Saturday, September 8, 2007

MASM 2007 @ Morib

If last year's MASM, I attended as a newly-wed, this year, I come as a very-pregnant woman. Hahaha...

So, I couldn't do much. We made a move very early in the morning, before the cock crows. I slept in the car, while Sham drove.

Well, Malay's time is never punctual. We should have come much later as the event only started at 8.15am.
Here, the Director distributing the map of the treasure hunt to participants. Sham has to enterframe as he's the committe for the event.

These are my students who also participated in the treasure hunt. Firdaus, Najma, Miji & Asyran. Look at their faces...bersemangat sungguh!

But due to some technical errors (kena tipu dgn penganjur), they missed the 3rd place. Poor thing!

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