Friday, February 6, 2009

Drive me crazy!

Reading Belladonna's entry on her driving lesson, it rekindled the memories of my younger days. So, I'd like to share my experience here.

I registered myself for the driving lesson at a driving school where Along (my eldest sister) got hers somewhat 8 years earlier. It happened that I was also assigned to the same instructor, Cikgu Jamal. A funny and friendly man.

During our first lesson, I told him "Cikgu, please teach me everything, from A to Z. U may treat me like a dolt, as I am a real newbie." (and I really mean it).

So, he did... teaching me one by one, patiently. Lucky that I didn't ask him the same question Along did "How do I know whether the other cars are moving fast or not?" :P

Naik 'gon' (bukit - as Penangites call it), turun 'gon'... I enjoyed my time, though sometimes I wondered why do I have to keep repeating the same thing for numerous times?

Usually, after the session, CJ will ask me to drive on the road. So, one day I said to him...
Moi : Cikgu, can we drive to Section 19?
CJ : Okay, but why Section 19?
Moi : (with a grin) It's my boyfriend's neighbourhood. Anuar Zain la, cikgu.
CJ : (with his toothless smile) Hahaha. Eleh..iye la tu.
Moi : (half-huffing)Huh! Don't underestimate me. Who knows one day? Hehehe.

Then, I drove him to the neighbourhood, few meters before passing by my Anuar Zain's house, the engine stopped at the hump on the road. Kes x tukar gear la ni!

And CJ burst into laughter... "U see, excited sangat nak gi rumah Anuar Zain, sampai mati enjin... lupa tukar gear."

That's one of the stories that I'd never forget about my driving lesson.

To date, I have been on the driver's seat for about 4-5 years. Not as long as some of u, eh? I could say that I am just an okay driver (on the road, as well as in the parking lots).

Am not as skillful as Zana, though. She could easily side-park in just several back and forth movements.

Not long after I got the licence, I flew off to OZ for 1.5 years. So, by the time I was back home, I didn't have to display the P sticker anymore on the vehicle.

Ina, my youngest sister used to laugh at me when I mumbled and complained about how hard it was to drive a manual car. For that, I always asked her to open a driving school, so I could easily pass the driving test. (Well, she never did!)

Oh... it's getting late. I gottago.

To those out there, u are also cordially invited to our doa selamat tomorrow at 3pm.
I hope everything will flow smoothly.

And hey, don't forget to be a couch potato on Sunday, 11.30 am. Tune in to TV9 ;)
Till then, have a good weekend!

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