Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Get A Massage from A Husband Late at Nite

Step 1
Make sure you and your spouse tapao some food after a long tiring day at work.Have an early dinner, together with your little munchkin (if any). This is good for those on diet, but please make sure there is no hungry/poor people in the neighbourhood so you do not sleep in kekufuran.

Step 2
Take a long hot shower and let him go off to the mosque, while you stay at home pampering the munchkin or simply rubbing your full belly on the bed.

Step 3
Watch America's Funniest Videos & UK Gags and share laughter with him & the munchkin. Tickle the munchkin and 'Yay!' with him when he dropped the bowling pins in the iPod, then he'll get tired easily and start searching for his bonbon.

Step 4
Get an early sleep but make sure u set the alarm to wake up for the Desperate Housewives. Else, you'll wake up cursing yourself for being a sleepyhead) and Astro/8TV for airing the series very late (if 10.30 pm is considered late, that is).

Step 5
Whether or not the alarm rings, wake him up from his sound sleep to watch it together. However, this is ONLY applicable if you have made him interested in the series. Otherwise, just skip this step to save your marriage.
Sign of his interest is like when he asks what happened to Tom, what Gaby did, did Susan do anything stupid this time?

Step 6
Reheat the Dunkin Donuts in the fridge and bring it to the room with a big mug of cold water (this could also be done in between commercial breaks). Let him pick the flavour he prefers, although you have to end up with a Colgate-like-minty donut. (Bear in mind, it's an investment!). If he doesn't like the sweet toppings/icing, tolerate! Just eat it. That much icing wouldn't put extra inches around your weight, anyway!

Step 7
Snuggle cozily under his armpit and talk sweet nothings. The rest is up to you :P Do not take too long for this step as the nasal-voice Fran Drescher would never wait for you when it's time.

Step 8
Watch the rerun of The Nanny back-to-back and he will go downstairs to get some apples and drinks for the two of you.

Step 9
By the time the series finished, the eyelids would be heavy enough regardless of whatever CSI is on the telly. Say goodnite to each other, but in the darkness...toss and turn.
If it doesn't work, keep talking about what to cook this weekend, how good the munchkin has been, what you plan for tomorrow, etc.

Step 10
He will eventually wakes up and get the massage oil to rub your back. Hehehe. But don't forget to compliment him with hugs & kisses.

p/s: Thank you, Yone... for the donuts. Next time, don't be overwhelmed by the toppings. Bring me the ones with fillings, eh? Hihihi :P


  1. hei hei kak your silent reader. everyday is a must!! haha..even though this entry i could not apply to my everyday life but i just wanna share with u my dear that i love to watch desperate housewives (YES, late airing=less sleep; is not good for my, love to watch rerun The Nanny (fav show zaman muda belia) and i want to get marry cepat2 so that i can get my 'exclusive' massage and will do apply your technique to get it too =)..

  2. hi ann!

    oo...silent reader ye?
    nape x komen je? meriah skit. hahaha

    haa..apa lagi? cepat le kawin. nnt leh dpt massage. hehehe

  3. mak aih, dari petang sampai ke malam tu, nak dapatkan massage?...

    ni cara sempoi..
    ambik je massage oil, pegi duduk membelakangkan dia/baring depan dia, pas tu hulurkan massage oil kat dia.. pas tu, goyang2 bahu sikit, otomatik dia paham mintak urut la tu... hehehehe

  4. huhu..dun mention it..
    thank u for my 'crayolan' face..

    wah2..mau lagik lani..
    donut2 yg b'topping la sbb nak tayang kat blog..hahaha..

  5. ooo...sya...
    ini cara berhikmah. kononnya xnak sebut lgsg perkataan urut/massage.

    so, hint2 je la.
    tapi kdg2 x mintak pun, dpt jugak urut. tu yg paling best tu.

    lupa pulak aku nak tenyeh krayon adam kat muka ang aritu.
    weh, internet hang dah ok ka?

  6. cehs~ bertambah 'crayon'an la muka aku camtu..haha..

    emm..dah router rosak..
    xleh online salo..kena nek atas..


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