandung or Sirap Bandung (berapa banyak Bandung daaa...). Mmm... I wonder how did people came up with that name when they first invented the dish?

Speaking about Mi Bandung... it rekindles the memories of my sweet 16-17. Staying in the hostel of a boarding school sometimes made us feel bored, hence the numerous flies and outing on alternative weekday.

Those days, we were allowed to go outing on Wednesdays, particularly for urgent matters. All we had to do was just write an official letter to the Principal or PK(HEM), and explain the reasons.
As simple as that... and that had resulted in many letters with my name, Najah's, Ina's and Siti's (or at least a combination of any two of us) going in to the Principal's office.

To our astonishment, almost 99% of our application was approved, without bric-a-brac. Hehehe. Mind u, there were also cases where the Principal or (PKHEM) would query various questions- ranging from the reasons to go out... up to handing in an Arabic newspaper for the applicants /students to translate. Erkkk!!! Yet, we were so fortunate that not even once did we face that kinda situation (perhaps, it's the sardine face we have, or the innocence glow that camouflaged our mischief) >:)

Oops! I have dragged myself too far from the Mi Bandung story...
Almost everytime we went outing, we'd enjoy the dish at a stall in Jalan Taiping, in the heart of Klang town. Yummy!

The taste was just nice, that I always eat it while it's still very hot and burnt my tongue. And for the same reason, my white tudung would be smeared with orangish gravy of the Mi Bandung. Comot! :P

Last 3 years, when I passed by that area, the stalls were no longer in sight. The pekan koboi has turned into a big town, with lotsa shops and whatnot...

Anyway, here's a joke on Mi Bandung... Enjoy!

Untuk beberapa tahun, Ahmad Suffian telah mengadakan hubungan sulit dengan orang gajinya, Sutina.

Suatu hari, Sutina memberitahu Ahmad Suffian yang dirinya mengandung. Ahmad Suffian yang tidak mahu merosakkan perkahwinannya, telah mengambil keputusan untuk menghantar Sutina balik ke Bandung untuk melahirkan anak mereka di sana. Beliau berjanji akan menanggung segala kos untuk anak tersebut sehingga anaknya nanti berusia 18 tahun.

Supaya rahsia mereka berdua tidak terbongkar, Ahmad Suffian menyuruh Sutina supaya menghantarkan sekeping poskad dengan menulis perkataan "Mee Bandung" dibelakangnya setelah anak mereka lahir nanti. Ahmad Suffian akan menguruskan segala perbelanjaan untuk anaknya setelah mendapat poskad itu nanti.

Suatu hari, 9 bulan selepas itu, ketika Ahmad Suffian pulang dari kerja, isterinya Norzalina menegur Ahmad Suffian dengan muka yang keliru.

"Bang ... abang dapat poskad yang peliklah hari ni," kata Norzalina.

"Oh, tak pe ... bagi poskad tu kat Abang. Nanti abang jelaskan," kata Ahmad Suffian.

Norzalina pun memberi poskad itu kepada Ahmad Suffian dan melihat Ahmad Suffian membaca poskad tersebut, sebelum muka Ahmad Suffian bertukar menjadi biru, ungu dan terus pengsan!!

Poskad itu berbunyi ...
"Mee Bandung, Mee Bandung, Mee Bandung, Mee Bandung - 2 ada telur, 2 tiada telur. Tolong hantarkan kuah lebih ya!"


  1. Hi...nice writing here...hv fun on ur bandung trip okeh...glad cud help u with the info...

  2. thanks, umi mia.
    dah gedix sgt dah nak shopping ni. hehehe


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