Thursday, August 23, 2007

♫ ♪ Sing like no one's listening...♫ ♪

Dunno why... I really wanted to go karaoke with friends. The plan has been postponed a few times, as Zana was unavailable most of the time.

Eventually, this week, when Sham was away to Singapore... I asked his permission to go out with Sab and Fatiu to karaoke at the Klang Parade.

The first hour was spent singing our own fav songs. Skima nye!

When one of us picked a dangdut song, that was the turning point... we went crazy, singing like nobody's listening & dancing like nobody's watching...

Thanks, babes! I really had a good time :)

Pix: Sab & I singing Senggol-senggolan Cubit-cubitan.

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