Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend with siblings

Last weekend, Acik & family came all the way from Penang. I went back home earlier to prepare lunch, that was his fav sambal sotong and such.

Yone- No favouritism. Your fav tempe was there too. Kira fair n square la kan? :P

When a squid dish is served, it is a must to mention about our silly childhood days. Those days, we put it on the finger as a ring. And it was brought together during our day nap.

It was believed to be a snack la kononnya for the hungry us when we got up. Eeee… x semenggah kan? :P

That night, Along came with her kids, so we really had a great time gossiping apart from updating each other about siblingly (is there such word?)stuff.
The most hilarious topic was certainly the weirdo in the family! And came the ‘aksi ketuk bakul bawang’. Hahaha

They also made fun out of me upon seeing the well-arranged pot lids on the shelf. As they called it "Amboi... sama mcm Tok Mun!" Hampeh!

The next day, we went to our sorga donia… and later, satisfied the big appetite at the Big Plate.
The hungry wolves...

Yone chomping on her Grilled Lamb.

Impatient Cikebum trying to grab the soup-in-the-bun while Mama & Ayah were syok sendiri having a snap.

Over-excited Cikebum, for being allowed to feed himself

Cikebum being scolded for misbehaving

The 'menyenyeh' face. Acik tersungkur di pintu kejayaan.

And the champion is… as usual la. Miss-Eat-Everything-Without-Worry! Me!!! :P

U see, before...


The next day, we went swimming...

and the boring guys had to wait...

Later that day, the three Pak Li Kopitiam. As usual, when snapping photos...they'd tease me "Nak boh dlm blog la tu!" :P

The last day...
The program was delayed as we were about to get a visit from s new friend...that I cooked this pasta. Sedap kan?

Tapi yang penting, mesti mau pose dulu..Hihihi

Then, we went out for Sate Kajang. On our way, we were so jakun upon seeing this elephant on the Federal Hiway

After enjoying the Sate...
Yone and Intan making funny faces at the makcik at the back.

And the last pix for the entry. Here goes his Hani Mohsin look :P Padan muka hang Acik!!!


  1. Hahaha..gelak golek2 tas karper kat ofis. Hang publish gak muka acik hampa yg hensom itu.. (laki aku la tu)

  2. Mana aksi ketuk bakul bwg? Tu part yg paling best!

  3. aksi ketuk bakul bwg dlm henpon along la....


  5. lalalalala... (sambil pandang tmpt lain


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