Wednesday, March 11, 2009

18 months and growing

Little Cikebum is gonna be 18 mths next week!

For the last few weeks, I really enjoyed hearing him say…
•Adam… (how sweet!)
•Adik… (err... does he mean an adik for him?) :P
•Acik (which refers to K.Hasnah the sitter)
•Air… (when he wants any drink, except the candu from Mama)
•Ball… (refereing to bola la)

And when I sing the Teletubbies song…“Tinky winky… Dipsy… La Laa…”

He’d continue with an adorable…“Po…”

Ahhh… that really melts my heart away.
No words of “Ayah” so far. I believe it’d be easier if Mr Hubby wanted to be called Papa, Dada or Baba. But that’s alrite. The time will come soon.

Anyway… actually, I have made many attempts to put him to bed without having me by his side (from the day he was born, he is used to having bonbons until he falls asleep). It is not an easy task. A part of me is trying to be firm with the decision, while the other part insists on letting him off my arms so I could do the housechores when dozed off.

I really have to do this… Else, I’d end up nursing him (lying by his side) until God-knows-when he catches some Z’s or worse, I’d snooze even before he does. No wonder MIL and Mr Hubby were so tensed when I wasn’t around, attending the 2-week course last year.

Recently, Cikebum’s whine and whimper are getting worse when he opened his eyes and I am not in his sight. This definitely made me go mad… so, while excusing myself to the loo or for prayers or for a cuppa… the only place he’d go limp is in his Ayah’s arms. That is if we’re lucky enough!

And me… being the green-monster for a minute, would eventually succumb by giving him the clamoured bonbons!

Mission’s not accomplished.

I remember last few weeks, I lost my mind and tried to teach him a lesson. He seemed to understand and obeyed what I said. He even finished the milk I made for him. But deep in my heart, I was afraid if he develops the same retaliation I kept for Mak.
Then, Mr Hubby came back and I told him what happened. I almost broke into tears when Cikebum turned his face off me. I’m sorry, darl. Lucky that he didn’t refuse his favourite bonbon after that.

Dear Cikebum,

Mama don’t wanna trade the anger with that Puss-in-Boots stare in your big eyes, that cheeky grin in the chubby cheek and the naughty finger that tunes for the channel while having his candu. Waaaa!!!

I don’t wanna grow old being my mum!

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