Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome to the world! :)

Early morning of 18th September 2007 at about 3.30 am, I woke up…

Since I have started to feel a strange fluttering thing in my tummy, Sham decided to wake up and have an early sahur.

He wanted me to make him a mug of Milo, so I went to the kitchen. Suddenly, I felt water running by between my hips.

Uh-oh…the waterbag burst! (I thought Along said, if I had blood stain (kembar darah), I wouldn’t have a waterbag leakage -kembar air.)

Hmm…it’s two days or one-week shy of my actual delivery date (20th or 27th).

So, Sham quickly finished his meal, and stuffed the bag into the car. And we drove to Hospital Putrajaya. I was busy texting friends, colleagues and family members to get their blessings & prayers.

When the doctor first checked me, but it was only 3-4 cm open, and had to wait further.
I was left strapped to a boxy machine (the ultrasonic doppler) to monitor baby's heartbeat. So fast like a running horse!

Every half an hour, the Dr & nurses came checking me. Dian & Jalak were so excited that they started to wait for us from the beginning.

Although the decision is ultimately mine, I was glad upon hearing the midwife saying “It’s progressing well, looks like u can deliver normally.”

When the contractions are minutes apart...I asked Sham, "What's the time?"

He said "11 a.m"

I remember people saying...if the baby is born during mid-day, he/she'll be stubborn!
After half an hour later, I asked the same question.

This time, I just couldn’t wait for the cervix to dilate anymore. Anything latter is just a waste of time, unless complications are expected to arise. Hehe! So, I started pushing.... Sham was asked to see the baby's head, while I tried to gasp another long breath. Not long after that...........

The baby's out! Alhamdulillah....
and I looked at Sham "What's the time?"
He smiled..."It's 12pm".

Hahaha. I tried hard to make sure the baby's out before noon, but what to do? Luckily, the Dr's watch showed 11.57am. So, I can say that my baby won't be a stubborn boy!

After showing him to me, I tried to tickle him a little bit while they were cutting his umbilical cord. Then, they put the baby on my tummy for a while. Subhanallah! He's so cute! With his eyes closed...

He was handed to Sham to hear his first Azan & Iqamah.

To cut it short, after evertything was done, I was asked to breastfeed him. That was the first moment that bound me with my little darl.

Then, I was sent to the ward. These are the pix of the proud Mama & Ayah...

Adam Zuhair Shamsuri.
Born 3.75 kg
11.57 am
18th September 2007
6th Ramadhan 1428
Hospital Putrajaya

Welcome to the world, little angel! Semoga tabah mengharungi pelbagai dugaan dalam hidup ini.

Our first visitors were Pak Ngah (Tok) and Mak Ngah (Uwan). I was overwhelmed!
Then, came Along & Yone, Sab, Zana & Ima, Faezah (my officemate) and Jasce (Sham's friend whom I just got to know).
Thanks a lot, guys...for sharing the excitement of the arrival of my bundle of joy!

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  1. teringat waktu ni suruh jalak balik cepat2 nak g tgk awak kat spital.. huhu.. menumpang kasih sbb kitaorg takde anak masa tu... rindu kat adam


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