Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MIL's handbag

I was so worried the whole day yesterday, wondering whether my MIL has safely received the parcel I posted on Friday. It is supposed to be sent today.

However, what bugged me most was my stupidity for writing the sender's name as "IBU MERTUAKU TERSAYANG" whereas the address does not have any number, just the street name.

It might not be an issue if I were to write "My Dearest MIL, busyuk2 intan payung pengarang jantung pisang berangan etc." IF...ONLY IF the address has a number. Adoiyai... How could I be so careless?

Wallaway! How many mothers-in-law could there be in the village?

And if they knew the content of the parcel, may be all of 'em would raise up their hands, admitting the sender as their daughter-in-law! Hahaha...

To make things worse, if the postman does not call the provided sender or recepient to verify everything. And Maxis signal is very poor in my office (Gosh! Why wouldn't Celcom offer a good package like what I need). So, even if he called me, I might not be reachable :(

But, MrHubby said that the postman serving the neighbourhood is like Postman Pat in Greendale, who knows every inch of every corners and knows everybody in the village very well, even if they have various nicknames like my MIL does. (Fuiyoo! My MIL has many nicknames! Glamer you!)

On our way back home (whilst still in the car), I expressed my worries to MrHubby, that he suggested I just ring my MIL to ask. Waaa.... there goes my surprise!!! :(

Me : Assalamualaikum, Bah. How are u?
FIL : Waalaikukussalam. Haaa... ur fav daughter-in-law calls!
Me : ???
FIL : Wahhh... Don't u know that Mak even slept with the new handbag!?
Me : Aaaa? (still blur)
FIL : That's why u r her fav. She slept and woke up at 2am, looking at the handbag.
Me : Hahaha! So, u mean... she has received it?
FIL : Yes. That's why she was so busy with the bag.
Me : Duh... I am so worried here, wondering what could have happened to the parcel. Hahahaha

Phone passed to MIL.

MIL : Bede'oh la sangat. He's exaggerating! I just received it today, actually.
Me : Oh..good for u.
MIL: Actually, the postman came just before we left to the hospital (for FIL's haemodialysis). The postman told me about the weird recepient name. But I was pretty sure that it is for me.
Me : (She really expects it!?! Lucky that I decided to send it!)
MIL: Thank u so much, Is. Mak really like it!
Me : So, have u started using it?
MIL: As soon as I got it, I transferred my stuff into the new bag & matching purse... that I didn't realize there was a piece of paper enclosed, until Bah told me.
Me : Hehehehe. Excitednya! (ada ke patut- an A4 paper with big fonts like this dia x perasan?)

p/s: Sekadar hiasan. This is not the pix of the handbag I sent her


  1. err... err...
    kalau ayah nak buat mcm tu kat mak mun, agak2 apa yek nak kasi...

    haiwan2 peliharaan (nak tulis nama lain, tapi mcm x sesuai la org ramai baca), gardening tools? getah gelang or senapang tembak cicak?

    sah ipar n biras aku kutuk aku ni, yg penting kami tak duduk 2 jengkal dari rumah, hahahaha...

  2. alalahai.. ssemakin sayag lah mak mentua kat dia... :*

  3. ecehceh..mengata aku la tuh.ckp la nak kasik tok mun hadiah...hang malu ka sham?

  4. abu zuhair,
    kasi je haiwan peliharaan tu. baru memupuk kasih syg. hehehe

    mama pasha,
    senang nak amik hati dia. sedia handbag je, dia hantu handbag. ngeee

    ok la, intan..kami bagi haiwan peliharaan. hang bagi la senapang tembak cicak.keh keh keh


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