Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost and Found...not

While being excited counting the days to be surrounded by my dear friends on my birthday next Thursday, I suddenly found myself in grief by dusk this week's Thursday.

After seconds stepping into the house, I realized one of the brooches on my kebaya was missing. I was like a mad woman, crying childishly and urged him to look for it.
Being the usual understanding and patient man, Mr Hubby drove us out in search of the lost tiny brooch despite his fatigue after the whole day at work.

We went back to the stalls where we stopped earlier, to Adam’s sitter’s place, to my fac and to his office, yet there were no signs of lost-AND-found. The sentimental part of me felt a bit sad as I was once overjoyed getting them.

Call me selfish, call me unreasonable… or whatever u may. But I don't remember feeling so happy receiving the triplet brooches for our anniversary when we first stepped foot in Sabah.
Much to my disappointment, it is almost impossible to find the same design in the market anymore, even if I stormed into all shopping spots in Sabah. So to say, I have to mix-n-match la. Sob…sob…

Back home, I tried to divert my attention by chitchatting about other subjects while sitting for the takeaway meal. My thoughts told me “I might feel too sad to have my usual appetite to finish this up.”

But after minutes… hehehe…licin jugak rupanya :P

This morning, the outlook I had yesterday somehow had dimmed and I was actually on the verge of tears. Somehow, along the line of growing up, I learn to accept it. Well, that’s the way it should be.

Eh-oh… I am being sentimental here (more like 'mental; actually.).. and nostalgic.. and stupid! Huhuh.. I gotta stop listening to the devil’s whisper and start re-checking what did I do wrong for being ‘tested’ this way.

How grateful I am for getting him as my hubby, to teach me to accept whole-heartedly (redha) with what Allah had decided. I know, if it was him who no-matter-how lost the thing I gave him, I’d just turn the world upside down! Teruknya!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Geng bas sekolah

Since last week, Mr Hubby & I have started to wake up earlier than usual so we don't have to be part of the insane traffic jam that forms around the town, rushing to workplaces, etc.

At about 7ish this morning, on our way to the office, cars and buses have already started moving, to their respective destinations.

Me : Why ah these buses put up stickers like 'Wak Janggut', 'Sri Intan'...
Mr Hubby:
Me : If I were them, I’d put up ‘Geng Bas Sekolah.’ Fancy!
Mr Hubby: They can’t do so. They’ll be sued.
Me : Oh yea… (just realized)
Mr Hubby: Alternately, maybe they can put ‘GBS TTDI Jaya’
Me : Hmm… that sounds cool!

Well, Geng Bas Sekolah (GBS) is the IN tv programme on Astro Ceria for kids nowadays. Perhaps it’s not too much for me to say that it has become a phenomena!

Even my niece can sing the lines from the song from A to Z.

Kamilah geng geng geng bas sekolah
Kami wira bas mencari jawapan
Kamilah geng geng geng bas sekolah
Kamilah wira bas penyelamat dunia

Not to mention my 17mth-old Cikebum who would swing and sway upon hearing the song when the series starts.

Talking about schoolbuses, it rekindles the memories of my highschooldays. Staying in hostels literally means that we wouldn’t have to board schoolbuses. However, it’s an exception for Form 2 and Form 4 students who occupied Asrama Jalan Perak, which is about 15min drive from the main campuis...ehh! school (Asrama Jalan Lunas).

So, every morning, there will be this yellow schoolbus to fetch us to and fro the hostels in two trips. The driver is a friendly Chinese man, and we used to call him ’Apek.’

But there are days when some of us had to go back to the hostel on feet, esp. after extra class like Kelas Kemahiran AlQuran. The number of students was very little that it was not worthy for the bus to pick us up.

I remember one of those days when someone (I don’t remember whether it was a teacher or a prefect) switched on the PA system to make an announcement…

“Assalamualaikum. Attention, please! Students who come to school by Bas Apek, please gather in front of the astaka... bla...bla...”

And I was like… WHAT??? BAS APEKKK? The announcement started with nicely arranged words but suddenly… Duh!!!

I wonder whether that Apek is still alive. If he is, he must be very old now.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pamper with pedicure!

Many of u might have had experience catering to the part of the body that bares the burden of carrying us around- the feet.

As we are always on my feet all day at work and wear our feet down shopping all day, comes the natural inclination to just forget all about the feet especially bcoz they are located at the lowest point of the body and are covered up in shoes.

Not an every-hour-slather-with-lotion-person, u can't just imagine how I really needed a pedicure although I don't have cracked heels, corns or callous and such. But I think it's just time to give those feet the extra pampering they deserve.

So, last Friday, during the long lunch break, Sab & I pampered ourselves for a manicure/pedicure session at the Dewi Sri Spa, Alam Sentral. It is a real relaxing place with a serene ambience to pamper your nails!

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the receptionist and were brought to an exquisite room before the session.

Nice, eh?

My feet were soaked in the sweetsmelling warm water while I enjoyed listening to the soothing music.

The products used while I sat back and relax and unwind the worry of the day.

Tadaaa! My shiny pedicured foot!

Hey, now... with my toes and feet look perfect and polished (Bling! Bling!) I can wear open toed sandals, funky flip-flops, or anything I wish... Hehehe

Valentine this year

Valentine has passed. One day before it came, I found myself discussing with my colleague on what to do for THE day, what present to give, etc. Yet, it didn't sound like a very interesting topic like it was somewhat 10 yrs ago (Ewww... I sound old!)

I believe it's not the signs of ageing (as I always tease Dr Tan). Not that the love is not blooming anymore. Well, love is to be celebrated everyday (regardless of the events) and affection is to be expressed anytime, without delay... and it can be done in so many ways. And I, choose to include Valentine as one-of-the-days-to-celebrate-if-I-were-available.

Likewise, the price of bouquets is neck-strangling on that day (plus the day before and after). So, I don't mind getting blooms or blossoms on some other days.
*hint *hint :P

And being the laid-back me, I'd rather do other activities than getting a headache to book a table for two on the day where other couples would be doing the same. If I were to get a royal treatment, that's another story.

Anyway, last Friday, when Mr Hubby fetched me after work, he gave me a card and a box. It was to be opened at midnite, as he ordered.

That was a real surprise! I thought we agreed not to celebrate it this year. So, my mind started to work extra-hard to plan on what to give in return.

After a sec, I was giggling, bcoz I thought I knew what was in the box. As usual, his surprises almost always do not work. Hahaha!
In the end, we both chuckled on our way back home.

Guess what I got? A box of chocolates in tubes! :p Yes, it's childish, but I think, it's cute!

Oh yeah... the unplanned event also saw me rushing to a nearby bookstore one day later to get a book (of his fav author) for him as a gift.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentino momento

Tomorrow is the V-day, for lovey-dovey couples. Whether u celebrate it or not, this is just a wish... for a shower of never-ending love.

To my laling,

I'm loving u
Morning, noon and night time too ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it a ........ ?

Last week, when I was stressed due to the bad traffic, I made these to be put in the kitchen.

Look closely...

What's the pix in the third frame (on ur right)?

Hubby :, this is the thing that u were talking about!
Me : A'ah... cute x? (u better say yes)
Hubby : Cantiiiikkk... chillies, tomatoes, and this is serai kan?
Me : Huh?!!! Serai??? Do they look like lemongrass?
Hubby : (giving a stinky cockle smile) :P Bukan ke?
Me : Waaa... I spent hours making it. Now u r saying it's serai?
Hubby : Err... celery, right?
Me : Waaa... (louder). It's spring onion la!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On air!

As some of u might have seen, I was on the TV last Sunday, for the shooting I had last month.
The arrival of the designer.

Actually, I don't really like the way this shawl was styled. Actually, I wore it long-flowing with a 'flowery' knot, but as this mix-n-match outfit is meant for field visit, they want it to look simpler.

This orangey blouse was plain (but was not aired on the tv). Maybe bcoz it makes me look fat. Hehehe.

I like this match though. nice, eh? (perasan!)

Thanks, Jovian! I am now more confident with myself (mcm la sebelum ni low self esteem)

To those out there who missed the previous Busana episode, check it out --> here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Warming the house :P

Alhamdulillah.. the doa selamat for our not-so-new house went well. It was 'warmed' by our friendly neighbours, friends, relatives and dear ones.

The pak haji who led the doa selamat, cum my boss cum my neighbour (Dr Wan), having a chat with En. Mat (our financial advisor) and Mr Hubby.

I was very happy and honoured to have Pak Ngah and family on that day.

Not to mention, Sab... and Zana (eh, the other Zana is not in the pix as she came later with her hubby)

...and Tok Lang's children (the aunties and uncle who are like our real flesh & blood)

Adam was so busy entertaining the guests, with curry puff in his hands eventually fell asleep in the middle of the crowd.

...and he was still aslept when the heroine came. Calon menantu nih! Siap cium2 gambar Adam lagi...

To Yone,
Thanks for helping me out with the preparation, right till the end.

To Abah & Acik's family,
Wished u were here. Oi... when are u coming?

To Along who only made it the day after,
Hang ni memang tambi la, Along! Dah abis kenduri baru nak mai...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Drive me crazy!

Reading Belladonna's entry on her driving lesson, it rekindled the memories of my younger days. So, I'd like to share my experience here.

I registered myself for the driving lesson at a driving school where Along (my eldest sister) got hers somewhat 8 years earlier. It happened that I was also assigned to the same instructor, Cikgu Jamal. A funny and friendly man.

During our first lesson, I told him "Cikgu, please teach me everything, from A to Z. U may treat me like a dolt, as I am a real newbie." (and I really mean it).

So, he did... teaching me one by one, patiently. Lucky that I didn't ask him the same question Along did "How do I know whether the other cars are moving fast or not?" :P

Naik 'gon' (bukit - as Penangites call it), turun 'gon'... I enjoyed my time, though sometimes I wondered why do I have to keep repeating the same thing for numerous times?

Usually, after the session, CJ will ask me to drive on the road. So, one day I said to him...
Moi : Cikgu, can we drive to Section 19?
CJ : Okay, but why Section 19?
Moi : (with a grin) It's my boyfriend's neighbourhood. Anuar Zain la, cikgu.
CJ : (with his toothless smile) Hahaha. Eleh..iye la tu.
Moi : (half-huffing)Huh! Don't underestimate me. Who knows one day? Hehehe.

Then, I drove him to the neighbourhood, few meters before passing by my Anuar Zain's house, the engine stopped at the hump on the road. Kes x tukar gear la ni!

And CJ burst into laughter... "U see, excited sangat nak gi rumah Anuar Zain, sampai mati enjin... lupa tukar gear."

That's one of the stories that I'd never forget about my driving lesson.

To date, I have been on the driver's seat for about 4-5 years. Not as long as some of u, eh? I could say that I am just an okay driver (on the road, as well as in the parking lots).

Am not as skillful as Zana, though. She could easily side-park in just several back and forth movements.

Not long after I got the licence, I flew off to OZ for 1.5 years. So, by the time I was back home, I didn't have to display the P sticker anymore on the vehicle.

Ina, my youngest sister used to laugh at me when I mumbled and complained about how hard it was to drive a manual car. For that, I always asked her to open a driving school, so I could easily pass the driving test. (Well, she never did!)

Oh... it's getting late. I gottago.

To those out there, u are also cordially invited to our doa selamat tomorrow at 3pm.
I hope everything will flow smoothly.

And hey, don't forget to be a couch potato on Sunday, 11.30 am. Tune in to TV9 ;)
Till then, have a good weekend!

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