Sunday, September 30, 2007

When will the cord fall off?

That day...

MIL: Why is Adam’s umbilical cord hasn’t dried?

Me : It will dry soon, Mak.

MIL: How many days has it been?

Me : Let it be. When the time comes, it will drop la…

MIL : Ye la…but people say, if it takes too long, the baby will become stubborn as he grows.

Me : Apa pulak? It’s not in any verse of the Quran kan?

(Dalam hati: How could it dry easily when some suggest to use the alcohol to clean/sterilize, while she uses talcum powder?)

Being the emotional mom in confinement, I texted Abah and told him.

As expected, Abah consoled me by agreeing with my words.

Day 12.

MrHubby brought Cikebum into the room after bathing him. As we were toweling him dry…

MrHubby : Eh, the cord is off his body.

Me : Good. Puas hati aku!

MrHubby : Don’t tell Mak. Let her realize on her own.

Me : Okay.

The next day…

MIL : Eh, where’s his cord? Rie, quick…find it! It might have dropped somewhere.

MrHubby : Alaaa, Mak! We knew, it dropped yesterday.

MIL : Really. Oh…good. Make sure u keep it.

MrHubby : Sure.

Me : U see, Mak. It purposely waited for Nuzul Quran. Isn’t that better?

MIL : Iye lah…

Eheh… jahat x mulut aku?

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