Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sharing with housemates

The memories are pressed between pages of my mind
sweetened through the ages just like wine
Precious memories...
All I have now are memories...

While flipping thru the folders in My Pix folder, I suddenly yearn for those younger days (like I am very ancient now!). To be accurate, I miss the housemates I had at 10, Twelfth Avenue, St. Lucia.

These are the people... (p/s: Please excuse the jahiliah image) :P

Thao (Vietnam), me, Kelly (Korea), Rebecca (Taiwan), Inten (Indonesia), the I-forgot-her-name Thai girl, Roy and his wife Enneth (Vanuatu).

We were having fun during a so-called International Dinner. Anna & Fritz has gone back to Philippines for good by that time (Hey, Anna... care to send me some pix of us?)

When Rebecca left, Kelly & I were so sad. But we had Benson (u r blur, man!), Suguru (the Japanese who only confessed that he's actually a Korean the day he was leaving!), Chris (the Korean next to me).. and still we had the dad/mom of the home.

The one not in sight was Inten, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, it was just one lazy afternoon I spent with Kelly at the balcony, enjoying an apple pie and blowing the bubbles .

The house got another bloke somewhere that spring, Steve. Us, waiting at the bus stop, going to the city. Ngomong-ngomong, kamu udah menikah belum ya, Steve?

Then, people went back for good to where they came from... and the household was comprised of Jeremy (far left), another-sorry-whats-your-name-again girl (in orange), and the weirdo Alex (the one with moustache, a Russian). Hehehe.

Hey, guys! Don't u remember how we made evil plans to evict him out of the harmonious home, but it didn't work? He was a plain nitwit, and made me lost my temper several times!

Later, a big reshuffling took place... and we had Joy (a Filipino, far right) who somehow brought joy, just like her name) to the domicile.
Ingat nggak Inten, kita panggil dia Kepiting, gara-gara dia suka banget nyebut Holy Crap! Hahaha.

And Bray... eventually became my housemate. An Aussie who could stand spicy food, more than Fiza could. Hey, mind u... he could make buah melaka after I taught him!
This pix was taken the day Bray & Inten finished their exams (I didn't sit for any papers)... and I demanded a char koay teow, which tasted far like one. Duhhh!!!

At once, I also had another Malaysian in the residence, Ben.
Hahaha. At least, Bray couldn't complain when he heard me mumbling something in Malay anymore, bcoz there's someone who understand what was I saying ;)

And not-to-forget, another geezer from Germany, Henning.

This pix was taken just before the daddy/mommy went back to Vanuatu. I just watched the video, of his last words...
"Is & Inten... U are like daughters to us. The daughters we never had."

And we laughed like crazy :P

These are the people who agreed to have me in that house (it's more than just a house, actually). They are the most wonderful landladies I ever had... Barbie (German)

and Inga (Finnish) -with her darling chubby mollycoddle, Jacob.

And these China-origin girls were the last housemates I had before I started sharing a house with a man... MrHubby that is!
This pix was taken before I left the Downunder for good, hence the sememeh face. I was so sad, that Bray was so nice to make me a cuppa. Thanks, mate!

Oh, no! When can I see u again, friends? I miss u all...

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