Thursday, September 25, 2008

The International dress

Yesterday, the baju raya hunting continued. I was almost thwarted when the outfit of the fabric and design much to my liking were ridiculously expensive!

Later, I went back to the shop where I bought a pareo to mix & match (needed to change to another matching colour), I saw another outfit I like, with the right colour, of the right material, design and price! Hahaha! So, in no time, I had the clothing removed from the mannequin!

I am grateful that I could easily purchase clothing without having too try ‘em on. It saves time and energy (I need the calories to be my fats!)

Talking about figures, I wonder why some obese love to ‘display’ their fat thighs, flabby arms and pot belly by wearing tight jeans and baby tees? I’m not demoralizing the obese (well, some look cute! E.g: Mas).

But, hello…It’s yucky to show off fat slobs between the boobies and butts. It is acceptable if it shows ur beauty. But in this case, it only shows ur weaknesses (the ugly sides of U). I myself do have flaws, but why would I wanna reveal ‘em?

Okay..okay… enough said. Let’s talk about my childhood dress. Apart from a pink Punjabi suit with black polka-dots, I have baju antarabangsa (the International dress). Hihihi ;P How funny! Neither the design, nor the fabric is international, yet it was called so. Know why? None of my siblings know how did it actually got its name. Now, let me tell u.

Those days, I had very sharp memory and observation. I loved reading dictionaries (unfortunately, there was no spelling bee competition by then), memorize nursery rhymes and proverbs/idioms, drawing, etc.

From there, I realized the logo of Rothmans International. However, being a 4-year old (or so), I couldn’t really pick the line as advertised in the TV. I mean, I know exactly what it was and how it’s spelt… but I wasn’t sure of what it meant.

The ad went something like this… “……..ditaja oleh Rothmans Antarabangsa.

Then, I got a dress with the designs of this Rothmans-look-alike logo all over the fabric. And I hated it so much that I addressed it at Baju Antarabangsa.

Gosh! Was I that observant? If so, where did the acute memory go? I could barely remember students’ names, especially the junior ones.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2-pin electrical safety

Yesterday, I proceeded my OSH Safety lecture on Electrical Safety. As usual, I explained almost everything in the slides to make sure the students understand.

Looking at the syllabus, it’s is very easy. Yet in most cases, I have to provide examples, draw pictures and incorporate the situation in our daily lives so they understand better. Sometimes, they even ask the meaning of the term I used (in Malay).

“You might have used a 2-pin plug before, I suppose. Of course for this kinda plug, we need an adaptor to put in the 2-pins. Else, what do U use?"

"Pen!" "Keys!" "

Wow! Various answers. Very active participation.

And I added “Sometimes we keep using the plug though the pins are not very safe to be used whereas it's a bit terkangkang… right? Bcoz it’s easier to plug in” I added.

Hah? Lain macam je bunyinya! (that could have a different meaning!)” Fendi chimed-in.


“I didn't say anything… " I proclaimed innocently and it took a while for my evil grin to disappear.

I knew what he really meant to say. I couldn’t help myself, but had to act cool.

And judging from the initial responses I got from the group, I knew if I explained in the lay man words to my AS229 group (for the same subject) I will be in for another bumpy ride! :P

Raya sakan!

Only a few days are left before Syawal approaches. While strolling and hopping from one shopping complex to another, we saw a zakat counter. Ahhh..yes! This is the thing (one of) we have been looking for! Kang bz shopping, ada yang lupa tanggungjawab pulak!

Allah says,

"Take from their wealth a sadaqah in order to purify them and sanctify them with it, and invoke Allah for them. Verily! Your invocations are a source of security for them"

Zakat is
  • A transfer of posessions and not a favor or a gift, given by the owner to those who deserve it, in accordance with the Qur'an and the Sunnah.
  • Considered In a Specified Portion of the wealth, determined according to specific principles.
  • Not due on all types of wealth there are certain conditions that should be fulfilled in order not to pay zakat on one's wealth.
  • Due on wealth that has fulfilled the nisab (limit of exemption or minimum amount of one's holding that is liable to zakat).
  • Moneys collected that is disposed of in a specific way, to specific persons.
  • Zakat is also purification from greed purification from greed, envy and greed.
  • It serves to help the weak. It improves an individual's social spirit.
  • It cleanses sins.
  • It spreads tranquility and peace.
  • It improves one's personality.
  • It brings about love.
  • It purifies wealth.
  • It is a test from allah to his servants.
  • It motivates hard work.

This year, (for the 2nd time) Sham paid for 3 people in the family. Last year, he shared with me about the pride he felt for paying the zakat.
Not riya' that he paid the small amount... but it's more on the fatherly and husbandly feeling that touched his heart most, for now he has two persons under his responsibility.

Oh yeah...baju raya hunting has only started for me. I thought it's okay to put it up till the last few days of Ramadhan, unfortunately not! Prices for one suit of 'baju kurung' for women could range from as cheap as RM39 up to hundreds.

Went to Jalan TAR/Masjid India- the most happening place for baju raya, tudung raya, kuih raya, bunga raya... eh, I mean...the flowers to be arranged in the vase.

I almost forgot what it was like joining in the mad shopping rush a few days before raya. It was crazy! But I believe it must be crazier by early next week, when they will just agree to any price just to let go off the things they sell.

After doing some shopping, I could see Sham pouting. He wasn't happy bcoz we didn't manage to find the baju raya I wanted (the combination of good colour, material, fashion & price) that we changed the plan and opt to other colours. Yet still I couldn't get two matching outfits, instead, we bought other things.

After iftar, the search continued and I bought another kebaya that suit Sham's baju Melayu. Yay! (Susah-susah je pegi jauh, yang dekat jugak aku beli)

As I fidgeted in front of the mirror around Sham, I danced and sang…

Mehndi laga ke rakna, doli saja ke rakna
Mehndi laga ke rakna, doli saja ke rakna

And my hubby who was busy inserting duit raya in the envelopes said... “Amboi! Notty ni."

Hmm…apparently, I failed to impress him or, at least to make him move an inch. Saja je nak kacau!

So, this time, with the long shawl... another song came out…
Bole chudiyan, bole kangana

Haay main ho gayi, teri saajna

This time, he saidNi apa kena Sayang Abang ni? (What’s with u, dear?)

Hahaha! At last… I managed to divert his attention >:)

Hmmm… I really like the baju raya I just bought. Without the outer top blouse, I could pretend to be Radin Ajeng Retno Putri Dumilah look alike. Wah! Very the perasan!

Cinta ini hakikatnya...

aku serahkan jiwa dan ragaku...

Ahhh... me & my Puteri Gunung Ledang obsession.

With a grin, Sham said… “Ni apa pulak ni? (What is it this time?)”

Konon-konon sulking, I made a forlorn look… siap ada soundtrack lagi...

Yeh hai tere karam, kabhi khushi kabhi gham
Na judaa honge hum, kabhi khushi kabhi gham

Sham just shook his head, yet still smiling he said “Don’t u wanna hear something that cut off ur excitement?”

“What is it?”

“Our little darling is asleep and neglected outside there (in the living room)”.

Hahaha. Now only he could see my true colours! Baru dia tau bini dia gila merapu macam ni. Of course la...

Raya last year, he didn’t have the chance to see me trying on baju raya excitedly bcoz I was on confinement. So, the gedik-ish in me were safely sealed :P

Raya 2006 - we were not yet married, so the fun was limited

Raya 2005 - we were just about to start the relationship, or to be exact…I was just starting to mengurat him. Hahaha.

Anyway, when we were small, Abah & Mak would take us all (Along, Acik & me) to Penang to buy the fabrics. That was if we were lucky. Sometimes, Mak would simply picked whatever ‘nice’ to her eyes but not to us (to me, at least). Her taste is obviously not in my list.

Until I was 14, I remember burning a hole in the sarung of my new baju kurung I detested while ironing it. Tunjuk protes la konon. Ambikkkk!!!!

I don’t like waiting for Mak at Kedai Bai (in Bazaar Chowrasta) as Mak would exercise her skills in haggling for hours and the place was so narrow you’d actually be doing dirty dancing to get from one place to another.

I tell U, Mak is really great at bargaining. Sometimes, I think not only that the sellers don’t get any profit, but they even lose! Pity them :P

Lucky me, at least I don’t get fabrics for the baju kurung from the same bale of material!!! Macam boria! Yone & Ina were the victims, as they were just a year apart. Hahaha.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lailatul Qadr

It's already 2/3 of Ramadhan, which means that any odd nights from today onwards could be the Night of Honour & Dignity (Lailatul Qadr).

Let's take advantage of this night, from sunset till sunrise. Offer nawafil (prayers), recite AlQuran, do repent (istighfar), and pray for pardon, recite many Selawat and make benediction (doa).

Here's a story about the night of power.

“Lepas basuh pinggan, ikut Abah pergi masjid,” kata Abah separuh memerintah.

Aku memandang kepada Emak. Emak angguk sahaja. Maksudnya emak mahu aku ikut Abah solat subuh ke masjid. Jangan melawan.

Nampaknya, aku kena batalkan niat untuk sambung tarik gebar selepas kenyang bersahur.

Aku bonceng di belakang. Kami tidak pakai helmet. Kopiah sahaja.

Ganjil. Dalam cahaya suram menjelang subuh, aku lihat kubah masjid berada di tanah. Bukan di bumbung masjid. Ajaib.

Abah macam tidak nampak keganjilan itu. Aku cuit bahu dia dan tunjukkan ke arah kubah yang berada di tanah. Mungkin kubah itu tengah sujud fikir aku.

“Kenapa?” tanya Abah.

“Lailatuqadar,” kata aku dengan jari masih menunjuk kepada kubah.

“Kepala otak engkau. Berapa lama engkau tak ke masjid?”

Tidak pasal-pasal aku kena marah. Rosak pengalaman suci aku ini.

“Diorang tengah renovate masjid la. Bumbung masjid bocor.. pasal tu kubah tu dorg angkat letak kat tanah..Bodoh,” sambung Abah memaki lagi.

Kalau emak ada di sini tentu dia angguk sahaja. Terima sahajalah. Jangan melawan. Kadang-kadang Abah lupa yang aku tidak duduk kampung lagi. Aku cuma pulang untuk cuti raya.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Last night, Adam got more pressies from his thoughtful uncles/aunties/bros/sistas & friends. So, notwithstanding the extreme fatigue & dizziness I had, we opened 'em all with him patiently waiting.

Interestingly, he was interested in the flashcards given by Nabila. Good boy! Be a bookworm (but not a geek!) when U grow up ok? Then, I showed him the various colourful shirts & specky given by Auntie Sue, Cik Dian, Naj & Farah. Thanks heaps, guys! He sure has many baju raya this year :P

When I showed him the Bert & Ernie DVD (given by Uncle Adam), he left the rest and grabbed it. Ahhh... Cikebum's just like that, easily distracted.

Then, the frantic li'l Cikebum sorta jumped in joy upon seeing the pressie we bought for him, a 'car'. He excitedly got onto it and moved back & forth. Oh my boy! Mama's so glad to see ur glowing face!

Adam and his birthday presents.

Oh yeah...not to forget, the pleasant greetings from Aussie (Lesley & Guri).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

After 366 days...

Twelve months, come and gone like a flash - and now it seems like old hat. Those first two months went by like a blur. So many changes, yet such excitement.

Congratulations to my little boy for your 1st year celebration. Yay! Adam Zuhair is one year old. Mama and Ayah love you sooo much. Frankly, it's hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly.

The next few months, Adam's personality started emerging. Then came the crawling and now the little steps (trying to walk). I won't forget how he has developed in this time from a helpless newborn to a little person with so many skills. Ah, you will always be mama's little boy :)
BTW, yesterday was the public hols for Nuzul Quran, hence the early celebration (whilst his birthday is today, 18th Sept).

This pix is a must in today's entry, as Sham teased me. (Thanks, Yone for reminding me to snap the pix while everything still looks nice).

The birthday boy playing with a balloon. Eh, why la pink balloon? Hmmm... what a handsome bloke U R! Like father, like son!

The cake with extra deco of li'l planes, just to customize. Unfortunately, after that, the cute li'l planes were gone, without being divided to other kids as well.

Little Cikebum...oh.. is the word 'little' still valid? He's having fun playing and scattering his toys.

Sue & kids (Abg Muharam was already waiting outside at the moment)

Cik Dian, Paman Jalak & Adik Aqil. I bet in the next one year or two, we'll paint the town red again. I can't wait!

Naj & Adi maintain ayu.
Adam : (why am I being so popular today?)

Miji, Mad & Akim getting foodie. Eh, watch out that one-pack! Is that a pouch bag? Hehehe. Ok..ok... I understand. Kelab Jiwa Luka la katakan... ;)

Hey, if U R observant, why not try to spot what's interesting in the pix below. Hint: Sham is the odd one.


Hehehe. Yes, they have the same hairstyle :P

Look! Adam is trying to drink from the mug!

Miji & Adam. Eh, I think they too, share the same hairstyle! Hahaha

And...came the time for cake-cutting!

and... a big kiss for our little precious!
U are such an adorable kid, dearie!

Not to forget, a card for the birthday boy....

for Mama & Ayah to scribble something.

Thanks to:

Dian, Jalak & Aqil : for making it, despite the health problem. TQ for the present!

Shady & Liza & Nabila : Certainly, TQ for the gift too.

Naj & Asyran : for the yummy blueberry muffins! And this couple never comes with ordinary present.

My fellow students (Adi, Akim, Mad, Miji) : Psttt...saya takde baju raya lagi :P

Sue, Abg Muharam & kids : Adam's so happy upon seeing U all.

Along, Yone & kids : for helping me clearing up, snapping pix, etc.

Mas : for the big bar of chocs!

Rahmat, Shahril & Suzaidy : for coming. Well, U R the compulsory guests!

Adam senior & the Iranian : Adam didn't dare to turn his head upon hearing me calling his name, as he thought I was calling my son, instead. Err...what do I say to this Iranian?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Adam's @ work

My little sweetie pie is in the office with me now. He's asleep after crawling here & there, bugging Faezah, pulling my kain, etc. This pix was taken this morning, after he showered and get dressed. Siap dengan kopiah lagi!

Luckily my lecture today only starts at 5. So, I'll have ample time to look after him before Sham's turn.

I am really looking fwd to having a blast (amboi, poyonye!) for his 1st birthday. Actually, I haven't prepared much. Just some hand-made paper bags to put in junkies for the kids and this invitation card...

Err... does the greeny thingey on the red card looks like a vase? Kejam la ko, Faezah! It's a cuppiecake la...

To those whom I couldn't send the card, u are also invited.

p/s: Abg Wafiy xnak ajak Umi & Dedi dtg ke?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Male or female

It started with the novel I saw in the bookstore last month. The title itself is catchy bcoz it's about Lilies (my fav flower) and Najah (my best friend). So, I MMSed Bear the pix of the novel, if he'd like to buy it for my friend.

Last Tuesday, Najah texted me saying that she just bought herself the novel.

Moi : What? Bear didn't buy it for u?

Najah : It's ok. There's a booksale at the entrance of this hospital. My friend told me about the book just now. Besides, Bear & I have been looking around but we never found it.

Moi : Ok then. Happy reading! Hope the character suits U. Don't forget to claim the money from Bear.

Najah : Don't worry. I'll claim more than it costs. Hehe

7 mins later...another text msg received.

Najah : Lawak! lawak! Najah dalam cite ni jantan la woi. Hahaha.
(Funny! Najah in this story is a guy! Hahaha)

Two days after that... I YM'ed with Bear.

Moi: najah dah khatam buku tu ke?

Bear: dah semalam... apa daa najah tue lelaki

Bear: hilang stim aku baca huhuhu..

Bear: ko punya pasal ler.. najah asik baca buku jeee...

Moi: kalo najah tu pompuan, ko setim ke?

Bear: setim kat najah aku ler.. bukan najah dlm buku tue...

Moi : hushhh... bahaya tuh. kang ada yg kena bayar kaffarah nanti >:)

My oh my... that's the problem when U have a universal name. It could be a male's name, it could also be a female. E.g: Anis, Zaini, Nor... (why man never use the name Siti, huh? :P)
It's okay. From my observation those who have this sorta names (male names for females), are iron ladies. No wonder Najah is one of those I admire.

* * * * *

I dunno what's wrong... but seems like Little Cikebum is having a mild fever & flu (again?!).

Last week, apart from fever, he developed rashes all over his face & body. The blood test showed that it's just viral infection though.

Looks like this is a weekly thingey! What could be the problem?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Will I finish it on time?

This is the 10th day of Ramadhan, yet I only started tadarus yesterday :P I don't know what made me procrastinate sooo long.

Actually, I registered myself to join the admin people in the tadarus, but I have been delaying and have had so many excuses that made me never turned up. Hahaha. Hampeh kan?

It is related by Abu Hurairah (RAA) that the Apostle of God (SAW) said
"When the month of Ramadhan comes, the Gates of Heaven are thrown open and the Gates of Hell are shut, and the devils are put behind bars".

[Bukhari and Muslim]

Hmmm... apparently, this dillydally has nothing to do with the devils, it must be me myself. How bad!

Since I started only after one third of Ramadhan is completed, looks like I won't be able to khatam everything in this holy month. Unless if I share with somebody the whole lot.

It's okay...afterall, tadarus is actually reciting the Holy Quran as a group so we can check our reading of the holy book and ensure that we are pronouncing the words correctly. An imam or anyone who has a great knowledge of the Quran will be appointed to lead the recital. Besides, this kind of tadarus is actually tadarus wal tasmi'.

It is acceptable if one wants to do it individually, as long as he/she knows the tajwid and has the fasohah, etc. Alhamdulillah, I am granted with the basics at least though I might have lost some of the reciting skills.

And Alhamdulillah, we are still given the opportunity again by Allah The Almighty to celebrate Ramadhan. Since I missed almost the whole Ramadhan last year, I think this year is the best time to grasp the opportunity to reap the benefits of this month.

* * * * *

After finishing my only-one-hour-lecture, I tried to get in touch with Anna, my diploma & degree mate. Actually, we were so close before, with Shiqin.

Aisey, Anna... friendster kena block la kat ofis aku. Else, I could put your so-called-latest pix in here.

Well, we are planning to meet up for iftar next week. I'm really looking fwd for that event!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, after joining Sham's family, I could obviously see that Mok Su Jamal (my MIL) is so obsessed with curtains and bedsheets. It is a must for her to have new curtains every Hari Raya, despite whatever situation it is.

So, last Saturday, we brought her to Nilai 3 as she wanted to shop for new curtains.

We walked from one shop to another, looking for the right colour, right fabrics (and right price too!). The funny thing is she shopped as if there's no tomorrow, although at the same time she kept mumbling "I couldn't find the curtain I like...bla..bla."

Satu ayat maut from my MIL was "I don't mind not having new clothes on Hari Raya, but I must have the curtains that I want!"
(Kalau takde baju raya, Mak tak kisah lagi. Asal jangan langsir mak takde sudah...)

Sham & I just smiled. Cakap-cakap kat belakang tu, ada le. Bukan mengutuk. But we were just impressed or perhaps too shocked to hear her statement! Sampai macam tu sekali, ganas betul mak mentua aku.

That night we brought my in-laws to our home and the next day, I went out shopping with MIL. It was really fun having a retail therapy with her. She planned to buy only one thing, yes one thing...yet she put this and that into the basket and ended up paying almost RM100. Mak... mak...

Later before iftar, Sham & I went out to Param, but we dropped by at the furniture shop to buy a 'present' for MIL. A shoerack that she strongly wanted since months ago.

* * * * *

That night, after little muchkin was out to sleep, Sham & I had 'The Talk'. It has been quite some time since we last had one.
I'm so grateful to have such an attentive listening ear and a partner whom I can discuss about everything.

I remember Dr Wan's valuable advice... "Communication is very important in marriage."
Whether it's a problem or a good news, big or small- speak it up.

Yes, being the outspoken me... it's just a piece of cake to express myself freely and insistently. I hardly keep any worries to myself. But I wonder how come less frown create these fine lines under my eyes? Duh!

It must be a bit hard for Sham to do so, as he is really careful with his words especially when he has to say something to me, so it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

* * * * *

Yesterday, after arriving home, Sham asked "What will we have for sahur?"

Me : We'll have meat curry.

Sham : Hah? Where are we gonna get it from?

Me : (dalam hati) If I don't tell him that I tapao the curry, I can pretend as if I cook it. So, I better don't answer. Hehehe

Then, I promised him to have a hot drink together after taking shower. Unfortunately, Adam made some noise and I had to lie on his side... that I fell asleep.

I only woke up at 1.30 am, so I went to check the bedroom... Sham has dozed off. Went to the kitchen....I saw a pot on the stove. Opened the lid...

"Eh... this is a chicken dish. Where does it come from?"


When we woke up for sahur at 4.30 am, I asked Sham. He said he cooked it bcoz he didn't know that I have bought some curry.

Aisey... where has the communication theory gone?

Oh... I forgot to tell him...
"Miscommunication, poor communication or no communication will create problems." (Zig Ziglar)

Moi grandeur weblog?

Whoa... a heartful thanks to Babe Idan a.k.a Chotto79 for bestowing me with 'Brilliant Weblog' award. Eh, or is it just a nomination? :P

Hey Babe, I wonder la why is it named Chotto79? Very the suspicious...Hahaha

To the readers out there, know why? Bcoz my hubby's nickname is Chot. And actually Babe is Sham's friend. Hahaha. Takde kuasanye mak nak jeles-jeles, nyah!

I reckon, it must be after the chotto cats as Babe is very fond of the feline mammals. Nasib baik Danisy kuar x berbulu macam kucing, Babe :P
Or maybe it's just a direct translation of Japanese which means 'little', ' a moment' or 'hey!'. (Ye ke, babe? Memandai je aku nih)

Hmmm... I wonder whether this blog has surpassed excellence or at least shining intensely. Poyo la pulak! Anyway... to be frank, I am not really good at this blog thingey.

Even to start it up, I had to seek the CFu's advice. Who else? Adri la... :P
Nak tukar template pun, terhegeh-hegeh, bcoz suddenly I couldn't find the template I really like that I saw the day before. To make my own template? That's beyond my capability! If it just needs my creativity, that shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks to friends who left comments in this blog. It's nice to know that there are friends/readers out there who appreciate my work.

Frankly, this blog is just a 'home' for me to write about my thoughts about life/experience, to share funny events, to reminisce, to display meaningful pix, etc. In a way, it is a journal of my life for me and my juniors (Adam Fabregas Zuhair Tapioca being the the 1st one) to look back and appreciate the little things that ever happened in my life.

So, I don't expect people to criticize me or my writing (or is it typing?).

Ok, so....

Rules of this award are :

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Add links to those blogs on yours..
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs..

What? Now i have to nominate another 7 people. That's not easy. Okay, let's put it this way... friends who have blogs and those who are silent readers of this blog out there, I'd also tag U as the nominees. Hihihi

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sahur and iftar stories

After sahur last Friday, Najah texted me. This reminds me of our younger days. Out of the four budak nakals in the school, Najah & I were the ones 'attacked' during that fasting month.

People were waiting for the azan for iftar, yet while the nasyid was played on the speaker, there was an announcement calling out our names.

Blank and blur, we had to meet the KPs and warden, regarding the love letters. What the ......!

Those were bad memories. You're right, Najah! We suffered a lot... just bcoz we tried to be ourselves! Teruk kan?

I can hardly remember the fasting days in KI. But Najah said, there was one day we were so exhausted and weak that we couldn't do a thing except lying on her bed. Hahaha. Teruk nau bunyinye!

* * * * *

On to a brighter note, my sahur with Inten was amongst the most memorable ones.
Being the only Muslim girls in 10 Twelfth Avenue, we always tong-tong (share) to cook the meals. Ye la kan... considering the hassle of preparing and cooking, might as well we cook for two (instead of for one).

So, one night, before we went to bed...we cooked some dishes (one was sauteed bok choy, but couldn't remember what was the other one) and cling-wrapped left them on the table. It looked so yummy that we couldn't wait for sahur time... (drooling)
Then, the same saying went "Kalo kamu bangun dulu, kamu kejutin aku ya?"

When I opened my eyes several hours later, it was already bright. What? I missed the sahur? Oh no... How dare Inten didn't wake me up! :( Or maybe she did, but I was too tired that I didn't hear her knocking on my door.

So, I rushed to the kitchen, only to see the two dishes were still neatly in the cling wrap, untouched. Hahaha! Apparently Inten missed the sahur too.
Aduh, mbak Inten... kok capek banget sampey kesiangan kita!

........And there goes our salivating amylase!

* * * * *

As I type darling is on his way from Kuantan, thus he might arrive late today. I don't wanna pick Adam up late, kesian pulak kat Sue & family.

Yet if I were to tag along with Sab, I have lectures from 5 to 7 (but I promised the students to finish earlier). Anyway, lucky for me that she agreed to wait. So, I'm planning to break fast with Sab today!

is: nak bbuka kat luar ke, p cari something kat bazaar ramadhan?
is: suzana ratim ada kat umah x?
sab: ade rasenye..
sab: tp tak tau ape cer..
sab: senyap jer minah tu..
sab: aku tak kesah..
sab: kalau nak p param pkul 6 ade lg ker yg besh2
is: hahaha..param? what a name!
is: musti ada lg.
is: silap aribulan, diorg buat stock clearance, morah skit

*param = PAsar RAMadhan :P

Thanks, babe for willingly to wait for me and help me out with the situation ;)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kesilapan Muslim pada bulan Ramadhan

Kita bolehlah mengatakan bahawa objektif atau sasaran yang perlu dicapai oleh Muslim di bulan Ramadhan ini kepada dua yang terutama. Iaitu taqwa dan keampunan. Perihal objektif taqwa telah disebut dengan jelas di dalam ayat 183 dari surah al-Baqarah. Manakala objektif 'mendapatkan keampunan' ternyata dari hadith sohih tentang Sayyidatina Aisyah r.a yang bertanya kepada nabi doa yang perlu dibaca tatkala sedar sedang mendapat lailatul qadar. Maka doa ringkas yang diajar oleh Nabi SAW adalah doa meminta keampunan Allah SWT.

Bagaimanapun, kemampuan untuk mendapatkan kesempurnaan pahala ramadhan kerap kali tergugat akibat kekurangan ilmu dan kekurang perihatinan umat Islam kini. Antara yang saya maksudkan adalah :-

1) Makan dan minum dengan bebas setelah batal puasa dengan sengaja (bukan kerana uzur yang diterima Islam).

Perlu diketahui bahawa sesiapa yang batal puasanya dengan sengaja tanpa uzur seperti mengeluarkan mani secara sengaja, merokok, makan dan minum. Ia dilarang untuk makan dan minum lagi atau melakukan apa jua perkara yang membatalkan puasa yang lain sepanjang hari itu. (Fiqh as-Siyam, Al-Qaradawi, hlm 112).

Ia dikira denda yang pertama baginya selain kewajiban menggantikannya kemudiannya. Keadaan ini disebut di dalam sebuah hadith, Ertinya : "sesungguhnya sesiapa yang telah makan (batal puasa) hendaklah ia berpuasa baki waktu harinya itu" (Riwayat al-Bukhari)

2) Makan sahur di waktu tengah malam kerana malas bangun di akhir malam. Jelasnya, individu yang melakukan amalan ini terhalang dari mendapat keberkatan dan kelebihan yang ditawarkan oleh Nabi SAW malah bercanggah dengan sunnah baginda. "Sahur" itu sendiri dari sudut bahasanya adalah waktu terakhir di hujung malam. Para Ulama pula menyebut waktunya adalah 1/6 terakhir malam. (Awnul Ma'bud, 6/469). Imam Ibn Hajar menegaskan melewatkan sahur adalah lebih mampu mencapai objektif yang diletakkan oleh Nabi SAW. (Fath al-Bari, 4/138)

3) Bersahur dengan hanya makan & minum sahaja tanpa ibadah lain.

Ini satu lagi kesilapan umat Islam kini, waktu tersebut pada hakikatnya adalah antara waktu terbaik untuk beristigfar dan menunaikan solat malam.

Firman Allah ketika memuji orang mukmin ertinya : " dan ketika waktu-waktu bersahur itu mereka meminta ampun dan beristighfar" (Az-Zariyyat : 18)

Ertinya : "Ditanya kepada Nabi (oleh seorang sahabat) : Wahai Rasulullah :" Waktu bilakah doa paling didengari (oleh Allah s.w.t) ; jawab Nabi : Pada hujung malam (waktu sahur) dan selepas solat fardhu" ( Riwayat At-Tirmidzi, no 3494 , Tirmidzi & Al-Qaradhawi : Hadis Hasan ; Lihat Al-Muntaqa , 1/477)

4) Menunaikan solat witir sejurus selepas terawih.

Menurut dalil-dalil yang sohih, waktu yang terbaik bagi solat witir adalah penutup segala solat sunat di sesuatu hari itu berdasarkan hadith ertinya "Jadikanlah solat sunat witir sebagai solat kamu yang terakhir dalam satu malam". (Fath al-Bari, no 936).

Sememangnya tidak salah untuk melakukan witir selepas terawih, cuma sekiranya seseorang itu yakin akan kemampuannya untuk bangun bersahur dan boleh melakukan solat sunat selepas itu, maka adalah lebih elok ia melewatkan witirnya di akhir malam.

5) Tidak menunaikan solat ketika berpuasa.

Ia adalah satu kesilapan yang maha besar. Memang benar, solat bukanlah syarat sah puasa. Tetapi ia adalah rukun Islam yang menjadi tonggak kepada keislaman sesorang. Justeru, 'ponteng' solat dengan sengaja akan menyebabkan pahala puasa seseorang itu menjadi 'kurus kering' pastinya.

6) Tidak mengutamakan solat Subuh berjemaah sebagaimana Terawih.

Ini jelas suatu kelompongan yang ada dalam masyarakat tatakala berpuasa. Ramai yang lupa dan tidak mengetahui kelebihan besar semua solat fardhu berbanding solat sunat, teruatamnya solat subuh berjemaah yang disebutkan oleh Nabi SAW bagi orang yang mendirikannya secara berjemaah, maka beroleh pahala menghidupkan seluruh malam.

7) Menunaikan solat terawih di masjid dengan niat inginkan meriah.

Malanglah mereka kerana setiap amalan di kira dengan niat, jika niat utama seseorang itu ( samada lelaki atau wanita) hadir ke masjid adalah untuk meriah dan bukannya atas dasar keimanan dan mengharap ganjaran redha Allah sebagaimana yang ditetapkan oleh Nabi SAW di dalam hadith riwayat al-Bukhari.

Maka, "Sesungguhnya sesuatu amalan itu dikira dengan niat". (Riwayat al-Bukhari)

8 ) Bermalasan dan tidak produktif dalam kerja-kerja di siang hari dengan alasan berpuasa.

Sedangkan, kerja yang kita lakukan di pejabat dengan niat ibadat pastinyamenambahkan lagi pahala. Justeru, umat Islam sewajarnya memperaktifkanprodu ktiviti mereka dan bukan mengurangkannya di Ramadhan ini.

9) Memperbanyakkan tidur di siang hari dengan alasan ia adalah ibadat.

Sedangkan Imam As-Sayuti menegaskan bahawa hadith yang menyebut berkenaan tidur orang berpuasa itu ibadat adalah amat lemah. (al-Jami' as-Soghir ; Faidhul Qadir, Al-Munawi, 6/291)

10) Menganggap waktu imsak sebagai 'lampu merah' bagi sahur.

Ini adalah kerana waktu imsak sebenarnya tidak lain hanyalah 'lampu amaran oren' yang di cadangkan oleh beberapa ulama demi mengingatkan bahawa waktu sahur sudah hampir tamat. Ia bukanlah waktu tamat untuk makan sahur, tetapi waktu amaran sahaja.

Lalu, janganlah ada yang memberi alasan lewat bangun dan sudah masuk imsak lalu tidak dapat berpuasa pada hari itu. Waktu yang disepakti ulama merupakan waktu penamat sahur adalah sejurus masuk fajar sadiq (subuh). (As-Siyam, Dr Md 'Uqlah, hlm 278)

11) Wanita berterawih beramai-ramai di masjid tanpa menjaga aurat.

Ini nyata apabila ramai antara wanita walaupun siap bertelekung ke masjid, malangnya kaki dan aurat mereka kerap terdedah da didedahkan berjalan dan naik tangga masjid di hadapan jemaah lelaki. Tatkala itu, fadhilat mereka solat di rumah adalah lebih tinggi dari mendatangkan fitnah buat lelaki ketika di masjid.

12) Memasuki Ramadhan dalam keadaan harta masih dipenuhi dengan harta haram, samada terlibat dengan pinjaman rumah, kad kredit, insuran, pelaburan dan kereta secara riba.

Ini sudah tentu akan memberi kesan yang amat nyata kepada kualiti ibadah di bulan Ramadhan, kerana status orang terlibat dengan riba adalah sama dengan berperang dengan Allah dan RasulNya, tanpa azam dan usaha untuk mengubahnya dengan segera di bulan 'tanpa Syaitan' ini, bakal menyaksikan potensi besar untuk gagal terus untuk kembali ke pangkal jalan di bulan lain.

Nabi Muhammad menceritakan :-

Ertinya : menyebut tentang seorang pemuda yang bermusafir dalam perjalanan yang jauh, hal rambutnya kusut masai, mukanya berdebu di mana dia mengangkat tangan ke langit : Wahai Tuhanku…wahai Tuhanku… sedangkan makanannya haram, minumannya haram dan pakaiannya haram..Dan dia dibesarkan dengan memakan makanan haram maka bagaimana Kami mahu mengabulkan doanya. ( Riwayat Muslim, no 1015, 2/703 ; hadis sohih)

Justeru, bagaimana Allah mahu memakbulkan doa orang yang berpuasa sedangkan keretanya haram, rumahnya haram, kad kreditnya haram, insurannya haram, simpanan banknya haram, pendapatannya haram?. Benar, kita perlu bersangka baik dengan Allah, tetapi sangka baik tanpa meloloskan diri dari riba yang haram adalah penipuan kata Imam Hasan Al-Basri.

13) Tidak memperbanyakkan doa tatkala berpuasa dan berbuka.

Ini satu lagi jenis kerugian yang kerap dilakukan oleh umat Islam. Nabi SAW telah menyebut :-

Ertinya : "Tiga golongan yang tidak di tolak doa mereka, pemimpin yang adil, individu berpuasa sehingga berbuka dan doa orang yang di zalimi" ( Riwayat At-Tirmizi, 3595, Hasan menurut Tirmizi. Ahmad Syakir : Sohih )

Selain itu, doa menjadi bertambah maqbul tatkala ingin berbuka berdasarkan hadith.

Ertinya : "Sesungguhnya bagi orang berpuasa itu ketika berbuka (atau hampir berbuka) doa yang tidak akan ditolak" ( Riwayat Ibn Majah, no 1753, Al-Busairi : Sanadnya sohih)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Garlic galore

Last Merdeka holiday, Sham & I brought our li'l munchkin to the field in the heart of the city. (Actually, I have been wanting to go there again for so long after our first visit one evening).

So, this time... as it was kinda properly planned, I made some banana fritters to have a picnic there. Apart from that, being the health-freak me, I also brought four cloves of garlic to be chomped before we started taking the high-in-cholesterol banana fritters.

Once the rug was spread... I just couldn't wait to eat. So, I handed Sham the garlic and I took one. We gobbled it hastily without proper chewing, to avoid the weird taste... yet still we could taste the hint of eccentric garlic.

Seconds later, I started to feel a gassy stomachache. My goodness! It was like having contraction before delivering the baby! I believe it was bcoz of the garlic, bcoz soon after that Sham felt the same.

It really turned my appetite off. But what to do? I thought it would cut-off the LDL level easily, but there must be an easier way. Next time, I'd rather take the unhealthy food and cooked garlic!

The pain only disappeared about half an hour later. So, Adam was busy trying to stand on his own feet, crawling around on the grass, chasing after the ball... while Sham & I were busy accumulating more cholesterol :P

(Adam observing Mama's fine lines...)

Siap hang, Adam! Nak kata Mama dah tua ye?

And I love this pix showing Adam's cheeky face!

You’re my Honeybunch, Sugarplum

Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You’re my Sweetie Pie

You’re my Cuppycake, Gumdrop

Snoogums-Boogums, You’re the Apple of my Eye

And I love you so and I want you to know

That I’ll always be right here

And I love to sing sweet songs to you

Because you are so dear!

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