Thursday, March 5, 2009

29 and being loved by friends

It has been a week since I turned 29. Yes, 29! Sounds ancient, eh? No la... am not even in the 3 series. Hahaha.

Anyway, I was gleeful being surrounded by friends during the two consecutive days (26th & 27th Feb).

I had a kinda UQ reunion - with Andy, Fe and Fiza. Hey, why my UQ friends are all serving Hotel & Tourism eh?

It was also a KAP and induksi reunion - with Kay, Jen, K.Ira...
and not to forget, K.Yati whom I gotta know from a course last year.

We shared the small cake with the rest of the course participants. Hihihi. Actually the cake was from Mr Hubby on the eve of my birthday.
We were already aslept while waiting for midnight, and were awakened by a big thud when Cikebum fell off the bed. Ngeee :P

So, I was actually-not-very-surprised by him with this cake full of candles.

I better blow 'em quick, so they don't contribute to global warming! Hahaha :P

Back to the Grooming & Ethics for Professionalism course, frankly we didn't think it was useful, neither that it was effective.
Whatever la... at least we got to gather with old and new friends.

Looking at this pix, it reminds me of the 'professional' speaker who said "Kalau x buat kelaku, x boleh ka?"

OoopS!!! :P

Early this week, I was unsuccesfully-surprised by my dear sidekicks (Sab & Zana). Gosh! It doesn't feel good when u know too much. All surprises would never work!!!

I got this yummy cake... It's really mouth-watering!

As u can see, they purposely lit so many candles on top of it. However there were only 28 candles, but on courtesy, I gave 1 more to make it 29. Hehehe

Thanks, babes!!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Isabelle! Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki :)

  2. thanks, bella ;)
    bila nak dpt handmade card drp u? hehehe

  3. eh do u know Hjh Esah & AdiHana ekkk?


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