Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rusty brain

An exam at the end of the course? It has been approx 5 years since I last for an exam. So, this time, the pressure is on!

But then…"What a waste! I shouldn’t have worried too much before the exam."
Not to boast, but the questions were not so difficult. I could easily answer them, writing with flow…

Till it comes to Dasar Persyarikatan Malaysia. Uh-oh… then only I was confused. Dasar Persyarikatan and Penswastaan…what’s the difference?!

That's when Jen became a big help. She's a lecturer of Administrative Science and Policy Studies. Memang 'makanan' dia le! Need I say more?

Hahaha...Thanks, Jen ;)

Oh yeah...remember the 'little hand's wave' in my previous post? Today, I arrived home... and just after a few minutes playing with Adam...he beckoned with his little fingers.

It's with his left hand! So, does it mean that he is left-handed?

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