Sunday, August 12, 2007

Of cravings

I crave so many things during this pregnancy. The best part is I'll just get 'em and I really appreciate 'em.

The obvious one is sweet corn. I usually get my weekly dose of sweet corn from the night markets. I just buy the boiled ones (jagung rebus) though bcoz I don't want to eat the Polyaromatic hydrocarbon in the grilled corns (jagung bakar) . Haha! As if I am very health concious :P Sometimes, I buy the steamed corns (in cup), but they are not just as good as the boiled ones are. It's the excitement of munching from the cob that matters!

Durian is another one. I love it so much (apparently, I just love all things called food). Usually, I enjoy having durians there and then by the roadside (where it is sold). But few weeks ago, I tried the 'durian udang merah'. Fuh! It felt like cream melting in my mouth. Perhaps next time I should try expensive ones like this too. It's worthy!

My other craves include the fried jackfruit (cucoq cempedak)... and banana fritters (cucoq pisang) -->p/s: Mind the intonation!

Nevertheless, I'd prefer the cucoq cempedak sold at the stalls near the Aliran Damai Apartment in Cheras. Reasons? Bcoz they are cheap. Hahaha!
And they are not thickly covered with flour, which means I could still taste the cempedak inside. Somehow, Sham has to drive me to Cheras just to get some. How lucky am I to have such a good hubby ;)

As for the banana fritters, I prefer to fry 'em by myself. To me, it's yummier. Hahaha (perasan!) But Sham said, the one I made was really nice (smug!). I hope he is not a just trying to be a sweet talker ;)

Drinks? I love ais kacang and cendol. (Dont ask me the English translation of ais kacang!)
Being a Penangite, I have always loved it. Anyway, during this 9-month term, I like the one with chocolate topping (ABC koko) at Section 2 stalls.

And the best cendols can be enjoyed in front of the Raja Tun Uda mosque, Section 16.
(my tummy is singing)
I was also pampered with steamed barramundi (siakap) at Afnan Tomyam quite often towards the end of pregnancy. To make sure I get enough Omega 3 and such, Sham said.
Poor him! He has to tolerate bcoz he prefers it as cooked Tiga Rasa (3 flavoured barramundi).
Heh heh... that's the advantage of being pregnant :P

Came Ramadhan, I started developing craving Tepung Pelita a.k.a kuih sampan. A sweet treat made from glutinous rice, sugar, coconut milk and pandan flavour. It is creatively wrapped in small rectangular 'container' made up of pandan leaves or banana leaves.

The only thing I didn't manage to get was.....

Yes! Avocado - the natural butter. I bought one, and it costs me RM4 per piece. OMG! In BNE, it's much cheaper... (during the season, I could buy 5 pieces for just a dollar).
So, I carefully chose the not so soft, nor firm ones to make sure it's worth the money.

I kept it for a day or two at home before cutting it. Unfortunately, it wasn't as expected :( Gosh! Packed for exports, certainly it was picked unripe. What can I expect?

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