Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ramadhan bazaar & jajan

Yesterday, I was upset and disappointed when I found the two bottles of milk I left in the freezer last Friday turned stale. I wonder who's the idiot this time, switching off the fridge over the weekend. Could it be the same culprit who spilled my milk that day?

I don't think it's my fault for leaving the milk there, as I invigilated EVT471 test last Friday till 10pm. So there's no point if I were to put it at room temp (taking it outta the fridge) from 5 to 10. Besides, who on earth would bother to switch it off?

Kalau tak mengenangkan dapat lapar je bulan puasa ni, memang dah berkati-kati orang tu kena carut dengan aku... Toot! Tooot! Toot! Tooot! Toot! Tooot! Toot! Tooot! (censored words)

* * * * *

Bcoz of the letdown, I left the office quite early. Picked Sham, went to the clinic, fetched Cikebum and we went to the bazaar Ramadhan at the Shah Alam Stadium to buy some dishes for iftar. My goodness! It's huge and exhausting to walk around. If U walk around a few times, it will be confusing after a while where everything was. So, U better grab whatever U want if U really like it, b4 U are disappointed just bcoz of lost trying to locate the stall again.

There were lots of ayam golek (rotisserie chicken) cooked on broilers equipped with a rotating spit (the chicken cooks as it turns). The one Sham bought yesterday was RM16 per bird. It was not so bad, still juicy.

This famous SS Ali popiah can be seen not only in this bazaar, but at most Ramadhan bazaars in Shah Alam (not sure about other places, though). Looks tempting, but may be next time!

Hats off to the hawkers grilling the ikan bakar for putting up with the smoke and the immense heat besides the hot sun (by the time I arrived yesterday, it wasn’t hot anymore).

This is another must during the fasting month - bubur lambuk! Bubur lain pun tumpang glamour gak la time nie.

Me : Luckily I didn't demand for the Kg Baru bubur lambuk when I was very pregnant last year.

Sham: Alaaa... as if U can tell whether it's from Kg Baru or somewhere else.

Me : Huh! (Ada hati nak mengelat rupanya!) Ehh... don't U know that pregnant ladies have this kinda sense that they know if it is not the thing they ask for?

Sham : Really?

Me : (dalam hati je) Kalau tak silap le. Ye ke, ekk?

One stall that caught my attention was the one selling this chicken or beef kebabs. I wasn’t really tempted to try as I believed it is more like an eye-candy to me. Hehehe. Nice presentation, anyway!

Not to forget, the stalls that sell various colourful and flavourful drinks.

Anyway, we rambled around...

Lastly, I got myself an expensive pack of Nasi Kerabu (RM8 for nasi, a small ikan goreng and 3 solok lada), Sham got packs of fried rice and kuetiau, murtabak... and... tadaaa....

Cucoq cempedak! Hehehe. The one I craved for when I was pregnant! The same hawker even has another stall located at the other end of the stretch of the bazaar. No wonder Sham really wanted to bring me there despite the big crowd and traffic jam. (Thanks, dear... Mmuah mmmuah!)

* The pix of cucoq cempedak here is not taken by me, as it got into my tummy very soon after iftar. Tak sempat ambil gambar. Hihihisengihnampakgigi

Well, whether it's Ramadhan or not, city slickers or urbanites are just too busy to cook and prepare dishes. Hence, they would choose and buy any dishes they fancy sold at the nearby bazaars.

I myself don't usually cook. And Sham doesn't mind at all. Why? It's not that we can't consume so much food. For one reason only, he understands that I am exhausted just like him too. I am soooo grateful having such an understanding and considerate hubby.

I pity those who are married to typical husbands that demand the wives to cook everyday, despite the tiresome 8-hour at work.

Me : Do U want me to cook something for iftar?

Sham : It's okay. U don't have to.

Me: Hmm... why not?

Sham : No. U help me to earn a living, of course u are tired too after the whole day at work.

Me :Or are u trying to say that my cooking is lousy?

Sham : I know, u easily get mad when u are tired... especially when Adam I just don't want to see u losing your temper. That's the thing I don't like most. Aren't u happy having me as your hubby?

Me : Ngeee :P Thanks, dear (squeezing his hand, and pecked on his chubby cheek)

* * * * *

Came night, Adam merap lebih sikit. The usual bubbly Adam....

turned into a kememeh boy. Sikit-sikit nangis!

He refused to eat, he even vomitted out the food, milk and medicine we gave. I tried to put him to sleep, but he tossed and turned, and cried... then, we brought him to DEMC when his temp rose to 39C.

This time, the Dr. said it could be viral infection.

Me : Could it be Rotavirus, Dr?

Dr : Probably. How's his stool? His appetite? His behaviour... yada..yada....

Then, he went on and on, explaining the symptoms and what can be done.

Hmm...this Dr seems more convincing, he even said there's no chance that Adam could be lactose intolerant as the Putrajaya Dr claimed)

P/S: Please note that the Rota crackers pix here is just for illustration purpose only. There is no scientific evidence linking it with Rotavirus (though the name is very similar). Hence, I should not be blamed for any decline in sales of Rota crackers should any readers are scorned to purchase the crackers after reading this article :P

Poor li'l Adam. Get well soon, okay darling? Mama can't stand seeing u like this anymore.

Eh... speaking about Rota, it reminds me of Keripik Singkong Kusuka (Indonesian cassava chips to be proud of). I was introduced to the chips by Inten, who bought it (the black pepper chicken flavour) for me when I was sad (how sweet of u, Inten!)

The magic is : my sorrow flew away just like that, while I munched the chips in my duvet, watching the TV in my room. But, I couldn't stop my hand from taking out another piece after another from the pack. Kalau start makan tu, jenuh la nak tahan supaya tak habis just by one go.

Ahhh...actually, it's just about me and my gluttony! Hahaha..

Mbak Inten!!! Kirimin aku Keripik Singkong Kusuka, dong...Aku pengen banget niy! (drooling... drooling)


  1. is.... mencabar betul tgk makanan kat PARAM tuh... meleleh air liur ku

  2. kalo meleleh air liur, jgn sedut blk...nnt batal posa. hahaha


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