Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scribble scrabble

As usual, back home from the office, MrHubby & I would fetch Li'l Cikebum from the sitter's place and start roaming for places for tapaoing the food, or last nite, we had an early dinner at the Pelaga Park Cafe.
Then, we'd shower (wahhh! sounds propa, like showering together-gether :P) and watch the telly while waiting for Maghrib. After that only I'll have time to look at any office works that I brought home (sikit-sikit je). So, I started reviewing and correcting the draft of a student's final year project on the bed. Aisey...lupa bawa balik pen merah pulak. Pen biru pun boleh la...

Came Maghrib... I stopped reviewing and donned into the telekung for prayer, leaving the draft on the bed. Li'l Cikebum was busy colouring the pics of Bob the Builder and Postman Pat that Mama drew in his book.

That blue, red & yellow parts, Mama yang tolong kaler. Cikebum conteng je.

And in no time... before I started the first takbir...

"Ya Allah...Adam!!! What have u done?!?"

"Alahai anak... Mujur x sempat conteng banyak"

MrHubby - still lying on the pillows, smiled and said "Haaa... now u know what happened to your lecturer!" :P

Oh yes...I sure do. During my diploma days, Dr. R (then Puan R) called our names one by one, to return our test papers. I was nervous waiting for my name to be called, wondering what marks would I get... bcoz we usually assumed the first one being called got the highest mark(kononnya).

Until all names have been called.... finally..."Is******"
And as I stood next to her, she said..."Before I give u the paper, I'd like to apologize... My kid has scrawled something on it."

"It's okay." and I smiled.

Now I will have to do the same to my student. Hehehe. Sori ye, Deni! :P

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