Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paint the world your own hue!

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
Quoted from one of the Sex & the City series, actually this entry is about a freaking humbug who has caused a hurly burly amongst me & my gossiping friends.

It started with the fashion we (Sab, Zana & I) wear everyday to work. Apparently, we don't buy the whole bundle of fabrics at all shops. But having very similar design and fashion after a week or two, oh.. perhaps it's just a coincidence as it's the in-fashion of that season!

Then, the make-ups. Okay..okay, most women put on make-ups on their face! But we are the 'ratu tebal' around who pioneered certain types of eye make-ups to intensify or soften our regards. So, it must be very obvious when someone who always puts only one decent shade on the mobile lids suddenly came up with the same application techniques, not to mention, the same colour tones!

Belladonna, can u please give free tutorials to these fraudsters?!

Not long after that, Sab was gleeful with the ever desired bright-eyed lenses. And again, another impostor joined the club!
As for me, I really think those who wear lenses (particularly colour lenses) while they have great eyesight are idiots. Why expose yourself to eye infection when u can happily avoid it?
It's no big deal if u are short-sighted or long-sighted, as it is just an option whether u wanna wear normal lenses or colour lenses.
C'mon man, create your own style!

Then, I started wearing necklaces, bracelets & bangles after I piled up my old collection with new ones. Just feel like putting on extra accessories.

Guess what, it's a happenstance again! :P

My dear ones told me, these copycats who fraudulently photocopy our appearance are actually our fans, but it doesn't pay to chafe us!Or maybe they just don't know how to give credit where credit is due.

Soon after, after scuttlebutting about the previous emulations by those morons, my ways of wearing scarf/shawl was imitated. Having been wearing fancy styles of scarf/shawls at work, people always ask me on how I put 'em on. I interpret it as a compliment. But in this case, it's annoying to the eyes!

Hello copycat, are u craving for ideas for a better image? Why not hire Norma Norell to help u?

Hmmm... maybe after the shooting I had with Jovian is aired next weekend, there will be more imitators around me! How pathetic seeing a wannabe-me trying so hard to look as good or better than me :P


  1. cik isabelle,y dont u try pkai kasut lain2 pasang?
    kalau ditiru jugak oleh copycat ittew.. mmg laaaa ya ampunn!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. yg tu maybe dia x berani tiru, sbb obvious sgt.
    but who knows... an emulator like that would still do!


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