Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DOE Family Day 2009

Last Saturday, we joined DOE Family Day at Taman Agroteknologi, Hulu Langat. After breakfast, he event started with the famous poco-poco and chicken dance.

Then, there was the common 'kutip gula-gula'. As usual, the parents were actually overexcited to 'encourage' (a better word for 'force') the kids to participate.
Upon approaching the strewn sweets, Cikebum cried instead of collecting the sweets.

He must be scared seeing the frantic crowd :P

Terompah gergasi- I joined Zulaika, Mel and another Is to form the group 'Confirm Kalah.' The challenge was when we had to make a U-turn without taking off the terompah.

We almost got the first place, but we lost to the other group when we fell just steps before reaching the finishing line. Hahaha.

Then, Mr Hubby & I joined the Kapit Bola. Silap besar le bagi juara Bola Charlie masuk. (I once got the 1st place when playing this in primary school).

And we (the Bukit Mertajam team) ended up being the so-called champion!

Next was the musical chair. I refused to join in the first place, bcoz I know my possesive nature, up to the extent I'd do anything so I don't lose. Aisey! Memang confirm boleh nampak buruk perangai! But then, Sal invited so I gave in.

Tapi kontrol punye pasal lepas mengganas tolak Nik, I didn't get a seat when there were only 4 of us left.

Mr Hubby and the 'Buncit' team in the Buluh Betung Challenge.

Last but not least was the WWT (World Wrestling Titi). See... Mr Hubby syok bergambar, without helping the team. Ish..ish..ish... laki sapa la tu?

Bila masuk final, he was the only one left (from his team) to fight the remaining 3 from the opposite team. Terus kena humban dlm sungai.

Cikebum happily playing in the water.

And us... (hey, photographer... I thought the hamper & presents we won were supposed to be the pic too?)


  1. wahwahwah......musti best.....

  2. wahhhhhh!! sakan!

  3. hehehe...mmg best.
    permili kita xmau buat fmly day ka, acik?
    kita buat la pertandingan kumpul TC. hahaha.

    tapi kalo students EVT buat, awat x best mcm tu ha?

    haa..jwb GG. jwb!


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