Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Warming the house :P

Alhamdulillah.. the doa selamat for our not-so-new house went well. It was 'warmed' by our friendly neighbours, friends, relatives and dear ones.

The pak haji who led the doa selamat, cum my boss cum my neighbour (Dr Wan), having a chat with En. Mat (our financial advisor) and Mr Hubby.

I was very happy and honoured to have Pak Ngah and family on that day.

Not to mention, Sab... and Zana (eh, the other Zana is not in the pix as she came later with her hubby)

...and Tok Lang's children (the aunties and uncle who are like our real flesh & blood)

Adam was so busy entertaining the guests, with curry puff in his hands eventually fell asleep in the middle of the crowd.

...and he was still aslept when the heroine came. Calon menantu nih! Siap cium2 gambar Adam lagi...

To Yone,
Thanks for helping me out with the preparation, right till the end.

To Abah & Acik's family,
Wished u were here. Oi... when are u coming?

To Along who only made it the day after,
Hang ni memang tambi la, Along! Dah abis kenduri baru nak mai...


  1. hehehehe!!!!!nanti2 la....la nie dok bz sket....ekonomani la katakan.....

  2. apa pulak economoney?
    x lama lagi ja tu..intan dpt la gaji tunggak 4 bulan tu...

    hang pi kecek mintak hadiah kat makngah hang.


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