Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That love feeding

Justify FullWhen I was pregnant, I made a wish to breastfeed my baby exclusively. I know, some moms out there refuse to do so with so many lame excuses (that they believe the breasts will sag, they need to go back to work, etc.)

As for me, the decision hasn't been an easy one. MIL and SILs have the idea that most formula milk are better as they contain DHA, vitamins, probiotics and whatnot. I am not against the facts, nor that I disrespect the advices of the seasoned breeders, but the decision to breastfeed or not to breastfeed is a personal decision. Whatever I do today will definitely affect myself and my darling Cikebum, hence should not be done lightly.

I had to 'show' them that I am comfortable with the decisions I made. I could never complain, as if it was a burden. Well, u know... expressing the milk at work, storing, handling, defrosting, yada yada... is not a piece of cake.

I also had difficulties when last year I had to attend a fortnight course away from home. I had to use the public freezer (with permission) to store the expressed milk and MrHubby had to travel a total of 3 hours (to and fro) to collect 'em when there was no more space in the freezer. Not to mention that emotional attachment I developed with the little munchkin.

To avoid these elderlies from making a fuss, MrHubby and I even claimed that I sometimes gave formula too and once when we went back to his hometown, we purposely bought a tin of formula (just to show them that we REALLY did so). The trick didn't work, though... when Cikebum's cries could only be soothed by the things that only his Mama has. Kantoi! :P

Breastfeeding has excused me from waking up in the middle of the night to boil water, prepare the milk and headache of checking for the right temperature before handing it to Cikebum. Breastfeeding has also rescued me from spending a lot for pricey infant formulas. Until today, I can count how many times have I queued up at the counter to pay for formulas.

Despite my determination, I actually wish to continue breastfeeding only until Cikebum turns two. He is now 18 months, this means I have another 4 months to pamper him with his fav bonbons.

Now I have started to think of the ways to stop him from being addicted to it. Well, just preparing myself, just in case if he refuses to co-operate when the time comes.

I have heard and read about the use of soy sauce, tomato ketchup, red colouring (for syrup).. to scare the toddlers with the weird/yucky colours. Some even use the weird taste of tamarind, garlic, henna (inai) and Japanese wasabe to stop the craving. Some worked, some did not.

I am afraid if he cries at night but I had to hold myself from comforting him with bonbons while I so want to give 'em to him. It must be very difficult. Gosh!

Does anyone have any tips on how to start this process?


  1. sorry dear, i have no tip to share. asrar was on BM for 2 months je, lepas tu dia tak nak sebab tak cukup.

  2. aku ada tips..baek punya!!!

    abang sham!!! hahahahaha...

  3. mama asrar,
    huhu...thanks anyway.
    till now, x nmpk tanda2 adam nak melepaskan bonbon pujaan dia tu.

    ooo...noti aaa?
    sib beik ang bljr bio. kalao x, hang dikira bwh umur utk imagine perkara2 sedemikian. hahaha


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