Friday, May 30, 2008

Moviegoer no more

Well, I was a moviegoer. Note that it's a past tense.
I could no longer claim myself as one, as the last movie I watched was about 10 months ago. Gosh! I couldn't even remember the title.

The reason is because of my little darling cikebum. How are we gonna go to a cinema with him? Anyway, today is the day...

Sham & I sent him to the sitter as usual...went to the office to do some chores and went to watch Narnia. Ahhh...finally...

It's not a sin, huh? Ok la tu..we have been waiting for so long to get this chance!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rusty brain

An exam at the end of the course? It has been approx 5 years since I last for an exam. So, this time, the pressure is on!

But then…"What a waste! I shouldn’t have worried too much before the exam."
Not to boast, but the questions were not so difficult. I could easily answer them, writing with flow…

Till it comes to Dasar Persyarikatan Malaysia. Uh-oh… then only I was confused. Dasar Persyarikatan and Penswastaan…what’s the difference?!

That's when Jen became a big help. She's a lecturer of Administrative Science and Policy Studies. Memang 'makanan' dia le! Need I say more?

Hahaha...Thanks, Jen ;)

Oh yeah...remember the 'little hand's wave' in my previous post? Today, I arrived home... and just after a few minutes playing with Adam...he beckoned with his little fingers.

It's with his left hand! So, does it mean that he is left-handed?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another diva in action

Few days ago, I got an email from a KP (whom I served for her programme) regarding my failure to attend the exam meeting. Of course I know I was supposed to, but with the time constrain I had before I left for the course, I thought it wouldn’t be an issue. I have validated the results and am willing to prepare a special exam paper if required.

So, I emailed her, explaining… but she replied as if I was an ignorant idiot. Elehh..berlagak diva pulak mak cik ni.

Hello… I willingly fulfill YOUR request to teach YOUR students. Can’t you just be nice to me? What if next semester I simply refuse to? (well, my boss said, I am allowed to do so)

Sometimes, being nice to people is just not enough!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Little hand's first wave!

My 2-week course is coming to an end. Though Adam is away from me, I was updated that he could now 'wave' his hand when hearing people say "Bubbye!" or "Tata!"

Oh my...that's so sweet. I can't wait to see the little hand waving at me!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eat all u can!

Ayah's hair... erkk!!! I thought it tastes like cotton candy!

Fan blade (made of foam). soft! and I like the colour...
My Mickey teether (approved by Ayah & Mama)

My own finger... (when everything else has been taken away)...

BM production

I’m worried if my breast milk production stops. It’s showing signs of decrease by now. Yeah, I know continuous stimulation can solve this problem…but how is that possible when my munchkin is away?

Those days when I could get 8oz by one go.

Ya Allah…please allow me to bf my munchkin until he’s two.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Unforgettable "Mama"

Parents rejoice hearing the first "mama" or "dada," even if the word doesn't actually refer to Mom or Dad. In fact, “Dada” usually comes first as part of babbling.

Being new parents, Adam’s first word is the most anticipated. Yes, we heard him saying “Wawawa…” and “Tatatatata…” before, but it’s kinda meaningless.

He even sighed with a loud “ayahhh…” when I was still in confinement. So, I assumed that it was not meant to be “Ayah”…but just a long sigh…

Just now, Sham & my MIL told me, Adam kept crying and yelling all the way from Shah Alam to Kg Gajah to visit me...and ahah! he even cried "Mama...mama". I wondered when could I hear him saying it again.

Not so long after that, Adam was playful when I wanted to breastfeed him, so I slightly pat onto his leg (as if I was scolding him). And..... he cried “Mama..mama…”

So…Ayah, looks like Adam calls me first! I won! Hihihi (smug)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Away for the very 1st time :'(

For 8 months, Adam & I have never separated for more than 12 hours. He has always been 'under my ketiak'...

He has been listening attentively to the sound of my voice. He has heard me laugh, he has heard me cry. Even when my voice was silent, he has been comforted by the beating of my heart. From the day he was born, he was able to distinguish my voice from every other voice in the world.

Before he left me at this Pusat Latihan just now, I hugged & kissed him. I knew, it's never enough. But still I had to let go. I even saw tears rolling from my MIL's eyes. She understood that this is the first time for us to be separated. I hope, Adam wouldn't bring much trouble to his granny when I am not around.

I know this time apart is difficult for me. That’s why I brought along a pair of his worn and not yet laundered romper and a few clips of him cooing and laughing. I even keep the romper in a plastic bag to preserve his smell (blush!)

Ayah...Adam... I can't bear to be away from u.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The 1st Mother's Day

Happy MamaBear's Day!

Got and sent some sweet greetings from/to Naj, Mak Ngah, Bid, Dr. Saras and Sue.

To all Moms in the world...You know who you are, so give yourselves a pat on the back. For those of you 'seasoned' Mama's - a super Mother's Day to you, too - look how great your little squirts are or have turned out!

Regardless of the energy drained, being a Mama is somehow worthy when it comes to the baby’s first smile, the first coo, the first crawl, and …the first step and tooth that we are still waiting). Ok, enough waxing poetic.

Today, we went out with my MIL, buying her a bracelet-like watch and a new purse (for Mother’s Day and for her birthday). She seemed to like it very much.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mak! Thanks for giving birth to Rie. Else, I wouldn’t be his wifey.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Invigilating and marking

Apparently, not only students are distressed during the exam week.

We, lecturers, too are distressed because of the invigilation schedule and reading the various nonsense in the answer scripts while marking.
I can't wait to finish marking the papers. Next time, maybe I should prepare less exam questions so there will be less answers to be marked. Hehe...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Adam vs Adham

1st May is public hols (Labour Day). That morning, Sham & I decided to pay Bid a visit. She was my maid of honour, got married one month after I did...and got a baby one month after I did.
The last time we met was last Oct (after her delivery).

Looks like Adham is slightly bigger than Adam.
They just looked at each other... wait until they become toddlers/kids!
Adham lied down while being fed, while Adam tried to crawl and move around.

Busy taking pix, Sham said "I think the moms are more excited than the kids are."
Well...that's how it is :P

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