Sunday, August 19, 2007

When boss complots...

It's my darling's birthday again.
This time, I planned with his friends to have a birthday bash for him.

Early that morning, we attended the presentation of the industrial training students. So, by afternoon, we were back at home, taking a nap.

Later, I asked him what'd he like to have for dinner.

Darling : Siakap tiga rasa la (3-flavoured barramundi) at Afnan Tomyam, as usual.

Me : Ermm... ok. (Alamak! There goes my plan)

Few mins after, he got a call from his boss (KMI). I eavesdropped, only to hear some serious intonation.

Darling : Dear, before we have dinner, can we drop by at my office? En Din wants to see me.

Me : Ok, but what for?

Darling : It's regarding the guy...yada..yadaa.....

To sum up, we got dressed and headed to his office. I was about to get outta the car when he said "Don't u wanna wait in the car? It won't be long."

With my big fat tummy, I managed to give a good excuse not to be left alone.

At Level 13 (his office)... Sham went straight to En Din's room. And upon seeing his boss, I just waved at him and went to the meeting room where the rest is waiting.
There were Najma, Asyran, Rahmat, Shahril & the gang, Hasri, etc. Wow! This is more than expected!

While waiting for him to come in, the candles on the cake were getting shorter that we had to blow them first. Haha.

Sham came in, surprised with the crowd and we sang "Happy Birthday". I could see he was speechless, except screaming "I never thought my boss is also behind this."

Well, we had a nice meal of chicken, pizza, cake, etc. I hope my darling really likes it (though he hates surprises!).

Thanks guys (esp Rahmat and Najma) for making this happen!

p/s: The pix/videos of the event were all lost while they were under Rahmat's so-called safekeeping :P

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