Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On cloud nine

Last Tuesday, while waiting for the room to be vacant for the EVT624 lecture.

GG : Puan, that day a student asked me "Hey, what's ur lecturer's name? The young one."
Me : Huh? Which student?
GG : Chemistry. Tu la... she asked me ur name.
Me : Why?
GG : In the beginning, I didn't know whom was she refering to.
Me : Hahaha. I know, u refuse to admit when she said 'the YOUNG one' kan?
GG : Eeee...perasan!
Me : (making annoying smug face). Eh, but why did she ask?
GG : She said "I saw her on TV the other day"
Me : (konon-konon blushing)

* * * * * * * *

The same day, after EVT671 lecture... while walking off the lecture room.

A : Puan, ajar la kitorang mekap.
Me : Aaaa?
B : A'ah la, Puan. We don't know how to apply makeups la.
Me : Ish... korang ni. Biar benar. (mcm la aku reti sgt)
B : Serius.
A : U know, Puan. Actually, we always look fwd to attending ur lecture, so we could see how u dress for the day.
B : Yes...yes. U really know how to wear the tudung in various styles.
A : Ajar la kitorang, Puan. Ni silibus dah nak abis ni, kita buat la kelas grooming pulak. Hehehe
Me : Alaa...korang ni. Ada-ada je la.

Dan aku pun tersipu kemaluan...ehh! kemalu-maluan. Ngeee :P The students really made my day. (But there are times when they 'make my blood go upstairs' too. Hahahaha


  1. ececeh~ u shud tell ur students how u apply 'crayon' make-up so that it looks like 'crayolan';p

  2. hamboi2...tengok mama ko ni adam!
    prasantan muda je! eleh...semuda2 mama adam pon, adam lagi muda!!!
    kan adam kan??

  3. wekkk :P
    GG jeles. yay! yay!
    GG jeles...

    hehehe. krayolan la sgt! krayon je.


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