Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kursus sampai kurus

Last week... and early this week, I attended two courses. It was pre-planned since last month, since I supposed by this time, I have already finished the syllabus (unfortunately not, due to that AKNC thingey!)

Well, the 1st course was on Mind Mapping: Nurturing Creativity.

Us... working on the 1st mindmap on frogs, ants or bees. (Everybody is trying hard to look serious and hardworking)

A part of the 'hasil tangans' from the members of Glam on the Go. Pergh!!! nama x hengatttt!!!

Not to bluster, but I believe my creativity level is slightly ahead of other people in the science field (esp.when it comes to drawing). So, I expect more than just the kiddy activities like what we had.

Our 2nd attempt to map out our ideas on Healthy Lifestyle.

However, as usual...I really enjoy meeting new people.
From left: Me, Along the GTM, K.Effa, Dr.Ambigga, K.Zehan & K.Jay.

This is the...4th time (as I could remember) I am in the same course with K.Jay.
Okay la, K.Jay... from now on we can be partners in crime la.

The other course was on Creating a Positive Mindset: Personal Empowerment for Excellence. Wah! Sounds like I am really in identity crisis or such that I am attending these courses.

It was an exhilarating course, with Perez the funny yet informative trainer. every single minute is filled with sublime emotion.

Not to mention, during the role play about the Biology Practical to-be-practised-in-the-bedroom.

There were many more, but I was bemused almost throughout the sessions. Very entertaining!
One of the spontaneous yet brash question I asked was... "If effective is a better word than efficient, then...why is your company's name Efficient Frontier?"

And I got two packets of NIPS for throwing in ideas.. and a cute notebook for making one of the most attractive Self-Talk cards too. Wanna have a look?
From one angle...

From another tilt...

How it looks like on the insides...

Not bad, ehhh? (Please la say "Niceeeee!!!!")
Actually, there's a story behind the fence. I even forced MrHubby that night to eat an ice cream (real ice cream, eh...u dirty mind!) so I could use the 'batang aiskrim.'
Another story behind the fence is the anger management story that got my brain functioning well whenever I am sane enough to think wisely.

I may not be as creative as Bella ... but kira ok la ni kan? Hehehe

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On cloud nine

Last Tuesday, while waiting for the room to be vacant for the EVT624 lecture.

GG : Puan, that day a student asked me "Hey, what's ur lecturer's name? The young one."
Me : Huh? Which student?
GG : Chemistry. Tu la... she asked me ur name.
Me : Why?
GG : In the beginning, I didn't know whom was she refering to.
Me : Hahaha. I know, u refuse to admit when she said 'the YOUNG one' kan?
GG : Eeee...perasan!
Me : (making annoying smug face). Eh, but why did she ask?
GG : She said "I saw her on TV the other day"
Me : (konon-konon blushing)

* * * * * * * *

The same day, after EVT671 lecture... while walking off the lecture room.

A : Puan, ajar la kitorang mekap.
Me : Aaaa?
B : A'ah la, Puan. We don't know how to apply makeups la.
Me : Ish... korang ni. Biar benar. (mcm la aku reti sgt)
B : Serius.
A : U know, Puan. Actually, we always look fwd to attending ur lecture, so we could see how u dress for the day.
B : Yes...yes. U really know how to wear the tudung in various styles.
A : Ajar la kitorang, Puan. Ni silibus dah nak abis ni, kita buat la kelas grooming pulak. Hehehe
Me : Alaa...korang ni. Ada-ada je la.

Dan aku pun tersipu kemaluan...ehh! kemalu-maluan. Ngeee :P The students really made my day. (But there are times when they 'make my blood go upstairs' too. Hahahaha

DOE Family Day 2009

Last Saturday, we joined DOE Family Day at Taman Agroteknologi, Hulu Langat. After breakfast, he event started with the famous poco-poco and chicken dance.

Then, there was the common 'kutip gula-gula'. As usual, the parents were actually overexcited to 'encourage' (a better word for 'force') the kids to participate.
Upon approaching the strewn sweets, Cikebum cried instead of collecting the sweets.

He must be scared seeing the frantic crowd :P

Terompah gergasi- I joined Zulaika, Mel and another Is to form the group 'Confirm Kalah.' The challenge was when we had to make a U-turn without taking off the terompah.

We almost got the first place, but we lost to the other group when we fell just steps before reaching the finishing line. Hahaha.

Then, Mr Hubby & I joined the Kapit Bola. Silap besar le bagi juara Bola Charlie masuk. (I once got the 1st place when playing this in primary school).

And we (the Bukit Mertajam team) ended up being the so-called champion!

Next was the musical chair. I refused to join in the first place, bcoz I know my possesive nature, up to the extent I'd do anything so I don't lose. Aisey! Memang confirm boleh nampak buruk perangai! But then, Sal invited so I gave in.

Tapi kontrol punye pasal lepas mengganas tolak Nik, I didn't get a seat when there were only 4 of us left.

Mr Hubby and the 'Buncit' team in the Buluh Betung Challenge.

Last but not least was the WWT (World Wrestling Titi). See... Mr Hubby syok bergambar, without helping the team. Ish..ish..ish... laki sapa la tu?

Bila masuk final, he was the only one left (from his team) to fight the remaining 3 from the opposite team. Terus kena humban dlm sungai.

Cikebum happily playing in the water.

And us... (hey, photographer... I thought the hamper & presents we won were supposed to be the pic too?)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Right here waiting

Scene 1
I was very pregnant by then. (Couldn't remember the exact date though).
People have started to leave the campus. It was already after 5, no wonder staff, students of the fac were rarely in sight.

I sat waiting (in vain) near the parking lots. With the big tummy (which made me unable to see my own feet) and headache, I felt so uneasy.
I glanced at the watch again. A minute felt like an hour. After a while, I walked down the slope towards Block B.

Mr Hubby hasn't yet arrived. Where could he be? Attempts to get him on his hp failed, maybe the battery was dead. Tried the Dept's hp (the so-called Telefon Aduan) which was supposed to be with him as he was the Head, but he passed it to his subordinate. Gosh!

I felt like waiting in the office, but I couldn't lie down there. I could do so in the musolla, but afraid if he couldn't find me. So, there was I... walking to and fro Block A & Block B.

Then, I had to tebalkan muka to call the Telefon Aduan again to get the Bilik Kawalan's (of his Dept) phone no. Aisey! Ini kes salah guna nie.
Lucky I didn't say "I wanna lodge a report. My hubby is missing." :P

When I called, the person said..."Oh! He was here a minute ago. But I think he has left."

I really felt like screaming my lungs out or at least (if it were that easy) got a cab back home, yet the anticipation got me glued.

The red car appeared about 15mins later and I was relieved. Phew!
Tapi muncung panjang tu jangan cakap la. It could even be tied up with a ribbon. Duh!

* * * * * * * *

Scene 2
Venue : In my office
Time : 6ish

"Mana la laki aku ni?" I started grumbling, while my fingers tapped the keyboard.
I have bloghopped here and there so many times and could even memorize every single word written in their blogs (Yes, I am exaggerating. Heee)

Glimpsed at the time shown at the bottom left corner of the flat screen monitor. What time is he coming? I gnarled quietly.

The aircond has been switched off long ago, and the room felt a bit hot, esp for a grumpy me.
...and the rumble continued.
"Ish... dah pukul berapa ni? Kang lambat ambik Cikebum."
"Kot iye pun lambat, inform la dulu."

Then, my hp rang. Private number. Huh! It must be him.
As I was about to hurl out, the voice said...
"What time are picking me up, dear? Or maybe u are still not done with the jobs?"

My jaw dropped. And overwhelmed with panic & anxiety, I said...
"Aisey... I forgot that the car is with me. So, I have been waiting for u for the last one hour. Ngeee" :P

Mr Hubby laughed in mirth. "Don't worry, take your time. Drive carefully okay."

Tu je kaedahnye. Admit your mistake with an honest alamak-malunye-saye, and the raging flame would just be extinguished. Hahaha.

Ohh..it's almost time. I better get ready for solat Asar, and make a move. I don't wanna keep him waiting again this time, or I will forever be laughed at for my amnesic memory.

Moral of the story:
Alert sikit sape yg bawak keta. Jgn asyik nak sembur je :P
(pesanan ini adalah khidmat masyarakat untuk diri sendiri)

Trailephant, anyone?

Yesterday, the pix I sent to The Star was published in the Thumbnails section!
And for that... I will be rewarded RM50! ;)


and hey, don't forget to vote at http://thumbnails.thestar.com.my/view.asp?id=4357

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kuku pun berbunga?

Bunga kuku?
U mean...this?

No... no...


This is what I meant.

Take a closer loook... (please ignore the unmanicured nails) :P

Or do u have other terms for this kinda thing?
Well, I was told the name is bunga kuku though it doesn't look like a bunga (flower) at all.

All these while, I have been wondering what are the reasons for having this white spot on my fingernail once in a blue moon.
So, this time, when I have it again... I decided to blog on it.
Some facts and myths said that:

Bunga kuku means somebody loves u. In other words, the more u have it, the more people who adore u. Wah! Wah! No wonder I used to have many boyfriends around my waist (as Malays call it- boyfren keliling pinggang). Hahaha! But that doesn't make sense, mate! :P

Another ideology stated that if it is on your right hand, it denotes somebody loves u whilst if it is on your left hand, it means the other way round. Ahaks! Sounds childish, just like the eyelash theory (if it falls, somebody is missing u).

Anyway, this time, I am lucky enough when I found the facts saying the white spot is called LEUKONYCHIA, which is owed to Zinc deficiency. That sounds more promising!
Excessive nail tapping, nail biting and slamming in a car door may also lead to injury to the base (matrix) of the nail, hence the bunga kuku.

However, my childish side still believes that the presence of bunga kuku signifies the problems I am facing. When I have it, I am under stress... and the hypotheses is kinda supported by my observation. Usually, my worries would no longer be there when the white spot vanished. Coincidence, perhaps!?

Err... menyimpang aqidah x kalau percaya benda-benda macam nie?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am ...or I is?

Rules: It's harder than it looks!
Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : ISABELLE
2. A four letter word : IRON
3. A boy's name : ISAAC
4. A girl's name : ISAURA
5. An occupation : IT ENGINEER
6. A color : IVORY
7. Something you'll wear: IN-FASHION...hehehe.buleh?
8. A food : IKAN
9. Something found in the bathroom: IKEA MIRROR... ngelat!
10. A place : IRELAND
11. A reason for being late : I OVERSLEPT MAA...
12. Something you'd shout : IDIOTTT!!!
13. A movie title : INCREDIBLE HULK
14. Something you drink : ICED LEMON TEA
15. A musical group : INCUBUS
16. An animal : IKAN... hahaha
17. A street name : ISABELLA ST. ada kan?
18. A type of car : ISWARA
19. Title of a song : I LOVE U (celine dion)

i'm tagging... all readers! :P

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The narcisst overshadowed

Had a field trip with Hydrology students last weekend. This time, it's just at Hulu Langat, not the usual Cameron Highlands.

But next sem, it has to be Cameron la, bcoz our supply of fruit tea has finished. Hehehe. Boleh gitu?

The pensyarah jemputan is briefing on stream flowrate & velocity.

The students doing jobs in the water...

And my only pix was this one...

How come the narcissist me only have a few pix this time.
Hampeh punye students! Diorang dah mencaras kenarsisan aku ropanya!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mari test power

Found this on Belladonna's page...

Here’s a chance to see how well you really know your husband/boyfriend/lover. Cut, paste and fill in the answers, then shoot, you know what to do.The real challenge is to send it to your husband/boyfriend/lover to see how right you really are.

*Actually before we got married, I gave Mr Hubby a list of 50 questions and most of his answers were correct. So, now after 2yrs+ of marriage, lemme test myself pulak."

1. He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?

Her: HBO, Cinemax, StarMovies or AXN. Once in a while when he is watching 811, I'd throw the question "Err... Ayah, nape kita tengok citer x best ni ye?" :P
Him: Ni satu soalan berapa markah nak bagi ni? kita kira 10 markah satu soalan la ye...
soalan 1... mama dapat... jeng2... 10 markah, n biasanya ayah jawab.. mama nak tgk cite apa? sambil bagi remote control kat mama

*best kan ada laki mcm ni. hehehe

2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Her: Mayonnaise or Thousand Island. He rarely tries something weird like vinaigrette, Caesar Dressing, etc.
Him: Wah bijaknye... bisteri sapa la ni... 10 markah lagi

*hnss...hnss... kontrol lobang ngidung

3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?
Her: Weird healthy food and food he refers to as junkies (cakes, jajan, kerepek). He just takes the middle path.
Him: ayah matan koko oat pa skrg... hehehe... (setelah sedar akan tekanan atm yg semakin tinggi pd diri sendiri, yup junkies kurang skit... 10 markah lagi utk bisteri tercinta

*kemain setia lagi dgn kuku-oat dia. tapi kalo mkn dgn ciken wings berlambak2, menjadi ke diet tu? (hint: lps ni kurang competition)

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
Her: Iced tea. The Nescafe O Ais days have gone. I once advised him to lessen his consumption of iced drinks. Ada le sehari dua je pantang, then balun cukup-cukup.
Him: teh o suam or iced tea la... yg ni dapat 8.5 markah je... biu2 centaa

*ye la...ye la...

5. Where did he go to high school?
Her: Segamat until Form 3 & switched to Ungku Hussin, when he thought Arabic was damn tuff. Mana ada, bang?! Assalamulaikum, waalaikumussalam...kan senang je tu :P
Him: yup betul, jazaka'allahu kairan kasira (setelah diajar oleh bisteri yg tertomel)15 markah tambahan (5 sbb tlg ajar jzkk tu...)

*ewah -ewah! Test power nmpk.

6. What size shoes does he wear?
Her: I know it's big. Size 8 if I'm not mistaken. Alaa... bagi la markah kesian!
Him: selipar ada saiz ke... jarang pakai kasut, saiz lapan setengah sbnrnye. 9.5 markah

*Mama saja je nak bagi nmpk kaki ayah mcm kecik. Kang orang kata bigfoot lak!

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
Her: Collect? Kolek bas...Hahahaha (LOL@ Along who dreamt of being a bus conductor when she was small). Well, he'd collect books bcoz he loves to read 'em. Unlike me, who only read blogs... If ever scientific journals are published attractively like blogs. Hehehe. And oh yes.. he collects fats too, just like Kobau- Bella's partner :P
Him: cita2 nak jadikan rumah tu library...hehehe.... 10 markah lagi utk rumah tunin'...


8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Her: Chicken of seafood, perhaps. As long as they are big to satisfy the appetite. Mati la kalo sandwich besar 2 jari like we had at Mt Nebo with Mary.
Him: kenyang ke matan sandwich? hehehe... kira betul la jawapan tu 10 markah lagi

*betul ke ni? ke dpt markah utk sedapkan ati je ni?

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
Her: Fried bihun, boti baja (roti jala), muntabak, lontong (he's fussy about the peanut sauce, though) to an extent that he is bored of the menu. Then, we'd never find 'em on the dining table for months before we feel like eating 'em again.
And of course, he'd eat all my cookings if I were rajin enuff to cook everyday.
Him: hehehe... mana ada sekarang ayah matan kokooat je. 10 markah lagi utk mama

*Ye betul. And when Acik was around we went to the Big Plate, Sate Kajang & etc. The diet was ruined in just 2 days. Hahaha

10. What is his favourite cereal?
Her: Honey Stars.
Him: koko oat la... (dah tukar bulan lepas)... 9.9 markah kekekeke...

*Huh! Busuk betul. Koko oat tu cereal ke? :P

11. What would he never wear?
Her: Non-boxer undies, unpleated pants, S-sized shirts, belts with big buckles, red trousers... and the list goes on.
Him: ye betul, banyak betul... mama kita pg umrah jom, nak beli jubah n kurta (ni dah terpesong niat ni)

*Hahaha...Ayah x ckp pun x pakai bra & panties...Hehehe

12. What is his favorite sports team?
Her: The Gunners
Him: dah x sokong dah... tgk semua game kalau ada kesempatan... layan badminton dgn pak mail bundel (walaupun x berapa nak tau)hehehehe... 2 markah sbb ya dulu sokong the gunners YAHUDI

*Okay. Balik ni, kita bakar jersi2 tu ye...

13. Who did he vote for?
Her: Those with 'demokrasi terpimpin'. Hahaha. I mean, those on the right path like the two famous Umars.
Him: first: panji Allah, 2nd: dari rakyat, untuk rakyat, bersama rakyat, 5 markah

*Alamak! Bukan ke ayah AFUNDI baeeek punya? kekekekeke :P

14. Who is his best friend?
Her: Me! Me! (sambil angkat tangan tinggi2, berdiri atas meja). Others are Nizam, Shady, Abg Azam, Jalak, Fark, Wong, Bobby...
Him: Jawapan ni dapat 2 markah je...sbb my best fren is u n little cikebum. xda sapa dah

*Merajuk kang kalo kwn2 ayah baca ni

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Her: Being emotionally unstable and nagging. But I bet that he wishes that I'd still be the naughty me. Hiyaaahhh... Mari rogol suami sendiri!!! :P
Him: jawapan ni dapat markah penuh kuasa 10... 100 markah, terutama sekali bab noti tu.

*Dah betul... maka balik ni, terpaksa la rogol suami laju-laju. Hahahaha

16. What is his heritage?
Her: Aiyoo..machaa?! Boleh jawab ka? He didn't like curry before, but after few times going back to Penang, he seems to be the one asking "X nak pi makan nasik kandaq ka?". But actually, he's a Malay despite the name that sounds like Jawa :P
Him: Chek kerja kat perai.... hahahahaha..... 8 juta markah...

*Amboi...Chek tau ka perai tu tang mana?"

17. What is his favourite colour?
Her: Apple green, but his wardrobe is dominated by blue shirts. Ye la... Mama tau, tu taktik nak ajak shopping la tu...
Him: alamak mama lupa warna putis la, putis mcm ayah.... 1000 markah

*Oh yes... between black & white, u'll choose white. as white as snowwybear*

18. What is his habit?
Her: Delay his shower after coming back from work. His excuse: to cool down first, bcoz he sweats a lot.
Him: habit tu sama mcm rabbit dalam teletubies tu ke..... kekekeke...
mama telah lulus PTK kuiz ini... i love u so much sayang....

*smug face* Hehehe

Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend with siblings

Last weekend, Acik & family came all the way from Penang. I went back home earlier to prepare lunch, that was his fav sambal sotong and such.

Yone- No favouritism. Your fav tempe was there too. Kira fair n square la kan? :P

When a squid dish is served, it is a must to mention about our silly childhood days. Those days, we put it on the finger as a ring. And it was brought together during our day nap.

It was believed to be a snack la kononnya for the hungry us when we got up. Eeee… x semenggah kan? :P

That night, Along came with her kids, so we really had a great time gossiping apart from updating each other about siblingly (is there such word?)stuff.
The most hilarious topic was certainly the weirdo in the family! And came the ‘aksi ketuk bakul bawang’. Hahaha

They also made fun out of me upon seeing the well-arranged pot lids on the shelf. As they called it "Amboi... sama mcm Tok Mun!" Hampeh!

The next day, we went to our sorga donia… and later, satisfied the big appetite at the Big Plate.
The hungry wolves...

Yone chomping on her Grilled Lamb.

Impatient Cikebum trying to grab the soup-in-the-bun while Mama & Ayah were syok sendiri having a snap.

Over-excited Cikebum, for being allowed to feed himself

Cikebum being scolded for misbehaving

The 'menyenyeh' face. Acik tersungkur di pintu kejayaan.

And the champion is… as usual la. Miss-Eat-Everything-Without-Worry! Me!!! :P

U see, before...


The next day, we went swimming...

and the boring guys had to wait...

Later that day, the three ladies...at Pak Li Kopitiam. As usual, when snapping photos...they'd tease me "Nak boh dlm blog la tu!" :P

The last day...
The program was delayed as we were about to get a visit from s new friend...that I cooked this pasta. Sedap kan?

Tapi yang penting, mesti mau pose dulu..Hihihi

Then, we went out for Sate Kajang. On our way, we were so jakun upon seeing this elephant on the Federal Hiway

After enjoying the Sate...
Yone and Intan making funny faces at the makcik at the back.

And the last pix for the entry. Here goes his Hani Mohsin look :P Padan muka hang Acik!!!

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