Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthdays in May

May is here again... which means birthdays of many people I know are here again.

Last 14th was Along's (my eldest sister).

15th was Tok's.

17th (yesterday) was Kemal's (Along's son).

18th (today) is Aida's (Along's daughter) and Mak's.

19th is Intan's (menantu kesayangan mak..hahaha)

I remember when Along was very pregnant (of Aida, her eldest). I was in the boarding school by then.

That night, I called her (she was at her MIL's place) and we chitchat about her expected delivery date.
And I teased her..."What if u gave birth on the same day as Mak's birthday?"
She laughed, refused to admit that it was possible.

Few days later, when I called... her SIL told me..."She has safely delivered a beautiful baby girl yesterday."
And that yesterday was 'the day' I teased her about. So, Aida now shares the same birthdate with her grandma.

The same goes to her second baby... Luckily, he was born a day earlier. Hmmm...maybe Along has put so much effort so the thing would not happen again! Hahaha.

When Acik got married to Intan... the playful and malicious harrassment started again.

So, Intan... This year, double celebration, eh? Hihihi

End of this month is Dian's birthday. I am thinking of throwing a party... eh... maybe just a makan-makan, as we have never celebrated it together, despite being good friends.


  1. Thanks for the wish :)
    Pic macam org sakit! Hahahaha...
    Tapi tolong la pi delete yg dlm bracket tu. Xde maknanya...

    PROPA ja lebeyyy...lain la DEK SHAM! Kah kah kah...

  2. blk ni, musti tokmun cerita syok celebrate bday sama2 dgn menantu kesayangan


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