Thursday, January 8, 2009

Designer's touch

Woohoo! I got the chance to get a designer's touch for my wardrobe! It's Jovian Mandagie! Yes, the couturier who designed the dress for Linda Onn at last year's Oscar red carpet.
Actually, it was a shoot for a TV programme to be aired soon, but hey... this doesn't happen to everybody, u see! :P esp. for me who is not of the upper echelons of the society.

Jovian, bz picking the limited wardrobe to mix & match.

Lepaking on the couch, waiting for the so-called-model to change.

Posing with one of the outfits.

Before the wrap with the crew: Hisham, Nur, Yone, Sue & Azhar. Then, we headed for another shoot at Section 7.

One for the camera before the extraordinary designer left.

p/s: Sorry, Jovian... it's my way of using the term 'baju neraka' for sexy clothes. Hahaha. I'll wait for u to design telekung after this :P

A snap with Nur. Hey, when are we going shopping together?

Phew! It was exhausting, but fun! Shooting took hours, yet after editing, it's gonna be aired for just 5 mins :P

I still have sore on my calves till today. Hahaha!


  1. woitttt, posing untuk majalah mangga ke?

    looking for handbag from USA? search, nekrock, friendly lady will serve you.

    kopak dah domfet akak kat sini tapi puashati.

    kak zu

  2. hushhhh. utk majalah mangga, yg ni x cukup sexy nih. hahahaha.

    btw, kak zu yg mana ni ye?

    any links to u?

  3. cantiknya tudung!!

    Well, filming macam tu laa, berjam-jam and then what appears on TV is just a few minutes.

    Nice one, Isabelle!

  4. ngeee :P (blush @ bella)
    it's gonna be aired on 8th Feb @ tv9.

    kak teh,
    tudung je ke cantik? hahaha.
    nak kena gi cucuk botox la camni :P

    been bz nowadays. dah lama x update blog. hope will be able to write something later today.

    bz bz pun, blog bella & kakteh x pernah miss punya ;)

  5. shoot untuk busana tv9 ye? cantik... :)


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