Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dancing to Thomas's tune

What is the miracle that Thomas (the Tank Engine) have? It's hard to tell, but obviously Cikebum was very happy when he found a Thomas book, esp the one with buttons that have sounds when preseed.

Enjoy these movies of Cikebum & Pasha shaking their stuff between the shelves in the SACC Mall's MPH. I didn't buy that boook, though... as I think I better buy something else for him with RM84.90 :P

And this one is the 'objective evidence' of Pasha unwilling to share the book with Cikebum. Hahaha.


  1. Awwww that was super cute!!

    Cokot ku dah tinggi la...

  2. cutenyer....adam godek2

  3. adihana,
    tengok la gmbr yg contest mamatisya tu. dia cokot jari ayah dia.
    bila mbah nak jumpa adam nih?

    adam belajar godek2 drp ayah. :P

  4. belajar daripada ayah?
    aik sham...pandai godek ek?


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