Sunday, September 2, 2007

Counting the days...

Yesterday, we attended a nikah ceremony of Nana's (Dian's sister) and Nik at the Federal Mosque. We arrived early, so while waiting, Sham & I took some pix of ourselves...
and one of the baby in Mama's tummy! Just to remember how big I look like when I was almost due. Hmmm...pretty big huh?

These are the bride and groom... May Allah bless them. The ones in pink are the bride's parents.

...and.....(drumrolls) are the pengantin lama! Jalak & Dian. But they really looked their best. Because later that day, they had a photography session too. Wahhh...sakan!

Sorry, Nana. I am unable to attend the kenduri. Need to be extra cautious when the due date is approaching.

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